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[ARTWORK] Milo's Museum


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In regards to new (colored) art, it's admittedly been a while. I've been sitting and revising this one for months, which along with classwork pushed my art to the backburner. Hopefully I can start getting more things done on a quicker basis with this one out.


Platformer Concept 19

This picture was in the oven for roughly months--due to me being unsatisfied with how it was turning out and having to focus on classes. I think I rebooted this picture from near-scratch twice or thrice, as the previous attempts at coloring it weren't exactly going as I was hoping for, namely because I couldn't figure out an environmental light source (especially for what's supposed to be an overcast environment) and the previous color attempts (lacking any lineart) looking lousy in my view. The colors for this picture were airbrushed over the original scan / workprint--something I hadn't done since with my (Platformer Concept) art since PCs 6 and 7. (The clouds may had been colored with a regular brush; but the colors should overall be mostly if not entirely consistent.)

Not much to say about this one, aside from Tab and its aforementioned development history. Tab meanwhile was redrawn over the old drawing of him in a tux, now having a tweaked outfit. These tweaks reflect his new occupation as a mailman instead of a sailor, complete with mail in one hand, a lollipop in the other, and a mailbag worn like a backpack (hence the sleeves on his shoulders).

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More stuff.


Platformer Concept 20

Just like Platformer Concept 19, Platformer Concept 20 sat in the oven for months, albeit for different reasons. I actually made more progress on this piece than the former, though for chronology purposes, I made sure to complete #19 first before returning to #20.

The initial idea behind coloring this picture was to have most of the main elements outlined with colored lineart, and then filled in. I was able to carry it out...only to find the result too basic and simple to my liking. For a while I hit several dead-ends on trying to determine how to make it look less plain, before deciding to paint over the existing picture several times with the brush and airbrush tools and extensively blur the colors, namely to give it a semi-surreal quality to it (probably too surreal in retrospect, hehe. An actual level based on this would have to be toned down for player visibility). Some details of the original drawing (like the bricks and the stripes on the temple, the formations on the ground) can be spotted, if only slightly; while other details (the thorns on the now hardly-distinguishable vines on the ground, the newly-added multicolored leaves on the trees and foliage) are more conspicuous.

I think after this, I'm gonna try focusing more on drawing characters / comics and shifting my focus on making art in Clip Paint Studio. If I do more platformer concept art, they may come with original names following PC 21.

Also, I made a series of ideas I had for a forest-themed 2D Classic Sonic level, which I've collectively called Redwood Rivers Concepts. They cover ideas concerning level structure, level gimmicks, zone progression, badniks / level enemies, level decor, simplified level maps (namely focusing on level paths and their branching structure) and mockups of zone-specific platforms / setpieces. They're included below in the spoiler, though you can also check them all out individually (in their full size) at this link. I'm currently trying to see if I can work all the ideas I have produced together into a proper level map.




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Here's another OC of mine I've been working on (and for some wondering, this is a character I had as my avatar for a while), and its my first artwork I've made in Clip Studio Paint since getting the program.

This is Frail, and he's a snowman, although he's not designed as one would ascertain from the typical snowman concept. Frail is a character that you can't tell if he's just messing with you or being genuinely earnest on the first few meetings, which makes determining his perspective or alignment initially hard to follow. He is up as a person for hire or someone to square off in a challenge, but is otherwise can't be contacted unless you make the effort to search him out. In encounters, he's more likely to be your foe or rival, rather than your accomplice. In regards to his abilities, his non-standard design allows him to put himself back together quite easily (in contrary to his name), and he can withstand warm and hot temperatures. He has some notable powers regarding ice and water, though they are relatively rudimentary when used in a significant manner. He also enjoys an occasional puff from a pipe or cigar around.

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Time to close a chapter. Last but not least, @Crow the BOOLET of my dragged out series of avatar commissions. This one's for you!


Amane Nishiki

Drawn from scratch on Clip Paint Studio (originally on SAI instead, but sitting on the picture for a while and wanting to get more experience with CSP prompted me to restart on CSP). As with my previous Shrek commission, this one has lighting/shading, while also entirely using drawn pen vector lines I drew (as opposed to manually using a line tool compared to the other characters I drew); this was done due to this commission being put on hold / held off the longest and being the final commission of the original series I took up.


So after initially starting it almost three years ago and restarting from scratch around a year and a half ago, I finally completed the original group of commissions I initially decided to take up. I'd like to first-hand apologize for the extremely long cycle it took for me to get the general project done, and especially to the other members on which it took longer than the others (case in point, the last three, which were individually spaced out and well after the original first two groups of releases).

That said, I'm not unhappy about doing these commissions at all--rather I'd like to continue doing more commissions in the near future. However, I intend to take things on a much more easygoing pace; I'd like to focus on doing one at a time rather than all at once, and as of the moment, I'd prefer asking to do members (I don't think I'm at the state or ready to be open to commissions in general). So let's just wait and see what happens... :)

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A small sketch of two OCs. One I already presented, the other I'd like to introduce. (I was pretty hesitant on him for a while due to changing up and being a bit unsure about his design.)


Betty and Dewey Sketch

I've already introduced Betty (on the left) in a previous sketch--to keep it short, she's an adventurer who's good with a sword, but also headstrong and rather cocky. (Her glasses and hair has also been tweaked a bit.)

The one on her right is Dewey (the other character I mentioned in the previous sketch about Betty), her partner. My concept for Dewey usually steps in as a voice of reason, carry Betty's stuff around, and usually literally step in to save her when she's in too deep. He's not good with a sword, but makes up for it with his surprisingly durable apron which covers most of his body (which aside from having some decent protective qualities, also has some relatively untapped flight potential). He's also good with setting up plans and strategy, though --to his dismay-- Betty's not the type to take a minute and hear him out in most situations. Probably for the best sometimes, as he is rather slow to action; and when in a panic, can make a few bad calls. He's usually more restrained than Betty in terms of politeness; but when he's not so above it all, he can cast out some surprisingly brutal shots, and unlike Betty, doesn't know when to call it quits when he gets going.

(Oh, and based on his apron (or the fact that he has one in the first place), you could probably guess what design / occupation I was originally going with for Dewey...)

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Something of a belated addition:


Battleaxe Betty Sketch

An example of Betty allowing her anger to go from one to ten while Dewey tries to dial it back down. The eponymous derogatory nickname Betty's earned for her temper can't be helping much either--least of all because it's totally inaccurate (she wields a sword, not a battleaxe, and she'll be glad to use it in order to prove it!). This sketch based on a drawing I scanned, I'm mulling on giving it some color later on.

Also, Breakfast Stroll Level Map (is in link, due to the massive size of the map). My second attempt at level design in recent times I made a long time ago, following the Jumpy Jungle level map. Like Jumpy Jungle, it was originally drawn on one page vertically, done in four parts; I re-edited it to be more like a linear level. An early attempt at a food-themed level, with the player moving through larger-than-life food and drink from various times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), with each food/drink setpiece acting as its own platform segment/sequence. I think this comes closer to a Mario-styled level than Jumpy Jungle, although with two primary level paths. I consider it more of a hybrid between a Mario level and a Fancy Pants Adventures level. (Fun fact, the last fourth or so wasn't completed for over a year until I returned to it.)

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Platformer Concept 21

The first (and maybe the last...) Platformer Concept piece done in Clip Studio Paint. This was largely me experimenting with the program, with extensive use of the pastel (primarily chalk), brush (primarily India Ink) and airbrush tools. There's a bunch of changes from the original drawing--to name just a few, the clouds around the moon are gone, replaced with a fog effect that acts as a smokescreen that covers the background; fireflies (and a orange glow that surround them) are added, the grass and rock formations have different details, and the vines near the flowers are gone, among other things.

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Betty Untitled

OC Betty in color, and in summer clothes. Probably could had decided on a different pose for her right arm, but eh.

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Oh right I've left this abandoned for a while.


Sea Mist Sojourn


Battleaxe Betty Sketch (Color)


Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept - Boss Design

(Keep on the watchout for a followup pic featuring the boss mechanics.)

Above stuff's been already posted in statuses I think, except for this last one.


Fever Tag

Wanted to practice more with drawing smooth lineart and decided to showcase another OC of mine (Fever) in the process. She has spray cans with special physical properties--that smoke coming out of her spray tags aren't part of the graffiti...

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Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept - Boss Mechanics

This is the followup companion piece to above Boss Design of the Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept that I mentioned in my previous post. This depicts the attack phases and patterns of the boss, a more comprehensive description of these elements can be found at this link at this link in the picture description.

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Wow it's been a long time since I last kept this posted.


Remember that Abandoned Apparational Abode WIP I posted in this thread back in April? This is the finished version I completed back in October or so.



Bravo Betty - a sketch I made with Betty in a Team Rocket-inspired uniform.


The Commodities - Sketch

Idea I've had of a band of five. They call themselves The Commodies as because they consider themselves to be junk--but not just any junk, the junk that's actually worth something. (Go look up the definitions for the word "commodity", this makes the name and reasoning make much more sense). As of now I haven't come up with any names for them, but that should change soon.

On another note, I struck up an art trade with @Spin Attaxx a couple of months ago -- he's finished his half a while back (you can see it in his thread here), while I've taken quite some time to get the ball rolling. I'll update this thread when I have the final result (should be this week), but until then, you can check out the WIP of my piece (Settle It In Smash!) I posted a while back.



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Finished my art trade with @Spin Attaxx! Better late than never.


I hope I can use this as a jumping point to do more art trades with other people (hopefully without being several weeks behind, that is).

On 2/21/2017 at 0:38 PM, Chaos_Mutt said:

This is some good artwork. You've actually improved over the years!

Hey, thanks man! I don't really get a lot of comments about my artwork in general, so I'm really happy to get anything at all, let alone positive ones.

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Hah hah, thanks man! I love what you've done to it since the WIP (especially Lumina's murderous smirk)! Glad to have done this with you!

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Three-piece suit bump.


Tab Springs

Features Tab with his latest design and (for the first time), his two mailman co-workers; C.D. (left in purple) and Accel (right). There's a third co-worker, but said co-worker won't be in this piece. This piece is intentionally very basic--no detailed backgrounds or varied color palettes, and the lineart (which I tried to make smooth) is done in raster layers rather than vector. I've noticed this has been a trend with my recent art though, and I'm hoping to break away from this with future pieces.


Fists Accel-erate

A sketch specifically about the aforementioned Accel. That's smoke coming from her hair, which contrasts with her cooler-colored clothes and eyes for a reason.


Seaside Hill

Title is exactly what it says on the tin. This was primarily a piece where I'm getting back to working with manually shaded colors (as opposed to using the gradient tool) and working with the colored pencil tool. Sitting up there is one of the female members from The Commodities band, the one with glasses--that's Vrame (you pronounce her name as "frame").

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June update.


The Commoditiez

Just a simple recreation of a certain album of a certain band with my own band characterss.


Glowing Dawn

This picture was me experimenting it colored lineart. It's somewhat shabby IMO.


Siddy - The Commodities

First profile drawing of one of the band members (also who you're seeing as my avatar right now). Siddy here does vocals and the occasional trumpet.


Banana the Peel

A silly sketch I wrung out with Sonic sliding on a banana.


Pastry Baking

Made this as a surprise birthday piece for @Ferno!

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Introducing the other four Commodities members:


Odonis - The jack-of-all-trades backup musician.


Kolumbia - The drummer. Can use a full drumset or an individual drum, can also drum with her hands as well as her drumsticks.


Zoe - The keyboardist, specializes in either the piano or a MIDI keyboard, while also doing sound mixing on the side.


Vrame - Lead guitarist and lead female vocalist, though she prefers being a bass guitarist.

Also, Horizon Marsh - Something I whipped to get me out of an art block. Also wanted to do another landscape pic after shifting to character pieces for a while.


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The Commodities - Midnight Sale

A hypothetical album cover art for the group, presumably for their first albums. Was primarily tooling around with the lineart and backgrounds for this one.


Burning Thoughts

Something I fudged together against another art block. Tried both hard and soft shading for this one. (Also used this as my avatar for a bit.)


Autumn Heights Horizon

Just recently did this, as something of a preparation for the fall season, which I'll admit is probably my favorite one of the bunch. Elated the summer's heat's gone and we're getting cooler weather now.

Did the next and final piece prior to the autumn one, but stuck it at the end since it's a new character with her own little bio attached (and also in my avatar at the moment):


Wiola Adjusts Her Hat

A character I've had for a while, but this is her first piece. Her subjects of study classify her as a witch in training, but she's been described by her peers as more of a clown. She has the potential to be the most powerful person in the room, but don't expect her to live up to that potential. She has a great memory and is very knowledgeable of spells and their history, but she's more content to crank out whatever convoluted jokes or stunts she can conjure up first. Several times, Wiola is only useful when she's bored and can't think of anything else to amuse her. With that said, it makes some wonder whether she really is lazy or just suffers from misplaced priorities when they observe just how much effort she puts into her gags. Wiola also states that she's royalty, which may explain her princess-styled gown.

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Here's my curtain call for my remaining 2017 pieces.

Platformer Concept 9 Color (posting a link to the image, due to large size)

This one was well overdue (PC 8, its companion piece, got its color variant over two years ago IIRC) and was the remaining "finished" PC piece I hadn't completed; due to me putting it on the backburner for other stuff and being unsure on how I wanted to present it in color. Ultimately I decided to go with a soft chalk look.


Wintry Java

A snow piece with Tab's co-workers, C.D. (middle) and Accel (right), out in the cold and with coffee. C.D. has the habit of finding something to complain about the way Accel makes the coffee. Almost every time. As one can ascertain, she's not too excited about that.
You may have also noticed the person of the left; that's the third co-worker of Tab's group of mailman I mentioned a while back in the Tab Springs post. That's actually Courtney, the leader of the group. She has her own piece below:


Courtney the Radiant

Courtney is responsible for working the main management of their services and Tab, Accel, and C.D. usually look to her to solve their problems. She cares about her team though she doesn't try to show it much. The group also rally behind her whenever a battle is imminent, she can take in hits nearly as well as she can belt them out; normally through that golden mailbox she's holding. To most eyes, it looks pretty tacky, but it contains some misleading properties that make it a essential weapon of choice.

And to jump into the new year; behold! My latest piece is a bit...less....well...static, to put it lightly:


Animation Test: A Tap for Tab

My first animation with Clip Studio Paint (with Tab) and my first attempt at animation in ages (for those that remember, I used to fiddle around with sprite animation in Flash years ago; I've also tooled around with other animation programs like Pivot, Flipnote Hatena, and Anime Studio). 

The program limited me to 24 frames of animation and I couldn't figure out how to extend the number of available frames, so unfortunately I didn't have enough frames to make the head turning look less choppy. But I do think I was otherwise able to make the animation of Tab's hair tufts and sleeves look pretty smooth, which I'm happy with. I also made an effort to add visible lighting / shading for Tab, which was difficult to do since I had to recreate the lighting / shading for every frame.

There's also an abridged version of this animation that only has Tab's hair tufts, you can see it below.


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I like this artwork. For some reason these sketches remind me of Rick & Morty. Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!

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Was pretty much without a working printer/scanner/copier for all of 2017, so there was some stuff I drew on paper in 2017 that I was unable to upload to my computer. That finally changed today, so now I can post these two pieces:


Huevopolis Zone (Workprint)

A somewhat futuristic city, with some of Eggman's personal touches added to it. The weird metal detection-esque devices (one of which is holding Sonic miles high in the sky) are actually supposed to be teleporation devices. (As for what the name of the zone has to do with Eggman--consult a dictionary or translator on what "huevo" means in Spanish. ;] ). Plan to make a final version of this with colors later this year.

Speaking of Sonic levels, I'm sure some of you might had taken a look at the Redwood Rapids concepts for a forest-themed Sonic level I posted back a couple of years ago. I also throughout 2017 tried putting those concepts to use into a complete level map (and for a first, this is on grid paper, rather than plain paper as in the paper). Here's the results I came up with, in Redwood Rapids Zone, Act 1 (in order to view the entire map in full size, please go to this dA link and download the map from there). Currently working on and off on Act 2.


Aside from that, there are also two other pieces I did prior.


Darkened Sunset

Concept I came up while looking upon a late afternoon sky a couple of weeks ago; which had a bright yellow sun surrounded by a cluster of dark-blue clouds. Utilized this piece to practice smooth lineart strokes (with corresponding colors, rather than black lineart) and a brush for the soft illumination / shadows in the landscape.


Luminescent Leon

Character I've drew up back in 2017. Yes, Leon really is her name. Underlining the significance of her name is just one of many things that causes her to blush. Said examples of her face occasionally turning redder than usual attracts comparisons of her being an source of sad, solemn, secluded light not unlike the moon...which depending on her mood she will admit, deny, or not consider either way.

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Spring update, here we go:

Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Wanted to do something simple in colors (monochromatic color scheme), as well as draw something with a clear vantage point and have a bit of surrealism to it.


Wilting Dusk

Based on a really nice sunset photograph I took on my phone a couple of months ago.



Vrame, The Untame Bass Dame (Original and Alternative Covers)

It's a sketch of that Commodities member again; with her guitar given a facelift from the original Commodities sketch, so it actually resembles an electric bass (pick included). As for "The Untame Bass Dame", it's supposedly a stage name she theorized for herself once...and everyone picked up on it. You can also see the Alternative Cover for this piece below the original, which features a different outfit, guitar and a different background.


Leon's Lens

She's just trying to get the perfect frame for her next photo...multiple squares are optional.

Last but not least, the level map for Redwood Rapids Zone Act 2 is available (only providing a link, due to the other art posts here). There's also a "Level B" portion that serves as a companion piece to the Act 2 level map, as it details a path to an alternative exit that exists off the main map. Act 3 is still in development.

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I was hoping to update this when I had some new art to post, but I haven't been able to do anything over roughly the past three months (busy with classes--I hope I will be able to get back to art later this week, IDK); so I'll just post this small fall update of the art I did do before then:


Not-Related Sisters

Due to some visual resemblances, Fever and Wiola are confused as sisters quite a bit. They've tried to explain before that they're not actually related, albeit to no avail (and to their chagrin). They don't bear any ill will towards each other, though.


Selfie Soul Sister

Another pic with just Fever this time. She likes to take some personal snaps, while’s she out at night skating laps.


Tab - 2018 Profile

Start of a series of drawings I want do for all of the characters I've drawn and showcased so far (and potentially in the future); featured in a consistent artstyle, display their full designs, and having recent/new designs (including newly-done tweaks). The main intention for doing this is to start providing references for my characters.

Tab's the first, with some tweaks to his design (namely his hairstyle, gloves, and restored neckerchief). As for the papers flying around him? He has some limited properties over paper and cardboard. All that paper also has to go somewhere, which is also why he has his backpack with him in this piece (it's thankfully highly dense when it comes to carrying mail and packages).

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Trying to get back into the groove of things....


The One That Got Away

(I should start drawing more fanart of things I like that aren't that blue hedgehog...)


Squint Stint

She's good at stealing treasures, but Betty needs to learn how to swipe a few extra winks. Dark circles ain't a great look, with or without her glasses.


Dulcet Dazzle

Into a puddle's reflection, 
She views at her own discretion,
Away the sun shies,
From invading clouds that cry,
Wynnie witnesses this all with her own two eyes.


Last, but not least, Act 3 of Redwood Rapids Zone is now up (finally, it's been quite some time since I posted Act 2). That about completes my set of level maps for my Redwood Rapids concepts. I'm hoping to try and take a crack at 3D level design for Sonic next...

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*haughty laughter*

By decree of a king, ruler of Dreamland brave!

Dedede declares this thread must rise from its grave!

Into the new year, with new art in tow

Your resident Milo brings new things to show!

The first of which is from yours truly, the crowned feather

The Penguin King himself--there's nobody better!


Piece number two, a hedgehog run astray

Against the setting sun, in an empty canyon bay

That blasted blue fiend, he tears across the land

Watch Sonic take off, kicking up dust and sand! (Quill Drift)


Our third piece is here, a leader in distress,

All eyes on her, with her mind in a mess,

She has no clue on what to do or where to go

But everyone's looking up to her--how could this be so? (Leadership Tremors)


Our last piece for now, the cover of which I now lift

For one of our own, @azoo, an unexpected gift

His birthday fell a few days ago, so this is admittedly late

Yet Milo surprised him with this present--I hope he found it great! (Birthday Kazoos) (spoiler: he did)


(Still have art not posted here yet--this is all for now.

Tune in next time for more--but until then, I take a bow!)

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