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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!


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Now Chooch has no reason not to buy this.

They just had to tease me with the possibility of a Sky Sanctuary track and confirm Ulala on the same day.

*shrugs* What can you do?

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Wow I leave for a bit and we get a bunch of new stuff!!! Im really digging Ulalas vehicle :) very futuristic (I love those wheels), and wow Danicas ride looks good too!! (except for boat, looks kinda messy, maybe its the angle). Shinobi track is great, neat to see HotD track too! not to happy with Sky Sanctuary, specially given the few slots left for tracks. But SUMO always does a great job with tracks so I wouldnt worry about that.

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Meh... Sky Sanctuary when we've JUST had it in Generations. Another rehash. Lazy.

I'll be honest. As obvious as it is that I love Sky Sanctuary (It's my favorite Sonic stage ever), I don't really understand the logic behind the stage's inclusion in this. The best reason I can think of is the desire for a more sky oriented motif that's also Sonic related.

Which, well.. could be done plenty well with Starlight Carnival but who knows. Still not 100% sure it's in the game at all at this point tho'. *shrugs* Now that we've got Ulala out of the way, where's Gum? I'm not satisfied yet! I need more TITS.

Hi, Danica

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New interview with Gareth Wilson


The highlights:

NG – The Wii U version does has extra multiplayer modes though, doesn’t it?

GW - Yeah, we’ve got some extra modes that make use of the Wii U’s assymetric gameplay. We’ve got the Shinobi mode where you’re Joe Musashi from Shinobi and you’ve got the GamePad, and you can see where everyone else is with little arrows round your screen but everyone else [playing on the TV] can’t see you. Well, they can see you but they don’t know where you are [there are no arrows]. You have to basically smash into them, and if you smash into them they become a Shinobi too. Then you, as the master Shinobi, can tap on one of the remaining players’ heads, and when you do that a big red arrow appears above them.

Then we’ve got another mode where the GamePad player’s got a big Monkey Ball and he runs around squashing people. That’s about it really! [laughs]

NG – Moving onto the characters… obviously, there are still some to be announced, and while we know they’re still to be revealed are there any you wanted to be in there but couldn’t manage it for whatever reason?

GW - Ummmm…

NG – Because I remember in the last game Sumo wanted to have ToeJam and Earl in there and it didn’t work out for some reason…

GW - [smiles]

NG – So is there anyone else you wanted in this sequel but couldn’t sort out?

GW - Well, there are a few that just didn’t work. I quite fancied the idea of Ecco the Dolphin but that would only work on the water – what’s he meant to do when he ends up on the road, does he have a little car? Can you put a dolphin on a bike?

NG – Well, you could have it like at the end of Free Willy where he’s in a big Sea World tank attached to the back of a truck.

GW - [Laughs] See, that would have worked. We were also thinking of maybe putting him on a giant penny farthing. So yeah, some worked and some didn’t, so it was more that we just couldn’t come up with viable vehicles for each one. So there were a few that would have just been a bit ridiculous.

TJ & E hinting? :DDD

No Ecco is disappointing sad.png But I think S0L mentioned a character they couldn't think of a way of putting in, that might end up as DLC, didn't he? Here's hoping.

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