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A Discovery in Sonic Unleashed


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I'm pretty sure you all are aware that Sonic Team has included little easter eggs into the game; such as the signs referencing other characters in Skyscraper Scamper (Empire City) and Eggman also having a Dreamcast nearby. Well; I've made another discovery just now while in Professor Pickle's Lab. You take a look at the "Encyclopedia", then in "Directory", and look at "People you've met in Eggmanland." It obviously shows the three Eggman robots that wander the small Eggmanland "town" area. Well, in this Directory, look close at their names.

I looked at the first one, named EF-DC1998, and it literally dawned on me.

DC = Dreamcast

1998 = the original Japanese release of Sonic Adventure

It may not be anything special, but I found it extremely clever. But wait! There's more with the other two...

The second is named EF-MD1991.

MD = Mega Drive?

1991 = As we all know, the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Finally, the third is named EF-XB2006. You may all ready know what it is.

XB = Xbox 360

2006 = Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I think this was another clever easter egg on Sonic Team's part, or I may just be too dumb to have not realized it sooner. :lol: What do you guys think of this?

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Yeah, old, blah blah blah. There's gonna be a thousand posts of that.

There's reason for the XB2006 using the same name across both platforms. Sonic 06 was built for the 360 and the PS3 version was simply a port. The same applies to Unleashed, I'm sure, so it's a 360 game at heart. Not to mention that they're just Easter Eggs. It's likely that after someone coined the idea of giving the bots these names that they weren't thought about ever again.

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Not sure why he'd have DREAMCAST, though... but... lol.

Mostly due to the fact that the Dreamcast has since become a cult-classic console. Like many others, I believe the console had so much more potential as well as shelf life to become one of the longer lasting consoles. It's just a shame the PlayStation 2 being released so soon after made people forget about Dreamcast. :( (No offense to PS2 fans/users here, just stating a fact.) Also for novelty purposes; it was SEGA's final hardware, so it has that nostalgia for many SEGA fans who will play this game. XD

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Also note that as well as well not being changed for the PS3, all American games still have a bot going by the name of EF-MD1991 instead of EF-G1991. Just sort of emphasizes the whole "after thought" and "kinda pointless, just for fun" thing.

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Awesome find! I love easter eggs like these.

Me too. I used to see stuff like this in sega related games all the time

Nintendo too. Like Orcarina of Time with the pics of Mario in the castle.

The weirdest one of those I've seen,

even though it's a bit different, was in Thunder Force V for Sega Saturn.

The first few bosses were named after rock bands!

Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and A3. And the Ship in Thunder Force III for Genesis is called STYX!

(God I love TechnoSoft for making those games.XD)

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Not even a reference to the mighty Dreamcast (or even a reference to Sonic Adventure, for that matter) will stop this game from being shite - Sonic Team aren't as clever as you may have thought

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