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Dr. Eggman's Eggsceptionally Questionable Mechs


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The worst Eggman mech I can think of is the Egg Dealer from Shadow the Hedgehog. Why would you ever have your machine have the ability to power up your enemy ("No, not Shadow fever!")? lol

Anyway, I'd say the Egg Robo versions of the Sonic 3 and Knuckles bosses should add at least 1 to the threat level, since they're generally tougher in some way.

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Submarine Eggman 2


Again, where's the upgrade? It's the same damn thing, same attacks, same strategy, only new thing is he sometimes shoots airborne attacks, and is now using oil. So...I'll just give this the same thing as last time,

Threat Level 6/10 (One point down because of rehash use so soon after the previous machine.)

Overall: Still a great machine.

Actually what I like about this thing that nobody seems to mention is that Eggman is shooting lasers that cause the platform to go up in a blaze...and he's in the middle of a giant sea of OIL.

Does anyone know what happens when oil meets fire?

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Holy shit. A giant mech that is almost indestructible from the outside (almost) and has attacks that will kill you easily. Eggman, you've fucking done it now. You've created a giant death machine that will no doubt destroy all who cross it's path. This guy isn't kidding around, you mess with him, and he'll use his giant claws/mini-robots to kill you. Bravo Eggman, THIS is threatening, and has the evil scientist feel to it.

Threat Level 10/10

Overall: He is truly deserving of the 300 IQ.

Ugh, this is gonna look very messy when finished. I still need someone to post after me.

You get all my likes just because I have always hated this boss.

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....So is this topic talking about Eggman's ability to build?

I'm terribly sorry man. I tried to do this stupid thing with the pics but, it all just went downhill since I forgot about SSMB's media limit.

But yes, this is a topic to discuss Eggman's mech's pretty much the best design, the worst mech, the one that is amazing and what not. All that good stuff.

This looks really unorganized and I'm terribly sorry for that. Next time I'll remember to not go overboard with the pics.

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I approve of this thread. All those variable machines were always one of the defining factors to why Robotnik's my number one guy.

The one that immediately comes to mind for the worst has got to be the Egg Dealer. Pawn Fever and Missile Fever I can understand, but Shadow Fever? The one that only happens when Shadow is about to use Chaos Blast? Seriously? I'm sure there's a few other tish ones, but that's probably the lowest one for me. At the very least, I can be glad the more the merrier meme is associated with the other ShtH boss, Egg Breaker, rather than this piece of backfiring junk.

There's a lot of excellent ones, so I'll just rattle off a few that especially stand out for me (not counting non-piloted ones like the S3&K mini-bosses/Rush Adventure bosses, nor the ones piloted by other guys like Whisker piloting the Ghost Titan... having said that, that was a nice piece of work too), while doing my best trying not to go into the "Muriously Fasturbating Fanboy Paragraph-Multiply" mode like I usually do (spoiler - I fail);

The Death Egg Robot - For being the first of Robotnik's truly imposing (and ego-feeding) mechs.

The Big Arm - It's just one of those designs that make it clear that while it may not be colossal, it's still going to kick your ass. That and it's one of the few instances in the Genesis era in which Robotnik tries to cover the usually opwn weakspot. Overall, a glorious tool worthy for ending the first half of S3&K.

The Lava Reef one - Hill Top may have established it before, but this one really makes it clear that his machines are so amazing that even molten lava doesn't affect them. What now, bitch? Oh, and the previous tense chase through the volcano. That was good too.

The Great Eggman Robo and subsequent Doomsday Zone crafts - The Sonic 2 one may be the original and more recognised one, but this one will always be the Death Egg machine for me, what with being able to smash you with it's individual fingers and slasher monster-worthy slow lumbering as it's ready to fire a Master Emerald-powered laser on your sorry ass. Then comes the Doomsday Zone, one of those shining moments that confirm Robotnik's skill in planning ahead, and that despite being eccentric and "mad", his intelligence is no joke. Those who say Robotnik was "never a threat"? Redirect them to this bastard.

The Egg Viper - Famous memes and stupid ways to let yourself be attacked aside, this hulking beast - with it's snake tail and spinning disks - was suitable for a final match.

The Egg Walker (both versions) - The SA1 one for taking place after the suicide missile incident, being intimidating in itself, and for reinforcing that Tails is not weak by any means. The SA2 one for feeling slightly more "personal" than usual (and for Tails again, even if he had to do it in his own mech this time), even if I tend to prefer the more ludicrously massive ones.

The Cosmic Angel one - This one was pretty good, it's spikes and projectiles presenting a problem all while you're trying to jump near him rather than on him. The surprisingly somber music that goes with this specific boss only makes it more memorable.

The Egg Bomber - The Hot Crater one. I don't know, I guess it's because it is what it is - a tank. Bitches love tanks.

The Egg Saucer - You know the one. Sky Canyon Zone. This one was a dick. I love it.

The True Area 53 one - An underrated one if you ask me. This one proves that Robotnik, despite being the biggest egotist this side of the Egocity of Egosville, can make his final boss mechs look like other things, making his creative vision come full circle. In this instance, it's... a shrimp, I think. Also, now I can laugh heartily at this boss as I make my unoriginal "Super Sonic was frozen today" jokes.

The Egg Albatross - It may seem like an odd choice, but I like this one simply for how multi-tiered it is. I always love battles with multiple parts, especially if they're final bosses.

The Egg Emperor - This one's probably Modern Robotnik's answer to Classic Robotnik's Death Egg Robot. It may not be the biggest, but it's certainly one of the baddest fuckers, with it's lightsaber laser sword and knight motif. Also, spiked shoulders, man. Spiked shoulders. Sorry, but spiked shoulders have always been my one of my favourite "cliche villain design" features. I blame Tiny Tiger.

The Egg King - Only going by Retro's names, this one's the Bomber Barbara one. It was one of the first "try to destroy you while we're falling at dangerous heights" scenarios, so it gets a mention. Also, like the aforementioned Emperor, spiked shoulders. Fuck yes.

The Egg Wizard - I love this one so very much. It goes both ways - the fans of the monsters (all three of them) get their ancient, mystic and supernatural forces, but at the same time the Robotnik and/or robot fans get their Ivo-(...and Nega)-piloted mech of doom. Spiked pillars? Technicolor fireballs? Dragon heads made out of lava? Sold. They made good use of that Jeweled Scepter.

The Egg Dragoon - Come on, who doesn't love this one? I think we all jumped for joy when it made it's triumphant return in Generations, and with a few alterations at that. Both versions are cherished by oneself, but I favor the Generations incarnation. Not for the predictable reason (that being, it's Sonic instead of the Werehog), but because the later version makes Robotnik's words about making a new one in Unleashed all the more satisfying, and on top of that the Generations-Dragoon's modifications make it feel like an improvement on the Egg Viper and Egg Wyvern in addition to the original Dragoon. That said, the Unleashed version gets points for taking place whilst falling to the planet's core, proving that when it comes to killing hedgehogs, Robotnik really doesn't give a fuck. So much for being "feeble", as some would like to say.

The Nega-Wisp Armor - Notable for being the first 3D console Robotnik final boss. It's appearance is already a winner - essentially a giant mechanical Frenzy Wisp - befitting for the case. Then we go and see Eggman's despicable act of using your own powers against you by sucking the innocent Wisps into the machine. The little touches like the Sonic-attacking-Robotnik slow motion, Wisps joining up after each hit, and the Sonic CD-like explosion at the end really make it all worthwhile. Not that it was a problem to begin with - I loved Colours already.

The Time Eater - The night that I inevitably spoiled myself will always be one of my happiest moments ever. First off, it brought the union between the two Robotniks, which of course had to happen because you just can't have a game of two Sonics teaming up without having the logical parallel to counter it. Then there's the fact that - hopefully for good if it happens yet again in the future - Robotnik's finally took some notes and successfully controlled a giant monster. But that's not enough, he has to really let it sink in that he's the one with the master plan by turning it into a manned robot. Solaris is probably the more powerful time monster, but fuck that guy, it's Time Eater for me. Plus, I love clock themes and motifs, so all the gears and cogs really sealed the deal for me. And it's face looks a little like Doopliss/Count Bleck, so that's funny too.

...or in other words, most of his final boss machines. Oh, and the Car with Drill on Front. Obviously.

...For what 2006 was, the Egg Genesis was not bad too I guess. It'd be cool to have another robot so large you could stand on it. Like Megaleg, but with more egg-motifs.

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One thing that puzzles me about the Egg Wyvern is the situation. Okay so Sonic comes into the Egg Carrier and Eggman gets all pissy, and then what? They decide to calmly settle this outside? Why doesn't Sonic just pummel the crap out of him.


Actually, that would be a really cool boss, where Sonic catches Eggman in his own ship, and Eggman can't rely on his mechs to fight him, so uses a blaster weapon or some shit and a slightly character style battle. That would show his desperation quite well imo.

I really like the Nega Wisp Armour too, it's just such a simple way to end it, and having him use the wisps power was also really cool. Too bad he only seems to use a few. Also, while I can't stand fighting it, the E.G.G Station mech was a good way of using the previous Egg Robo and making it much more annoying and dickish even WITH rings.

It's also a shame that we got the Sonic 2 Death Egg Robot AGAIN after E.G.G Station. Should have been the S&K version for sure.

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Oh, by the way, I'm happy that this thread was created by that who wields the Gendo Pose.

One thing that puzzles me about the Egg Wyvern is the situation. Okay so Sonic comes into the Egg Carrier and Eggman gets all pissy, and then what? They decide to calmly settle this outside? Why doesn't Sonic just pummel the crap out of him.


Actually, that would be a really cool boss, where Sonic catches Eggman in his own ship, and Eggman can't rely on his mechs to fight him, so uses a blaster weapon or some shit and a slightly character style battle. That would show his desperation quite well imo.

I still want something like that to happen, be it desperation, the act of surprise or otherwise. I think he'd be surprisingly difficult to beat. I'm not saying he's going to be firing DBZ lasers out of his hands or anything, but I reckon he'd be a tricky fighter in some way. It helps that he's usually quick on his feet.

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A slow car with a short-range drill? Ineffective.

A device that spawns balloon versions of the pilot? Inefficient.

A device with a built in slot machine for randomizing attacks that potentially (and usually) causes attacks to backfire? INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

Eggman makes some pretty weak machines now and then, but I really want to know what he was thinking when he made the Egg Dealer.

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I think you forgot the Egg Golem from SA2.

That one wasn't piloted by Eggman, putting it in the same vein as the also excluded S3&K minibosses.

On that note, it's heavily implied that Egg Cerberus and Genesis aren't piloted by Eggman in 2006 so no sweat about missing those... One that WAS forgotten is the Egg Breaker, though honestly wasn't much to write home about (and it does exist in several versions though, or Eggman is too incompetant to use every attack depending on when the Egg Breaker is met, doh.

If it makes people feel any better though, my theory on the Egg Dealer is that the switches were just there for decoration, but unfortunately they give Shadow the idea to attack these spots, causing the machine to jolt and malfunction. The ring one is pretty strange... I can't fathom what use that would have if Eggman decided to use it. Shadow Fever could be explained as being designed to power up Shadow Androids but that is a vague one. Maybe Shadow really is an emo teenager and the sight of three of him just makes him go OMG I'M SO FAAAAAAAAAT and freak out, filling up the rage meter.

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Oh, it's for the robots manuvered by Eggman? I thought it was for the bosses he built.

I think it CAN be, I think OP just wanted to not be too overwhelming so just focused on main series Eggman mechs as oppose to all bosses.

That is to say, was simply letting you know WHY he didn't include it. Pretty sure you can post about Egg Golem if you want to! Lol.

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