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Sega Says Sonic “Is The Right Fit” For Wii

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Here is the article :

Sega developer Takashi Iizuka has told Eurogamer that he believes Sonic “is the right fit” for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console. While lizuka wouldn’t be drawn into revealing any details about what Sega has in store for Wii U, he did reveal that he’d like to return to the 3D Sonic style for the next generation consoles.

“But I’m also interested in the challenge of doing something completely new with the 3D Sonic’s forward view platform action, and bring something new to the table with that as well.”

“I don’t think Sonic will ever become photo-real. I think Sonic will always remain stylised and will have that bright, colourful world. What the high hardware spec will allow us to do is make that more convincing.”

“I feel Sonic is the right fit because it is that kind of family experience game. I do feel Wii U is applicable to Sonic. But how we will apply using the controller to Sonic is something we’re still thinking about at the moment.”

source: http://mynintendonews.com/2012/03/14/

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To be honest I hadn't heard about this until now either. ^^; I haven't been paying much attention though, so maybe it already has been mentioned somewhere.

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He also responsible for...

  • Taking the series on it's first darker turn in SA2. While SA2 did it well, subsequent games did not.
  • Directing Heroes and designing it's stages (the point where most would agree the series began to slump)
  • Being in charge of ShTH- directer, lead game designer, a level designer and scenario writer.
  • Turning a true-to-form Sonic platformer into Rivals.
  • And tarnishing NiGHTS' name with a terrible sequel (though the exact truth around the development of the game is questioned).

Not to mention all the loony comments he's made before, and how he said speed boosters are essential for making Sonic fast.

More to the point of the topic however, Sonic's practically perfect for Wii U. The series does much better on Nintendo system than anything else, and the Wii U is a Nintendo console that's finally up to date with industry standards so there's no need for games to be bogged down compared to how they may appear on more powerful systems.. Win-win.

Also, he directed Sonic 4, which is generally thought to have killed tre franchise.

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Why do people hate Iizuka, again? It seems like the guy knows what he's talking about...

Because the trolling nostalgiafags and obsessive pessimists of this fanbase desperately needed a reason to bash Sonic Colours before it was released, so they latched onto every single word that Iizuka said during that time and deliberately turned them against him. An example? Well...

"Colours will be the best Sonic game since SA2!"

"ermagherd izuka sa2 wusnt even that good in the ferst place baaaawwwwwww"

And now everyone hates on SA2, too.

And so it went on.

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