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If you could remake a Sonic game.. what would it be and why?

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Probably Sonic Shuffle, I think there's potential to make a nice game which can be played with multiple friends at once. Make the gameplay more fun than it was, make it more akin to Mario Party and shove in some online play and I'm sure you'd have an at least decent game on your hands. Maybe more boards, more characters and change the storyline up a little

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I would remake four Sonic games:

Sonic 1 (Mega drive/genesis)

Sonic 1 the legendary game that started it all. It's a great game but I have to admit that it does feel a little dated after 21 odd years. I think a redesign/improvement of the levels, bosses and speacial stages with HD & widescreen graphics would do a treat. Give it some quality music, maybe an intro like CD and an addirional unlockable playable character (i.e. Tails) would be a great tribute. Maybe SEGA will do that when it gests to Sonic's 25th anniversary.

Sonic 3D Blast

I know not everyone is a fan of this game. Personally I think it was a very good game that could have been so much more. Well it was Sonic's first venture into 3d, and for that reason it desrves a lot of credit. Sonic's movement in the game is very good. The music, stunning (mega drive) was excellent. The act 3 is a BOSS act with only a few rings, just like Sonic 4 Ep1. Was it Sonic 3d blast that started that trend?

There are some things that could have been better. I liked the level design, it was open to an extent and each level had hidden passages for you to find allowing you to backtrack. It's always nice when exploration is rewarded. The boss fights were rather hard to beat and seemed to work well with 3d. I would improve the level design by doubling the size. The special stages on the mega drive version were not great so they could be re-designed. Make Knuckles and Tails playable along with their abilities. Allow Sonic to become Super Sonic/ HD widescreen etc. Maybe a bonus stage. Add more orange flickies throughhout the game.

- Out of interest I have never played the SEGA Saturn version. Hopefully that will be put on the PSN. I know that version had a different soundtrack and special stage. Was that better of worse than the megadrive version?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

Give it the generations make over that it deserves. It had a good story, good cut scenes and good characters. Get rid of the hub levels where you had to talk to people, which were complete rubbish. The game/levels needs to flow better like in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic CD

Yes I know this game has just had a re-release which by the way was fucking awesome. I would add 'Desert Dazzle'. I would remake it so that you can change the level design in the good/bad future in a more subtle way by maybe destroying a badnik or not destroying a badnik in the past, which could have consequences in the future versions of the zones..

I would make the bosses in the bad future signficantly harder, ie more hits, secondary shielding, Maybe more rewards, i.e. rings and extra lives in the bad future to counter the harder bosses. Make Metal Sonic a playable character. He deserves a run out in a 2d sonic game. Make a 2 player mode like Sonic 2 allowing you to travel in time with the rings and boxes in each different (time) version of the zone. That would be brilliant.

How about a reward for collecting the time stones (not just a guaranteed good future). Instead or being able to turn into Super Sonic, maybe you could slow down time so that while you move at normal speed everythng around you moves a lot more slowly.

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This is probably inaccurate, since I'm sure I'd end up saying "remake the Adventure games with the beautiful Hedgehog Engine" or "redo Sonic 06 with plot tweaks" or "Genesisize the Game Gear games" but everyone loves at least one of those types of ideas.

I want to say something different. I'd say remake Sonic Labyrinth as a top down 3D mobile game. Yes, the game that made Sonic slow and yet nobody ever mentions it when talking of "worst Sonic games ever"... except from what I tried he got at least kind of fast if you use charged up spindashes and bounce off walls.

Either way, I could see it making a decent handheld game, being somewhat puzzle oriented, and it tends to be obscure so it would feel like an entirely new spinoff to many. Give it a new mode including new stages taking advantage of the redone engine's quirks, add a leaderboard, perhaps some kind of verses mode... maybe a golf mode with limited spindashes to the goal?

Alternatively, make a brand new game based on the concept, with more accurate ball physics, more detailed 3D boards and more modern/retro enemy and character cameos, while still keeping the time limit and focus on spindash verses restricted walk gameplay.

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I second the 3D Blast nomination. Just make that bitch have analog control and I would snap it up in an instant. Which I suppose isn't what a remake actually entails, but I already like it more than the overwhelming majority of true 3D Sonic titles so that's fine with me. I suppose you could... make it HD or something, so the viewing area is much larger. Maybe redo the special stages with higher quality assets...

Actually, I like both of those ideas. Do those three things, Sega.

I know that version had a different soundtrack and special stage. Was that better of worse than the megadrive version?
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I've said previously that I'm not very interested in seeing old games remade, but if I was told that I had to remake a game, or I had to pitch an idea, I'd do something like this..

...remake Sonic adventure 2. I don't say this because I'm part of the group of people who think that the game should be remade in HD because "It's the BEST GAYM EVURR!!!!!111" but because I think there are things wrong with it that could be fixed with some tweaking. If possible, I'd revert the game by getting rid of Tails, Shadow and Rouge as playable characters and just have Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman to choose from (The keyword being choose, implying that unwanted playstyles won't be forced).

Not only that, but I'd get rid of the 'segregation' used in the game, where Sonic gets almost all speed, Tails/Eggman gets almost all platforming and Knuckles gets almost all exploration. I'd even it out a bit more. Knuckles' levels would have a bit more platforming and would be smaller, and use the Emerald radar from SA1, rather than SA2's crippled version. Eggman would be made a little bit faster (and his levels would be a bit shorter) and Sonic would have a bit more exploration in his levels.

Having just the three characters would mean that each character would get his fair share of levels. In fact, it would mean that the people working on the game could add more levels and/or give the characters their light/dark counterpart's levels where appropriate.

And I wouldn't mind the story being a bit darker and gory, so long as it still has that sonic atmosphere.

Basically, I'd turn it into something that practically isn't Sonic adventure 2 anymore.

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Definitely Sonic Battle. I really enjoyed that game, it's my favorite GBA game, other than Advance 2.

I really want SEGA to make a 3DS sequel, but a man can dream, can't he? sad.png

Some changes I would make for a sequel or re-release:

  1. More characters of course. Not too many, but enough to add more variety

  2. Extended movesets. More moves for every character and more specials.

  3. Updated graphics/visuals and music. Another pretty obvious one.

  4. More voices. Since it'll be on a more powerful system, the story mode could definitely have some voices.

  5. Several Animated Cutscenes, especially during the most pivotal moments in the story, like when Emerl gets a Chaos Emerald

  6. Change the view of the battles. probably make it full 3D with several different camera angles so people can adjust to the style they like. This will probably add more ease when it comes to landing hits.

  7. Several extra fighting game nuances like evading or full guards along with the parry-type guard already present.

  8. More freedom in the movelist customization. Raise the cap, and add more stat boost options.

  9. Most importantly: BALANCE. Balancing is pretty much everything when it comes to fighting games, so some major balance tweaks are a must. Make the specials less spammy and give them limits on when they can be used, round out the moves so that the same basic combo used twice won't kill a person, and especially make the final battle NOT a special move spamfest.

Those are just a couple of examples that I'd like to see i guess.

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The final battle dosen't have to be a spamfest. I've defeated crazed emerl without one special move before. You just have to be good really good at blocking.

As for nerfing the overpowered air attacks, I agree but... dominating all the computer controlled characters with rouge repeatedly air attacking never gets old. :)

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I've not played Sonic Battle or Generations 3DS, so I can't really have a say in most of the above posts, but an era in Generations 3ds consisting of levels from the Advance games (Like Music plant!) would be nice to see. And the remixes would be nice to listen to, as long as they don't get lazy and Give Classic sonic the zone's original music.

But I'd like to dee Sonic adventure DX done properly. Basically, I'd do this:

*Rather than make somewhat more fugly, glossy, OVA-esque looking models of the characters like what the developers went with in DX, make the characters touched up, higher poly versions of the original dreamcast models.

*Make the levels higher poly, and maybe even replace the graphics engine.

*Have the game support widescreen. SADX was made in 2003/2004. PC games from 2000 or before supported widescreen resolution, so why didn't SADX?

*Rather than add extra 'features' like the Game gear games, I'd have liked to see the developers actually have a bash at improving the game by sorting out the glitches *BEYOND* simply preventing characters from getting into other characters levels. Actually fix the proper glitches, the glitches we want rid of, not the glitches we like.

*Alter the animations, particularly the talking animations to look better and less stupid, rather than what they did in SADX where the animations were even worse than the dreamcast version. (As a matter of fact, if things such as the falling and 'landing after falling' animations looked better, I'm sure the SADX models wouldn't have looked as bad as they ended up looking)

*Seeing as the DX version was supposedly a "Director's Cut", It'd make my day if you were given the option to play through a remake of the early Windy Valley, or remakes of the fabled 'Jungle' and 'Desert' levels.

*Again, considering it is a "Director's Cut", A playable Super Sonic in regular stages should be implememted, as they were originally going to have that in the final version.

*Things such as losing momentum when coming into contact with a wall when running really fast (as in brushing a wall or barrier, not running head-first into a wall) ought to be fixed. This was really annoying in that winding ramp in Sky Deck, so I reckon they ought to fix that.

*No glitch-tastic camera angles, like some of Tails' victory poses in the DX version.

I can never see this happening though. Ah well, I can dream.

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I'm with the group that would prefer just moving on to (even) greater things, but if I had to choose one... Heroes, perhaps?

The gameplay could be either like the original Heroes but more refined, or like Mario 64 DS in which you can select a character to play a level with. Sonic could play like in SA1 or Post-Unleashed, I don't mind. Tails can be like his SA1 self but faster, and... well, ditto for Knuckles I guess. I think it'd be best if they were the only playables for this adventure, but maybe the Chaotix could be kept in somehow...

The zones in the original Heroes would still exist - Seaside Hill, Grand Metropolis, Hang Castle and all that - but there'd be a few new ones too. The actual layout of them would be less "mostly roads with occasional pits and/or breakable walls" and more natural, all of them being made to serve as a playground for a balanced mix between Sonic's breakneck speed, Tails' handy flying, and Knuckles' powerhouse skills.

The bosses, while still ultimately being "Robotnik or Fake-Robotnik or Metal Sonic" for the most part, would be a lot more varied and there wouldn't be any of the Team ___/Robot ___, *ahem*, "fights". There MIGHT be a gigantic onslaught of Badniks that descend from the Egg Fleet at one point, but I'm not too sure about that.

The storyline would be slightly different. It would still be about Metal Sonic and his wacky identity disorders, but he stays as his normal, elf shoeless self (he MIGHT get the Neo look near the end, but he'd lose the elf shoes and cape, because neither of those look good on Metal at all if you ask me). Because this is me we're talking about, he doesn't betray Robotnik, but he is sentient, he does have his obsession with being the real Sonic, and - rarely as he may do it - he CAN talk.

While the other Team Dark characters are absent (mainly because I was never a fan of them as a group but also for the more character specific reasons of Shadow still being dead in this version and Rouge focusing on... something agent-related?), I would like to keep Omega in the game. He could be the classic "guy who's on neither side but inevitably pops in to help at the end", as well as a foil to Metal Sonic. Omega's simply another generic E-Series model, yet he (somehow) rebelled against Robotnik and did his own thing, whereas Metal is a mechanical copy of Sonic the Hedgehog - ergo, not generic by any means - yet despite having sentience and personal desires, Robotnik still has him on a leash. There's also the more obvious opposites, like Metal's usually quiet and stoic nature in comparison to Omega being the hammiest of hams that ever operated... on ham.

What the actual evil scheme could be, I've not really thought about that yet, but it would definitely involve the Egg Fleet and Metal Sonic leading the good guys into a wild goose chase, with him and Robotnik tricking them into thinking Metal's rebelled. That's not to say the heroes would be complete dunces who don't get a clue or two - like Vector's guessing of Hostage Robotnik in the original Heroes, one of them (let's say Tails) has a few suspicions regarding Metal's somewhat contradictory nature of apparently becoming "as wild and free" as Sonic, yet seems to be going around as if he's still doing something for someone. Of course, when the deception is finished, there would of course be a rant from Robotnik that basically amounts to "You seriously thought he'd gone rogue, didn't you? No, Sonic, my robots always do as I say. Except for that Gamma chap. Also, Heavy & Bomb, but fuck those guys."

Cue Omega's Big Damn Heroes moment. "THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG, MEATBAG." Or some shit like that, it's still a bit muddled up if you haven't noticed.

All the while, Robotnik is aware that Metal's driving himself insane with his own desire... and he welcomes this, believing the robot's goal of "I want to be the real Sonic" will help his own goal of the more traditional "I want to get that hedgehog bastard out of my sight for good so I can turn fucking everything into a robotic kingdom" variety. As such, Ivo's kind enough to provide Metal with a few less-than-subtle resources, such as a mechanical duplicate of Green Hill (not to be confused with the actual Mecha Green Hill from Chaos). I always thought it would be cool if Metal had resources, skills and even places of residence that show him really embracing his role as an Anti-Sonic, in more ways than "Because he looks/acts like Sonic but is evil".

There would be three showdowns with Metal throughout the game. The first would be a contractually obligated race in a place similar to Stardust Speedway. The second would be in the aforementioned mechanical Green Hill duplicate, maybe with the assistance of Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll. The final one - and this would probably be the second or third last boss of the game - would take place on some sort of snowy mountain/volcano combination. Yes, a homage to the OVA final battle. Because bitches love OVA homages.

The Egg Fleet would probably be the second last zone of the game. Reason being, Robotnik's airships and/or fleets are usually a front for something else, so having that be the final location always felt somewhat strange. It probably wouldn't be a spaceship though... parhaps something like the Lava Shelter but bigger and better? *shrug*

The Egg Pawns can stay as long as they're themed ala Colours, but more Badniks would be lovely. Heck, maybe the "fake Robotnik" in some of the bosses could turn out to be an Egg Robo. I also think it'd be funny if there was another OVA reference in the Egg Emperor being assisted by those robots in the President's office. In fact, fuck it, the Egg Emperor could even be given one or two little design changes to look like Metal Robotnik.

The final battle... I don't know, the final battle could start as a final Sonic VS Metal Sonic match while a GIGANTIC Robotnik-controlled robot (we're talking Great Eggman Robo giant) is on the offensive, and then as Metal's finally defeated, a part of the aforementioned gigantic robot detaches from the rest and engages in a more personal combat with the Blue Blur.

Yeah, I'm mostly just making shit up. It's mainly just me thinking "Wouldn't it be cool if this happened in Heroes?"

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I'd remake Sonic Unleashed purely for making the werehog more of a enjoyment and new experience to the players.


I'd tweak the werehog during night stages if I was forced to still keep the werehog in the game. (I have a firm belief the werehog could of done much better introduced in a different game rather than unleash such as being a different Sonic of some nightmare dimension). His running animation in werehog form would require him to mostly run on all fours with speed to match him in normal form but not able to boost or grind but instead can use his claws and spiked shoes to grab ledges making him more of a climber (like knuckles to get the idea across) and be able to swing his arms to grab onto lock-on targets such as enemies much like how sonic using his homing attack only the animation would be different but same effect.

I would also let him be able to move/break heavy objects he wouldn't of been able to go through routes if he was normal.

Pros being normal Sonic:

Able to boost, any rings close enough will come to you.

Able to grind

Able to use homing attack to destroy enemies.

Able to run on water when running fast enough.

Drift to make tight turns.


Cons of being normal Sonic:

Won't be able to reach areas that are climbable.

Won't be able to push heavy objects.

Any attack will make you lose all your rings.

Unable to grab.

Pros being werehog:

Able to do heavy object interactions (pushing objects to make platforms to get across areas just like in sonic 1)

Able to climb in climbable areas.

Can grab enemies (that are able to be grabbed) and throw them against walls or other enemies.

Ring resistance (able to take some rings away instead of all rings like normal Sonic although spikes will take all regardless).

Able to travel through the dirt. (much like the drill wisp ability, depletes ring meter)

Cons of being werehog:

Can not grind

Can not slide under tight gaps.

Does not use lock on attack to instantly smash enemies.

Can not boost.

Unable to drift.

A few may want to argue that if he is not able to reach top speeds like Sonic can with boosting his levels will actually take longer while on the contrary the point of him able to climb,push,and dig is to get through certain parts to make shortcuts to reach the goal just as quickly. Think of it as comparing to Sonic to Knuckles in the genesis days.


Upgrades/Skills: You can purchase upgrades like the Sonic Adventure 1,2, and Sonic 06 did. Each upgrade will help the specific Sonic. Each Sonic will be able to have the same skills learned as well as their own special skills depending on which Sonic you're using. Rings will be the currency.

Skins: could be dlc depending on certain events like Christmas , Halloween, or other Sega themed skins for fun.

Able to pick unlocked songs in any level you want once you complete it the first time.

Emblems would make a return.

HUB world setting like Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic 06. Certain places not accessible to normal or werehog.

16bit minigames: instead of missions in 3D, minigames in 16 bit goodness which will have rewards such as emblems by scoring high enough, additional rings for your currency and even a leaderboard.

Ideas for 16bit minigames:


-Running on water and not getting hit.



-2d flying game (like sky sanctuary)

-Treasure Hunting.

Those are just a few ideas, I obviously have thought about this a lot.

I also would of touched up a few other games, but I'm too worn out from explaining just this one. lol

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I'm going to give a completely different answer to this and say Sonic Triple Trouble.

Sonic Triple Trouble had quite a few great ideas and a lot going for it, but was unfortunately brought down by the Game Gear's limitations. There were a lot of unique and interesting gimmicks in Triple Trouble that you didn't see in the 16-bit games. Sonic's rocket shoes, Tails' Sea Fox (submarine), the self-spinning carts in Sunset Park, and an actual controllable snowboard in Robotnik Winter.

Even if it was just remade to be up to the Genesis/Mega Drive's standards, I think Triple Trouble, out of any other Sonic game, could benefit the most from a remake.

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A lot of Game Gear games need some updating. As long as they are updated to 32-bit via Taxman's engine. None of this "HD reimagining". I won't want to make them more like Sonic 4. If Taxman mods his engine to generate HD sprites and artwork, then go for it, but otherwise stick to what it can do right now.

Other than that, I'd like to remake the so-called "Adventure Saga", that is from SA1 to Shadow (including Heroes), into a single game with consistant gameplay and voice acting/script that doesn't completely suck. Make the two stories more connected than the arbitrary "lol Tails was awarded Yellow Chaos Emerald" excuse they put in the original. Plus, I'd like for it to end conclusively with maybe a bonus/extra unlockable cutscene showing an Eggman mech (maybe an early prototype of OMEGA) discovering Shadow's "corpse". I'd also make sure Sonic doesn't act like a douchebag when he sees Shadow isn't dead. I'd get rid of the team gameplay and streamline and deepen the plot so you don't have 4 different versions of the same game. I'd make sure Neo Metal Sonic was actually the final boss, not that horrid Blue Charizard knockoff that was Metal Overlord. Then I'd probably erase most of Shadow the game, completely removing the horrible and useless Black Arms from Shadow's already well thought out and developed backstory.

Well, that massive remake would certainly be a remake, rather than HD remastering, because I'd be removing most of Rouge and Knuckles stages and making their playability totally optional.

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Well~ its not a remake but if I could I'd fix the jumping and physics in Advance 3. Its a bit frustrating to play the other Advances then turn around and play three.

Also the uncurling in two and three. I would get rid of that as well.

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So this idea came to my head randomly (considering I was taking my dog for a walk).


So here it is. What if the Adventure *puts on flack helmet* games were completely remade into a single game? And I'm not talking about just even redoing the graphics and the like. I'm talking about a FULL-FLEDGED remake. Although the plot would remain the same, the writing would be redone, all the cutscenes, stages, everything. The gameplay mechanics would remain quite similar though.

Say the game was called "Sonic Adventures Remix" or something like that and was split into two "chapters". These chapters of course splitting up the actual games themselves. Between these chapters would be some extra cutscenes that would explain the transition between the games, and would fix the plot holes existent.

  • How the emeralds were lost again.

  • Explain why Tails never bothered to fix the Tornado 2. Maybe because the new transformations couldn't simply be built into the current Tornado, thus he made the Cyclone. (Some people don't realize that the "Cyclone" is actually "Tornado 3"...)

  • How Sonic gets his Soap shoes.

  • Blah, blah, blah more plot holes...

    Okay, well I guess I'll talk about changes to the game now...

    Chapter 1:

    • No Big. :V Not only has Big officially been retconned, but his gameplay was boring and all. I really don't need to say that though do I. Big could be turned into a joke (kinda like he was in SA2) and still appear in order to drive the parts of the plot. I mean, Big never really NEEDS to be played as, similar to Amy in SA2, and thus she isn't playable. (That is, ignoring the fact of that half the characters were shoe-horned in late development...)

    • Remove the timer from Gamma stages. This is obviously removed in SA2 because it was bad in SA1, so still having it wouldn't make any sense.

    • As Tikal and Chaos return "home" they could send the emeralds away. This would explain where the emeralds went....

    • Create more missions so these stages also have 5 missions each.

    • Rails could be created, and the Soap shoes could be a power-up obtained at the beginning of the second chapter.

    • The Mystic Melody shrines would be scattered around these levels as well.

      Chapter 2:

      • Explain WHY Tails is in the Cyclone 24/7.

      • "Fix" Knuckles radar, making it operate the same as in SA1, also his the monitor system. Tikal could continue to help you in these stages as well, and the monitors could be changed to a type of mission.

      • Knuckles first appearance in SA2 could be changed to actually take place at the shrine of the Master Emerald.

      • To go along with Chapter 1, HUB worlds could exist here to. For instance, there could be one on the outskirts of the city, one somewhere around the Pumpkin Hill area, and one on the actual Ark.

      Overall Changes:

      [*]The stage select world map could be expanded for all the stages.

      [*]The Chao Garden could use the SA2 equivalent with the lobby and all. All the SA1 characters would be positive, with the exception of Gamma.

      [*]The multiplayer could include non-mech Tails as a racing character. He would be the only one without the homing attack, but flying would make up for this. Also he'd be able to grind in 2P for balance. Characters in 2P would be unlocked as the story goes, with the exception of two starting character for each mode. Also all more stages for versus of course.

      [*]Rankings for all levels and missions.

      [*]Duplicate power ups could be changed. The power-ups could give Sonic some of his abilities from recent games. Plus the power-ups should be used to differentiate the characters. I.E. giving Shadow chaos powers.

      [*]The somersault would be replaced by rolling. (Wow almost forgot this one.)

      Ugh... Lots of writing. I probably forgot a lot, but it's 1 A.M. in the morning on my last day of Spring Break, so I'm trying to do this fairly quickly...

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- No hitpoints for enemies.

- Each team gets a different set of levels exclusive to their story, only sharing Grand Metropolis/Power Plant, Frog Forest/Lost Jungle, Egg Fleet, and Final Fortress with each other.

- Shadow wouldn't have amnesia.

- Have everyone be shocked at Shadow still being alive.

- No Metal Madness/Metal Overlord, you would just fight Neo-Metal Sonic.

- Tails and Knuckles would go super as well in the final battle.

Shadow the Hedgehog:

- Still no hitpoints for enemies.

- No guns

- No vehicles

- Shadow's origin would remain somewhat the same, but with Gerald being inspired from the ruins in Hidden Palace Zone to create Shadow using the blood of Black Doom(who wouldn't be Shadow's "real" father).

- Gerald would have originally(and only) built the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Earth in revenge after being driven to the brink by grief over Maria's murder by GUN forces. Shadow(should he choose) would instead use the cannon to destroy the Black Comet.

- There would be a Last Story for the full hero, neutral, and evil paths, with Devil Doom as the Last Good boss, Metal Overlord as the Last Neutral boss, and Super Sonic as the Last Evil boss. 06 would continue from the Last Good Story ending, but we won't know that until the game was released.

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Maybe recreate Sonic 2, 3, and &K into one game: "Sonic: The Death Egg Saga". I've always thought of maybe someone at Retro creating such a hack that allowed such a thing to happen, and maybe some of the features the games had (both seperate and locked-on) would be picked out and/or merged together (Tails flying in Sonic 2, Knuckles playable in Sonic 2 and 3, Tails playable in Sonic &K, elemental shields and Sonic 3 physics in Sonic 2, etc.).

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I do what I can with Sonic 06. I remember when it was announced, everything about the game looked amazing. I'd like to make it like it should have been.

But I thought you've stated before that you liked 06.

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I'd remake Sonic 2 8-bit.


JezMM is the only person here who enjoys this game to the extent I do. This is not a game about going fast. This is a game about being brutalized by crab bosses and stabbed with underwater spears. Pipe mazes from hell over miles of spikes. I would like this remade but to Genesis (or 32-bit) standards. The game feels the most polished out of the 8-bit Sonics, the only thing I would want improved is graphics and soundtrack. And keep that spin-dash out of the game.

Knuckles' Chaotix

The other game I need remade is Chaotix. The 5-act spread over five levels doesn't work. The gimmicks and Badniks in this game actually pick up in later acts but the first two acts are so barren you wouldn't know until four hours in.

I would cut the empty acts straight out of the game leaving a 3-act per zone system. Because this makes the game shorter I'd create three entirely new zones between the originals. The levels would play without the roulette system.

I'd include a better ending, and a larger reward for completing the awesome special stages. Not a super mode exactly. Maybe your rubber band would give you super moves. Maybe the Chaos Rings are the new rubber band.

Some of the power ups in Chaotix have to go, and the non-Emerald bonus stage is crap. The game would benefit from the lightning shield or some new elemental shield and a new bonus stage. I'd nerf Charmy for being too easy.

Overall I think there is a good even if quirky game inside Chaotix. I'd try to make the rubber band easier to understand. The original game never explains how useless the spin-dash is and how important throwing your partner can be.

I'd also make story scenes to sort out the messy amusement-park-sunken-island thing going on. I'd have the story fit the modern Chaotix crew (from Heroes) and include much more Metal Sonic, almost making him the main villain.

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