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The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen

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This channel is terribly underrated. It has so many wonderful animations that really, really make you think about things.

This is probably my favorite one so far, honestly.


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Perhaps my threshold for what constitutes humor is set a little low tonight, but I think "The Posh Breakdown of the Gorilla Who Refers to Himself as an Ass" is a surprisingly entertaining take on the DK Rap, as recited by the stereotypical posh 18th-century dandy.

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This bit from Madoka Portable is the best Sayaka youtube video ever! She's... getting her happy ending for once! When I saw this for the first time, I was in tears.


Followed by this glorious moment.


Then she dies later, damnit Urobuchi. SHE HAS TO SUFFER NOW, DOESN'T SHE?

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