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Badnik Mechanic

Let there be an Episode 2 demo... and there was... nearly a demo... sorta --- Kenesis 3:16

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Just had another look on the US PSN. Episode 2 has a Demo! The best part ANYONE with a US PSN account can download it for free!


Even if you live in the UK or anywhere else, mainly play with a non US PSN account. Log into a US PSN account, go to the store, go into demos, then new releases (in the demos section).

Download and play your episode 2 demo for free! HOORAY!

Edit: Urm.... this is new information right?

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The demo not only has a time limit...

It isn't even a full stage long!

By spamming the co-op spin attack at key places and hitting the right paths, I can get past the snow drift maze section, theres then an avalanch and you hit a spring over a bottomless pit and another ramp down, even with over 30 seconds left, my demo ends as if the time ran out.

Episode 2 demo. 2 min... to get 2/3's of the way through it.

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Still doesn't sound as bad as the worst demo I've ever played (Half-Life 2 Episode Two's - it ends before the most exciting moment of the first level without any cliffhanger that something exciting was even about to happen).

But... yeah that's pretty horrible. Wow. What the hell were they afraid of? People might actually get into the game and want to play more?

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Whats really really annoying... I was actually really enjoying playing it. Yeah it's not perfect, but I was having fun, I was really enjoying learning how the game worked and getting faster and faster but... it just stopped... *sad face*

I have over 30 seconds left and the demo just stopped... not even a 'THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!' screen, just a blank screen of death followed by 'buy me now!'

I wanted to see my final time and score! *sniff* They... They took away my epic ness Mr Balough! Mr Balough they stopped my fun! Mr Balough! Tell them Mr Baloguh! Wait... you put this in here didn't you Mr Balough! YOU DID IT DIDN'T YOU! LOOK AT ME!!

The demo ends at the 3:30 mark in this video.


But... why!? Theres barely any stage left at that point...

Thats really annoying, because... and I know some of you will think I'm making this up... I was genually enjoying myself, had there been a 'thank you for playing' or even a 'You beat the demo! Now try the full game' message, I would have been a bit more 'yeah man! Bring the game on! I'm excited! Keep the 2 min if you must, it's a decent challenge in itself... but cutting the level short! WHY!?

But from what I did play... I genually did like it... sigh...

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*Demo is 2 minutes long

*Demo ends 2/3rd of the level in

*Demo's stage isn't that good, and a horrible one to market

Casual Gamer "Well I think I'll buy this here game now!"

Look on the bright side guys, at least Dimps didn't make the same mistake they did with Episode 1 and release the Beta instead of the Final version-

Oh wait

Edited by Mike Dawson

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