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The action figure shenanigans thread

Lady Soniko

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So as we all know, Goodsmile treated us all with the Sonic The Hedgehog Nendoroid figure to celebrate Sonic turning 20! and ever since Sonic Merchandise sold their limited Quota to the UK (and Japanland got theirs directly from Goodsmile too!) fans and owners of the figures have been having some good fun with photo shooting their figures in various settings and places, however the beauty of a Nendoroid is not just within its high quality craftmanship but also the ability to swap body parts, expressions and props with OTHER Nendoroid lines from every other series under then sun!

so this is where this thread comes in! we'd like to see all you creative minds out there post photos of interesting, clever or downright hilarious shenanigans involving your figures, be it a gag scene with speech bubbles, to action shots of your figures in epic ways that totally looks badass.

now lets throw some guidelines up

  • All figures must abide by the SSMB's original rule set, so that means absolutely NO adult themed figures that show nudity or any sort of advanced sexual themes (given sexual innuendos are always hilarious so those don't count) if you simply must show off your latest Ero figure in all its bustylicious glory then you must censor it accordingly and Spoiler Tag it, or get a MOD's approval before showing.

    • The figures do NOT have to be limited to Sonic Nendoroids, or just Nendoroids in general, if you feel like showing off your latest PVC or Garage kit build be it Cartoon, Vehicle or even Mecha its all good in the figure verse.

      • feel free to request more photos or random ideas you'd like to see photo'd with said members collection, i mean come on guys sharing is caring!

        • you may also use this thread as a tips and info dump for the rookie figure collector or builder, share painting tips, quality products and their prices and general enquiries

        [*]try and keep a consistent stream in quality with said photos of your ideas, no one likes poor camera work in low light so we can't see the beauty of said figures!

        [*]and most importantly, have fun! i'll be looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!



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I don't own a Sonic nendoroid, or any nendoroid for that matter, however these are the most recent figma action figures I got from Japan.


I've got some more figures coming in June and July so i guess I'll post those if this thread is still living. BTW Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders for dusting tongue.png

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niiice!, this thread will take a while to get off the ground until people feel comfortable with taking photos of toys and seeing the funny or cool side about it.

speakig of figures i've got a TON of stuff coming next month, and the month after so i'll add my own activity when the time comes....

i've also got 2 large bulk packages coming soon in the post, i'll be able to show you all some of it, but some of it is also NSFW unless i censor it and spoiler tag it to hell lol tongue.png

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I've been meaning to post, but I haven't been able to think of anything funny.


doesn't need to be funny! can just be something badass, or something you like, or just show your figures off blah blah you get it!

Sonic Pinball Party!


nice! the Nendoroids are seriously versatile when it comes to posing!

I dunno if this will fit in, but I have heard plushes referred to as "plush figures" before. tongue.png


Funny thing is, this happened by accident, haha. I was moving stuff around and just placed the plush on the couch.

LOL all of my likes, this is brilliant <3

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I really wanted to post something, i dont have the nendoroid sonic sadly, but this is all i could do in the space of a few minutes: (apologies for the mess on my desk)(also sorry for the quality, had to take this with my phone, my camera is going mad for some reason)


By naysu at 2012-05-27

also hooray for microsoft paint edits and laziness biggrin.png

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Not so much a figure but i felt i should show off my recent get, spoiler tagged for slight maturity and to keep the thread tidy

the Box


The Front of the Lighter


The Back of the lighter.


its gorgeous, i couldn't pass it up even if i don't smoke, it'll sit proudly in front of my Sonico collection :3

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" A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man" --- Don Corleone

"YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!" *slaps your face* --- Don Corleone...again.


"it's not nice to tease my friends" --- Big the cat.

Here are some fun and games from a TSS/Emerald coast meetup a few years ago.


With this machine! I shall conquer the world!


"I am Merch Kitty, on your knees..."


"Mr Bubbles... that Metal Sonic doesn't want you playing with me!"

Also just remembered, I actually have some pretty funky pics that my mother took about a year ago, it ended up being one of the best christmas presants ever, anyone want to see them?

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Also just remembered, I actually have some pretty funky pics that my mother took about a year ago, it ended up being one of the best christmas presants ever, anyone want to see them?

yes if its to do with toys =P

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woah what happened there!? did they actually melt in the sun?

Not even in sunlight, just the fact we'd had hot weather lately. Although Classic Sonic was starting to warp and bend a little even before then.

EDIT: While I'm here, I'll drop in a few more of these;





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