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Blaze: A response to Shadow?

Blazey Firekitty

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But as pointed out, since Sonic06, he seems to have calmed down and actually become a very cool-headed person. Of course, in real life, if someone once tried to kill millions of people because of being screwed up in the head thanks to tragic past events, i dont think it would be enough for that person to just decide not to think about that sad stuff anymore in order to go from out-of-control psycho to a perfectly mentally stable person...

Don't forget that Shadow did spend weeks / months / years (depending on how you want to scale your inter-game time) as Eggman's comatose prisoner between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. And God only knows how many electrodes the Fat Man will have prodded into his brain in the name of SCIENCE during that time.

A bit of malicious neurosurgery might be the reason Shadow's so quick to give up his omnicidal tendencies.

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