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If you could remake a Sonic game.. what would it be and why?

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Sonic Adventure 2. It seems like SEGA struck out on it (Not really, but I think it's mediocre), and seeing how so many fans like it, a Modern remake should be made. Keep the same gameplay styles, but fix a few things (Make the shoot em ups more exciting, an the Treasure hunting Zones a bit smaller and have the SA1 radar), have music remixes, 2D platforming areas, have an option for new and old VA's and have better and faster multiplayer mode.

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I'd rather have a new Sonic game. unsure.png

But if I can pick a Sonic game that needs a remake, then I guess I'll go with SA2 and use the Hedgehog Engine from Sonic Unleashed/Generations with new added features. Also players has the option to use the Sonic Adventure voice cast or the new voice cast if they want to hear the new voice actors take on a more "serious" game.

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probably a better story.
I doubt it. I'd imagine the story is something that would have been decided fairly early on, both so the cutscenes could be made and so...well, so the rest of the game could be built around it.

Do you have any thoughts on fixing the problems with '06, or any ideas of things to add that aren't things you read were going to be in the game?

Heroes: I like the game lots, and I though teams were a good concept, but it needed to be worked on honestly. Half of the Teams (Sonic/Dark) were carbon copies of each others, and I thought the teams needed more of a variety.
That doesn't answer my question.

Weight? Not sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate on that a bit more?
Shoving completely unrelated gameplay, like treasure hunting and mechs, has done nothing but hurt the series. Not one single time has it ever done any good. It's a fucking noose the series has just barely struggled out of.

If I had the chance to remake a Sonic game, I wouldn't. The games that are good are still good, the games that are bad generally aren't worth dragging back up, and we're better off looking forwards and focusing on new games rather than expending time and energy trying to recapture old feelings or try to cancel out old mistakes.

But if I were forced to choose one, it would probably be SA. Throw out everyone but Sonic's gameplay, polish the hell out of Sonic's (and I mean SA-Sonic's; don't just throw the Modern gameplay into it) and build the rest of the characters off of it. Tails and Knuckles would work pretty much like in S3&K, Amy gets a few moves with her hammer. Big I guess could sort of stumble through the game, using his size and strength like a wrecking ball to reach Froggy rather than fishing for him. Gamma I can't see having full Sonic gameplay, but it could at least be closer than he was. Rewrite the story for clarity and improved dialogue, redo the VAing and cutscenes to modern standards, build more expansive levels with more rolling and less automation...

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OH OH! I GOT AN IDEA! How about a game that takes a stage from every big sonic game up until this point and re-imagines them in HD? And it could use two different styles of gameplay. One mode that caters to the classic fans so it would be all 2d and one that is The current stye of sonic the unleashed formula! Man i'd love to see that, But I doubt sega would do that...:(

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Sonic 06 mainly for glitches to be worked on, some original plans of the game (which were scrapped from the final version) to be brought back such as the amount of character's playable, rainbow gem (to play as Super Sonic in stages), each character having their own story in SM, so gameplay could become a bit more fast paced and to improve Speed stage sections, also an option for Shadow not to use veichles. For levels and character animations to look less bland, out of place and dull but more vibrant, active, bold and detailed.

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Sonic Generations: I really wouldn't change much, just Add a couple of levels and give it a better story.

Shadow: Ok. First off, the story would be completely changed. No Aliens, no cursing, no guns, no vechiles, NONE OF THAT. Controls would also be better. The story would still be a bit dark but not dark to the point where it's facepalm worthy and unintentionally hilarious.

06: Too many things to list. Hoo boy.

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Eh, I don't think that many games in the series NEED a remake. If it was a good game, sure, a remake would be nice. I'd love to see S3K remade in a similar way to CD with added content and such without changing anything at it's core, and maybe with a Generations Classic-style remix option for the music, keeping the original songs intact while merely updating the actual instrumental quality. Not remixes, just sort of like what Gens did with the S1-SK classic songs.

Also, while I don't think it needs a remake, the level themes in Heroes were absolutely squandered potential. Levels like Grand Metropolis, Mystic Mansion, and Frog Forest deserve better than the bleh gameplay and camera in Heroes. If they changed the gameplay to something less bad, fixed up the camera and basically used Generations' taking old level themes and making entirely new levels around them, that would be cool. If the graphics get an upgrade while they're at it? Awesome bonus. Next to impossible to happen though.

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I'd probably say any of the original trilogy in a hand-drawn art style similar to (for example) Sonic CD's opening, Rayman Origins and Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. I've always wanted to see what the original games (or something similar) would look like in a hand-drawn style.

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Probably Heroes. It's a fun game with some great ideas and memorable level settings, but there are some things that stand out as needing improvements.

The biggest problem to me was the health bars. Every enemy had to take more than one hit to kill, and to me that completely defeats the style that Sonic games are trying to achieve: smooth, fast-paced action platforming. Taking away the health bars would have made the game much more fun. Some would argue that this would defeat the purpose of having attacks and the Power characters, but I think level design could be altered to make up for that. Instead of having enemies that take a long time to beat, maybe they could just make the Power characters' attacks have a wide range for destroying more enemies in less time. Basically I think the game would benefit from having less emphasis on combat. Throw in some tightened up controls and better voice acting and it's golden.

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I'd like to see Sonic 3K remade with Generations style of gameplay. Levels would be reimaginations just like in Generations, 2 acts per zone each with it's own boss. After playing Modern Sky Sanctuary I really want to see this.

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Okay, this is fanwankery of the highest regard so don't take this as some kind of attempt at making a well-rounded game for everyone. This is completely selfishly for myself.

I'd remake Sonic 2 8-bit.

Features would include:

3 Main Modes:

Original | Update | Modern


Let's you play the original game as it was. You can choose from:

Master System Original - Just as it was, an exact emulation.

Master System HD - Includes widescreen, supports custom soundtrack, has performance/bug fixes etc.

Game Gear Original

Game Gear HD - The Game Gear layouts and difficulty with a full resolution like Master System HD.

On both "HD" modes, barriers/walls would appear for the boss battles to replicate the original respective screen sizes. A spin dash and unlockable Tails/Super Sonic are also optional.


The original game and level layouts, with all the new features of the HD Original modes, but with brand new graphics and soundtracks.

Graphics choices are:

2D - A properly HDified version of the original sprites, much like Sonic 2 HD.

3D - A Sonic Generations-esque 2.5D camera view with 3D graphics. Would use Modern character designs.

Soundtrack choices are:

Original - The original 8-bit sounds and tunes.

Original + - The original 8-bit sounds and tunes with new Act 2/3 remixes.

Update - Re-Arranged music that keeps the exact same melody and structure as the originals, but played with real instruments.

Update + - The Re-Arranged music but with new Act 2/3 remixes.

You can also choose additional settings to customise your nostalgic experience depending on the version of the game you used to play:

Speed-Up Theme:

Choose from the Speed-Up Jingle or having the stage music speed up. Original+ and the Update mode stage layouts would have some additional power sneakers to make such an option worthwhile.

Boss Themes (Set which one to use for each individual boss):

Master System/Game Gear/Master System+/Game Gear+

The + versions are more intense, non-100% faithful to the original remixes, that could be suitable for a final boss if you wanted to be faithful to your platform and use the same tune for every boss. But you can set them up however you like.

Ending Themes

Master System/Master System+/Game Gear

Master System uses the "Bad Ending" for both endings. Master System+ uses the Bad Ending for both endings but has one sadder remix for the Bad Ending, and one more upbeat remix for the Good Ending. Game Gear uses Bad Ending for the Bad Ending and the unique Good Ending tune for the Good Ending.

Advanced Track Theme Selection

While "Original" and "Update" automatically use either the original, or the "faithful" Act 1 remix for every act, perhaps you'd end up loving the Act 2 remix of one zone and want it on every level in that zone. Perhaps you love the Act 3 on another zone! Maybe you want to completely mismatch all the music because you're a crazy. Go ahead and 100% customise the soundtrack in an in-depth menu here.


A full 3D remake of the original game. Would of course use Unleashed style gameplay, but certainly more platformy. No 2D sections at all, we have Update mode for that. This would be 100% reworked for the 3D perspective. By default it would use the Update+ soundtrack, but the customisation options would be avaliable here too.

Modern mode would also have a fleshed out story with cameos from a couple of other Sonic characters too.

The basic story would involve Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles taking a holiday on South Island. While relaxing in the Green Hills Zone with Amy, Eggman appears and kidnaps Tails. As Sonic chases off after him he leaves behind a weird mechanical device that seems to start spreading and growing. After the Underground Zone, Sonic runs into Knuckles who is having fun hang gliding and steals the hang glider to continue chasing Eggman. He falls from the sky into a lake near Green Hills Zone and must get out of the ruins there to continue. When he arrives in Green Hills he sees a large looming mountain in the distance that wasn't there before. Upon arrival he discovers it is Gimmick Mt, which grew from the small device Eggman left behind. Amy is trapped inside, and after being rescued she reveals she saw Eggman travel into space using a large zoom tube. Sonic enters to find himself in the Asteroid belt maze that is Scrambled Egg. After defeating Mecha Sonic, he finds Eggman's new fortress, the looming Cyrstal Egg. Eggman will only let him enter if he brings the six remaining Chaos Emeralds.

This is followed by a stage select screen that has Sonic running through the Green Hills at sunset, remaking the Bad Ending. You can just watch Sonic run or push A to choose and return to a previous stage in search of the emeralds. If you have them all, Sonic can return and enter the Crystal Egg Zone. Sonic defeats Eggman and saves Tails, and the two run in the Green Hills Zone as the sun sets and the credits roll.

Additional extras would include concept art of the original and new version, unlockable Tails on Original+ and Update Mode, as well as missions, red rings and ranks for Update Mode and Modern Mode. Time Attack Leaderboards would be avaliable on all but the emulated original mode.

Now, if you wanted to be really fancy, you could do Sonic 1 AND 2 8-bit, or even the entire quadrilogy (we do not mention Sonic Blast).

I think that's everything. *dreamy sigh*

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Probably Sonic Shuffle, I think there's potential to make a nice game which can be played with multiple friends at once. Make the gameplay more fun than it was, make it more akin to Mario Party and shove in some online play and I'm sure you'd have an at least decent game on your hands. Maybe more boards, more characters and change the storyline up a little

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I would remake four Sonic games:

Sonic 1 (Mega drive/genesis)

Sonic 1 the legendary game that started it all. It's a great game but I have to admit that it does feel a little dated after 21 odd years. I think a redesign/improvement of the levels, bosses and speacial stages with HD & widescreen graphics would do a treat. Give it some quality music, maybe an intro like CD and an addirional unlockable playable character (i.e. Tails) would be a great tribute. Maybe SEGA will do that when it gests to Sonic's 25th anniversary.

Sonic 3D Blast

I know not everyone is a fan of this game. Personally I think it was a very good game that could have been so much more. Well it was Sonic's first venture into 3d, and for that reason it desrves a lot of credit. Sonic's movement in the game is very good. The music, stunning (mega drive) was excellent. The act 3 is a BOSS act with only a few rings, just like Sonic 4 Ep1. Was it Sonic 3d blast that started that trend?

There are some things that could have been better. I liked the level design, it was open to an extent and each level had hidden passages for you to find allowing you to backtrack. It's always nice when exploration is rewarded. The boss fights were rather hard to beat and seemed to work well with 3d. I would improve the level design by doubling the size. The special stages on the mega drive version were not great so they could be re-designed. Make Knuckles and Tails playable along with their abilities. Allow Sonic to become Super Sonic/ HD widescreen etc. Maybe a bonus stage. Add more orange flickies throughhout the game.

- Out of interest I have never played the SEGA Saturn version. Hopefully that will be put on the PSN. I know that version had a different soundtrack and special stage. Was that better of worse than the megadrive version?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

Give it the generations make over that it deserves. It had a good story, good cut scenes and good characters. Get rid of the hub levels where you had to talk to people, which were complete rubbish. The game/levels needs to flow better like in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic CD

Yes I know this game has just had a re-release which by the way was fucking awesome. I would add 'Desert Dazzle'. I would remake it so that you can change the level design in the good/bad future in a more subtle way by maybe destroying a badnik or not destroying a badnik in the past, which could have consequences in the future versions of the zones..

I would make the bosses in the bad future signficantly harder, ie more hits, secondary shielding, Maybe more rewards, i.e. rings and extra lives in the bad future to counter the harder bosses. Make Metal Sonic a playable character. He deserves a run out in a 2d sonic game. Make a 2 player mode like Sonic 2 allowing you to travel in time with the rings and boxes in each different (time) version of the zone. That would be brilliant.

How about a reward for collecting the time stones (not just a guaranteed good future). Instead or being able to turn into Super Sonic, maybe you could slow down time so that while you move at normal speed everythng around you moves a lot more slowly.

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