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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!


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Still kinda hoping for Gum as an alternate JSR character but other than that I have no particular cravings. =O Just looking forward to seeing more tracks.

EDIT: Oh, I just went around liking people's posts that I agree with so never said, the reveal stuff looks aweeeesome. I'm not really familiar with Panzer Dragoon (apart from the famous Flight theme which warmed my heart to hear) but that just makes the track you showed off all the fresher, lol.

Can't wait to hear dem remixes. Hope the trailer theme is in the game in some form coz it was gorgeous.

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OHOHOHOHOHO YES, I am stoked for this! I found the first All-Stars Racing game to be better than any Mario Kart game I've played, and this looks way better than All-Stars Racing.

Sure, it's basically Mario Kart 7 but the vehicles actually transform and not just have a glider and propeller attached to the vehicle.

This looks like All-Stars Racing fused with Skydrift and Hydro Thunder Hurricane (check those two arcade games out if you don't know them...they're pretty good.)

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[Posting this in here as well lol]


I am so hyped for this game! I have absolute faith in Sumo to deliver and amazing experience! If Panzer Dragoon can get a stage I'm sure NiGHTS will as well given how much demand he had in the first game.

I'm loving the inclusion of Vyse, original JSR Beat and Tails' Drift car. Gilius I don't really care for, I'd have preferred to see Chronos personally plus who can argue with a humanoid panther type thing driving a car tongue.png

All I need now is my Vectorman and my Ristar and I will be forever in debt to Sumo (fingers crossed for stage representation as well but I know it's a stretch, they'd be more interesting to pull stages from than yet more Sonic levels though sleep.png)

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