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Modern Sonic model in the game files?

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I'm using the script released on Retro to compile models in 3DS max.

I've found all sorts, however I still can't find Modern Sonic's.

Anyone know where it is?


Plus here's a little off-topic question.

Do any of you 3DS-Max guys out there know how to export models and its rig for use in a program such as Blender?


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Uhhh..... I think I want to piggyback on this question.

I have a slightly different inquiry. In the 3ds version of Generations, there are collectable artworks that feature a few sketches I've never seen before. (one of them was that image of blaze in a cape that was floating around here a while back) Has anybody ripped that stuff off of the cartridge yet?

I'm interested in a few images of Marine in particular.

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