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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

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Not sure the exact date, but he said something like 'I pushed for consoles but no joy.' However it might have just been Yogscast.


Joy for Simon being on consoles? Yay?


S0L did say what's happening right now would be a wild 'rollercoaster', so:


Down - Simon DLC

(Still going) Down - PC only

Up - Ryo confirmed

Down - PC only

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Happy new year to SOL and everyone else tongue.png


I think I'm gonna end up in a coma after all this epicness...thanks Sumo!

Finger crossed for Shenmue's future, my hope is endless.


Now watch out Ryo riding a fliying Phoenix Mirror for his AllStar move...it would be really epic! SUMO do it! biggrin.png

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On iOS & Android


And here is exclusive video showing how this was decided.




... though we know it's on PC at least thanks to Yogscast breaking their embargo. So who knows it may come to consoles...? Right?


/please someone edit ryo on top of the wheel.

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Unless there's more than that picture, that's not confirmation he's exclusive to the mobile version. Yogscast showed the PC version as far as I know and that is where we saw him first, so the platforms listed there aren't the ones Ryo is exclusive for.

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According to Destructoid, Ryo will be mobile exclusive, at least for the time being. To unlock him you have to complete weekly challenges.

Sega has been teasing the return of Ryo Hazuki recently -- a character previously absent from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. At this time I can confirm that he will indeed be returning to the franchise, but for right now, only in the iOS and Android versions of the game -- which launches tomorrow.

Ryo uses a classic Sega arcade cabinet as his ride, with references to Out Run, Space Harrier, and Hang-On, depending on what surface it's on. In order to unlock him, you have to complete a full streak of weekly challenges -- a mobile-centric feature that allows you to enter certain race types on a time limit.

Stay tuned for our full thoughts on the mobile version of the game.


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