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[ARTWORK] Milo's Museum

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*haughty laughter intensifies*

Just as we promised, we bring to you!

From Dedede and Milo, new art part two!

We jump back to January--with Accel in good cheer

Watch her as she rings in the new year! (You've Got The Toast!)


The second piece for today features a mickey in hand

Held by Siddy, the singer of the The Commodities band

Don't ask us why he doesn't use the term microphone

Or the more common "mic"--it's his terminology alone! (Raising the Mickey)


Now we move on to the Commodities' renaissance man

Secondary instruments or vocals? Adonis covers in their plan

He's shrouded in darkness, with surreal colors abound

We not sure if there's anything sensical to be found! (Two Thirty-Four AM)


Last, but not least, a new character is shown!

Who is she? What does she do? ...it's not quite known

All that we know right now is she is an elf

We don't even know what she thinks about herself... (The Dissonance of Deuwood)


That's all folks, tune in next time!

We hope you have found these recent updates divine!

(Enough with the rhymes already....)

EDIT: Yay 100 posts milestone.

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Uhhhhh summer update time I suppose.


Block Thoughts

Piece that sat on the backburner for a while. Went through a few different concepts for this before I settled on the final one here. The block is a practice paperweight for the pointy end of Betty's sword. No idea why it's in an apartment lobby, however.

Regarding standalone artpieces, this is all I have for now because I was pretty quiet. That was because I busy rescuing something I started back in 2018 out of development hell: Hexology. A series of pieces centering on sorcerors and witches created by me (Wiola), kytobitt (Liz), @Spin Attaxx (Jessica) and @Ferno (Elixy).


Hocus (All four characters.)



Spear Me Your Jokes (Jessica and Wiola)

"Watch where you're aiming that...figuratively and literally!"


Cauldron Calamity (Liz and Elixy)

"I don't think that's what's supposed to happen..."

Expect more posts featuring more pieces later down the line.

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Gap was a bit longer than intended, but the Hexology continues. (Recap: The Hexology got witches, sorcerers, magic, and a few more things. Characters by kytobitt (Liz), @Spin Attaxx (Jessica), @Ferno (Elixy), and yours truly (Wiola)!)


A Third Wheel (Jessica, Liz...and another witch [also by kytobitt]!)

"Wait, I thought you were...!"


Windows to the Soul (Elixy and Wiola)

"Tell me, what do you see?"


Time to Limbo (Wiola and Liz)

"I bet you can't limbo under this!"


Enchanted Void (Jessica and Elixy)

"So...how powerful is this thing going to be?"

This marks the end of the Hexology run, but I've got one more idea planned for the seven pieces I've done--keep posted for that!

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Introducing the alternate run of the Hexology series--the same pieces, but with some switcheroo'd colors and color themes. Here are the first two: Hocus and A Third Wheel in that order. (The alternate colors for the witches/sorceresses in the first piece may be more of a passing similarity for Ferno, kytobitt, Spin-Attaxx and I's other original characters...)


*flips switch*


"Now I really can't tell who is supposed to be who!"

There are a couple more I've done, but I'll save them for another post to showcase a non-Hexology piece I did during the original run:


Recondite Midnite

Here is where I tried doing something a bit more fringe and loose, I played around with my pen tool and went for something more abstract and simple. Something of a warmup sketch, I guess.

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The alternate run of the Hexology series continues, with Spear Me Your Jokes and Windows to the Soul...


"Let's try this again from a new angle...."



"A new vision on the horizon..."

The last three are on the way, but once more, another non-Hexology piece:


Always Wear Your Helmet

...because it helps prevent spills, of course!

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(Sorry for the pause.)

The last batch of the Hexology series' alternate run of pieces is here! Time to Limbo, Enchanted Void, and Cauldron Calamity.


"I don't think I'm going to even try beating my old record, honestly..."


Enhancing more blanks than usual, I see....


"All of that red smoke can't be a good sign!...."


This effectively concludes my Hexology project. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun making the originals as well as the new variants!

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