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The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen

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'This game is a compilation. It's all the games Sega made, but didn't release of Sonic the Hedgehog.'



'Where did Sonic go?'

'I don't know. He fucking bailed, man.'

'Where the fuck did he GO?'


'Whoa! Prom night!'

'Looks like Sonic and Rouge are getting down.'


'Wow! Look at them go!'

'What the fuck IS this game?'

'This is a really good experience.'


'This is after prom night, I take it.'

'WHOA! What is going on here??? SHADOW? Holy crap!

'Is this canon? And Blaze?! Holy shit!'


'You finished that film. Good job, Ross! Congratulations.'

'I don't know why you made me play this game.'


'Oh, I love that beautiful sound effects.'


'What the fuck IS this?'

'Oh, that's a great film!'

'Pass the popcorn.'


'Give him the tickles!'

'No, I DON'T want to do that!'

'You gotta share how you feel with Sonic! Look at that tickle hand, ready to go!'


'Tickle that son of a bitch! Oh, you got some noodle arm.'

'What the fuck is happening?'

'Fucking tickle that son of a bitch.'


'You gotta pop that shoe off.'

'Are you serious?'

'Stare deep in his eyes. Eggman's got your back, man!'


'I haven't felt this emotionally drained since potato man seeks the troof.'

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Mr. Rogers is such an international treasure that can never be duplicated. But out of everything he ever did in his show, perhaps the best moment is when he met then-10-year-old Jeff Erlanger, who became paralyzed when he was under a year old due to spinal tumors.

This moment below is unbelievably sweet and will make people shed a tear. Please, watch it all the way through. You won't regret it.


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I dunno why, but I just freaking love this Robotnik Poop;


Of course, there're a lot of Finnish poops I like even more than this English one but I think it wouldn't do any good to post those in here...

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