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Tried animating like 4 seconds of Starbomb's "Regretroid" for animation practice.  This took me way more hours than I would have liked. I'm happy with how it came out, but I think this kind of animation would take me way too long for a full video without helpers.



I was in the mood to try this mainly because Danny - renowned member of Ninja Sex Party, Game Grumps, and Starbomb - messaged me the other day wanting to get me on board for a project with him.  I'd like to think pretty much every animation project I've done for the past year has led to this moment, and I hope it opens some doors for more awesome opportunities.

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I don't think I've shown these girls off yet.  They are some supporting characters in my original series.  At first I just wanted to make some background groupies for the big hero, but when I held the auditions for voice actors I ended up with more female voices than I was expecting, so I decided to develop them more and give them more stuff to do in the story.  They're becoming some of my favorites to draw, and I think they'll be pretty funny.

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Haven't posted here in a while.  I haven't really done a lot of plain old drawing lately, most of my stuff is either working on videos or just quick doodles.  I'll just post some stuff I've done in the last few months.






Screenshot from my Attack on Titan parody, should be out within a few weeks.








Quick self-portrait doodle I did.  It looks more like me than my "Gregzilla" avatar does.  Showed this to my Facebook followers to see what they thought.  They seemed to like it, but for my YouTube channel they seemed to prefer my current, sillier one.  So instead I'm gonna use this for a game commentary channel my friends and I are starting.






And something I whipped up right now.  I've typically drawn cartoon characters with just solid black pupils, but after some deliberation I've decided to draw colored irises from now on.  I think it looks nicer, as much as it broke my heart to ditch the old style.  But hey, as an artist it is invaluable to know when you shouldn't hold on to old conventions if you think you can do better, even if you're kinda attached to them.


And I'm still working with Ninja Sex Party on stuff.  I can't show any pics, but the video I helped with should come out any day now, and they've also asked me to animate an entire music video for them, which I've just started.  So good stuff is coming.

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