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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!


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Yeah, I suspect the Eurogamer crew saw I started the thread and assumed it's the official place to touch base. Of course we do try and answer things here and over at the SEGA forum - plus I do try and jump in threads I see elsewhere, time allowing :P

Must be a slow news day. It's funny as when someone told me I was being mentioned on Eurogamer, I assumed it was the interview we did with them the other day!




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Another interesting in-depth preview:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Hands on

Posted on 22/10/2012 by Nicholas Pellegatta

Page 1

The ingredients of a racing game Sega are very well known: a blue sky and reassuring, exotic vegetation on the track, wide straights and hairpins preferably 180 °. The English boys of Sumo Digital have interpreted the great philosophy of Daytona, the Virtua Racing and Sega Rally when it came to convert for the home market Outrun 2 and Outrun 2006.

From there, the big step: a racing game of their own, from foundations to phase gold, featuring the heroes saw the last twenty-odd years. The result was not despicable even if the shift towards a kart game for families, popular choice at the box office, disgruntled fans saw some irreducible.

In November 2012 Sumo Digital is back with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed taking advantage of some inclusion of relief coming from the dead and Bizarre Creation Black Rock Studio and attempting a review of the gameplay with vehicles that can be converted into ships and aircraft .

We got our hands on a preview code including all modes present in the final game, but highly unstable enough to crash when the multiplayer. We then focused on the World Tour mode consisting of competitions in speed, drifting challenges and duels.



Sunshine Coast

Insert Coin!

Since the boots are a bit 'longish, the development team has decided to lighten the waiting with a nice slot machine. What is you're probably wondering: during the game you can collect some coins struck by vehicles or particular sections of the tracks. Spending five coins at a time you can spin the slots and if fate would have it, four matching symbols align themselves can get an object already at the starting line. Not bad!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed , as well as the prequel to two years ago, is a racing game that gives a nod to Mario Kart, especially the seventh episode came out last year on the Nintendo 3DS, which in turn drew on the Diddy Kong Racing played on the Nintendo 64. All the characters in the prequel Sonic All-Stars Racing is the game with an additional attractive new entry. How about Vyse directly from JRPG Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia? Or the ninja Joe Musashi Shinobi Megadrive protagonist of the trilogy? The barbarian Gilius Golden Axe? Not to mention the external collaborations, some goggled like the one with the NASCAR driver Danica Patrick or more cautious as the inclusion of Ralph Spacca-round from the next Disney movie. And who knows if the Wii U can not count on a few Nintendo characters, besides the already confirmed Mii?

The most intriguing aspect of the production Sumo Digital lies in the real-time editing of the tracks: the level design complex and often wrapped in loops and convoluted passages (a little 'migraine the player creates ...) is developed according to three types of gameplay: on the road, in the sky, on the water. Driving on '"asphalt" is very intuitive and you mastered immediately. Browsing on the waves is slightly more difficult driftare because of certain waves crashing violently against the bodywork. Behind the clouds driving in a completely different way.

Trying extensively the game we were pleasantly surprised by its aerial sessions. At first it had seemed little related to the game plan and involving an excessive load to the RAM of the console, but in reality once suspended from riding the clouds, the player can perform in superb virtuosity and given the differences in altitude also becomes more difficult ( but more rewarding) to hit opponents with weapons and power-ups.

Can you feel the sunshine?

The latest road tests (at Gamescom and Wii U Experience ) left us perplexed. The frame rate was poor, fluctuating in performance, weak in the sense of speed. The version for the next Nintendo hardware we had convinced even less, showing a development at the embryonic stage.

With some trepidation we then approached the preview code, but fortunately some of our concerns were at least attenuated. Trying virtually all the tracks in the game (see page 2), we observed that some of those strategies are better optimized than others and are able to offer a stable frame rate in all variants of the route (road, but also on the water and in air), while others require a substantial refinement in the last month before the release platform.

In short, if we can still hope to play a racing game in which each race aspires to 60 fps, the collision system (including cars and compared to the random bonus) as well as the sensation of speed is not reached at this stage not even enough. Each time an object impacting against our vehicle image may become coarse, the screen refresh is reset, the resulting explosion shows a shader prehistoric, on the other hand you do not discern any difference in the choice of character, every note any is his (weird) design is no different in performance compared to others. Of course, in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed the choice of his alter-ego should depend more on the sympathy we have for him rather than weighing parameters of speed, handling, grip and so on, but find themselves with no appreciable differences between a Aiai and Dr. Robotnick know a little 'joke.

The driving model appears in every case fun. Dominate the drift, but not the snaking given a certain length to load the turbo drifting. Do not worry: the game bestows mini-boost performing acrobatics in the air, passing over or under tapes accelerators checkpoint, finding the right tools such as a propeller that fits on the back of the car and gives an increase in speed until it explodes into a thousand pieces . The player must be adept at smentellare the darn thing when the appropriate indicator signals the approach of the explosion.

The power ups are very classic and obvious (do not have the blue shell), but there are two that caught our attention: a swarm of bees EVOKE against opponents a few places ahead of us, which finally deposited along obstructing the track runners behind us the cutest is definitely a toy car to search the features of the Alter-ego selected which fulfills the function of the shell red mariokartiana memory.

Since the reference target the game difficulty level is inevitably calibrated downwards. The learning curve is very sweet and the technical options are almost laughable, the first two classes (50cc and 100cc) do not offer the slightest challenge rate, while the 150cc can worry at least a little of the player. Luckily, there is the multiplayer to support a healthy competition: The classic race is open to a maximum of 4 players in split-screen (5 U in the Wii version thanks to extra screen provided by the gamepad) that became 10 on the online server. It 'also a battle mode in five versions: one of them involves an amount of lives for each character, which becomes depleted and may interfere ghost is not known exactly how the damage of players still in the field. The arenas so far announced are three: Neon Docks inspired by Sonic Colours, Creepy inspired Courtyard House of the Dead, Rooftop Rumble inspired by Jet Set Radio. Finally, the multiplayer will also have a co-op split-screen, it is not the double to Mario Kart Double Dash, but a mutual support through the exchange of power between two players each up to the edge of their vehicle.

The soundtrack is missing something. The prequel formed an anthology of excerpts from masterpieces Sega, entirely remixed under the watchful eye of the composer Richard Jacques. Do not understand why Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed must have songs to music from scratch, by restricting the glorious main theme of the sagas only to filmatini presentation of the track. Yeah, the soundtrack definitely missing something ...


Page 2

The real stars of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed are plotted. Their quality is fluctuating unfortunately, some are great and will leave you breathless pace, while others do not excel or for artistic inspiration or for level design. The weapon paths convertible proved double-edged sword: on the one hand can easily fit water Sumo Digital asphalt to the sky to break the action, on the other, however, the sudden transition can be confusing and overturn the balance ranking.

Let us come down in the details and look at some of the tracks in the preview code (12 of 20 in the full game).

What inspired by Afterburner has galvanized beyond belief. It starts on the runway of an aircraft carrier and after a few meters you pounds already in the air suspended above a stormy sea due to a battle between warships. The track is not very long, but the sharp bend and the submarine used as a springboard to rise immediately to our favorite.

It's not bad even the Canyon of Dragons inspired the first Panzer Dragoon. As long as our vehicle is equipped with wheels zipping around the Citadel and look at the battles between lizards over our heads, but on the third lap when you earn a pair of wings seems to be in a real episode of the series because of blocking and to avoid the creatures that try to attack us!

Is a credit to the guys at Sumo Digital have desisted from the mass recovered in the tracks made for the prequel. Some have been replicated under the label Track Classic, but as you can see from the list below the number is small. The Amigo Samba for example can boast such a colorful Sunshine Tour seen in Sonic All-Stars Racing, as an original Samba Studios which draws elements from diverse backgrounds of Rhythm'n game blows of maracas.

Otherwise for Super Monkey Ball. Abolished the perilous path of the prequels entirely played on right angle corners, Temple Trouble proposes a departure on the water and a dramatic jump before landing on the target of the Monkey Target mini-game.

Here's the complete list of tracks divided into videogame membership:

Arcade was

OutRun Bay (OutRun) (Bonus Edition Only)

Carrier Zone (After Burner: Climax)

Graveyard Gig (The House of the Dead)

Mega Drive was

Adder's Lair (Golden Axe)

Seasonal Shrines (Shinobi)

Sanctuary Falls (Sonic & Knuckles)

Saturn was

Dragon Canyon (Panzer Dragoon)

Dream Valley (NiGHTS into Dreams)

Dreamcast was

Samba Studios (the Amigo Samba)

Graffiti City (Jet Set Radio)

Rouges' Landing (Skies of Arcadia)

GameCube/Xbox/PS2 was

Ocean View (Sonic Heroes)

Temple Trouble (Super Monkey Ball)

Chilly Castle (Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg)

Wii/X360/PS3 was

Galactic Parade (Sonic Colors / Colours)

Classic track (fished out by Sonic All-Stars Racing)

Egg Hangar (Sonic & Knuckles)

Sunshine Tour (the Amigo Samba)

Shibuya Downtown (Jet Set Radio Future)

Roulette Road (Sonic Heroes)

We say probably because the code tested is dotted with defects and flaws graphic occurring especially in some tracks. Compared to our previous hands-on, the situation has improved and the frame rate has gained in stability, but our fears can be dispelled only once we have in our hands the complete code.

Sumo Digital has decided to build a racing game ambitious, focused on the sudden transformation of the tracks inspired by the Saw franchise, including those most forgotten (Skies of Arcadia, Billy Hatcher), the road sections to better interpret the splendor of the arcade racing of the house of Sonic, while sections airlines are packed adrenaline of crobazie spectacular attacks on aircraft and Carthusian opponents. In single player the difficulty is rated on a target child and family (read: incredibly low), but just go to multiplayer options (competitive online and split-screen, Battle and cooperative) to find a healthy level of challenge in the company of the darlings of Sega home.


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It might be helpful to note at the top of that review that it's translated; I was trying to figure out why anyone would post something that sounded like the writer had never learned basic grammar : "The weapon paths convertible proved double-edged sword: on the one hand can easily fit water Sumo Digital asphalt to the sky to break the action". wacko.pngblink.png

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This wait is killing me *flops on side*

Come out noooooooow!

You guys have it easy; at least you know when you're getting it. I still don't know what the PC release date is. It might not even be in 2012 for all I know.

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There's also another preview here, but in Spanish

I'll be kind enough to translate the important part. It's not an exact word-for-word translation but fuck.

The game will be released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, PS VIta, 3DS and Wii U. Considering the lack of a Wii version, there has been a special agreement between SEGA and Nintendo to benefit the new console. In one hand the Gamepad will be used to have a back-view in every moment, have a map with every detail or aiming the missiles with the fingers. There's also going to be a special edition compared to the rest of the versions. Every copy will have (until stock runs out and as prize for keeping the game) the OutRun Bay track, based on the recreational OutRun, the Metal Sonic racer, who comes with the "Modification package" (?), and a few exclusive stickers. However, all the Wii U copies will have these contents, without the obligation to pre-order nor being limited copies


El juego saldrá para Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, PS Vita, 3DS y para Wii U. Al no tener versión para Wii se ha hecho un acuerdo especial entre Sega y Nintendo para beneficiar a la nueva consola. Por un lado su gamepad servirá para tener una vista trasera en todo momento, tener un mapa con todo detalle o dirigir personalmente los misiles con los dedos. También tendrá una edición especial respeto a las demás versiones. Todas tendrán una que contendrá, hasta fin de existencias y como premio por reservar el juego, el circuito OutRun Bay, basado en la recreativa OutRun, el personaje Metal Sonic, que viene con el "Paquete de modificación", y unas cuantas pegatinas exclusivas. Sin embargo, todas las copias de Wii U tendrán ese contenido, sin necesidad de realizar reservas ni son copias limitadas.

Colour me sold.

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There's also another preview here, but in Spanish

I'll be kind enough to translate the important part. It's not an exact word-for-word translation but fuck.


Colour me sold.

That's weird. Spanish site Sonic Paradise says that the preview says that the Wii U Special Edition contains extra content yet to be revealed.


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Well, besides the third guest and the super unlockable, all the characters have been revealed, isn't?

We know 18 of the 20 SEGA racers, so two more have yet to be revealed.

One is the super secret SEGA racer that may/may not represent multiple IPs, the other is up in the air. Could be a returning racer from the last game, such as Alex Kidd or Ryo or it could be another secondary character like Amiga or Pudding. I'm at a 50/50 split between it being Alex Kidd or it being one of those ladies. Fingers crossed for Alex Kidd, as he's an All-Stars staple and a very important part of SEGA's past.

Steve has also been hinting that more characters are to come, but we may not know who they are until the end of the year. This could mean additional DLC is coming, or there are timed unlocks, or there are some sneaky ways that we don't know about of getting more characters in.

SumoRex has mentioned more NPC cameos this time out, so my guess/hope is that we'll see all the racers from the previous game who are not returning as track decoration a la Ristar in the last game.

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