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Too bad Ken is propaly sleeping haha He said the codes will be sent at the release day, I've asked for a PSN US code, so "my" release day is today! I got money to buy it, but I c... I ca... CAN, yes I CAN WAIT! *shakes*

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I have to wait for the Xbox version to hit the marketplace, but I just want to know if there's a feature to transfer chao from the Sonic Adventure chao garden. And if you can breed two-toned chao. Geez, I'm still traumatized* by the SA port gardens and their lack of unique breeds.


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lol, yup!

Actually, you know what would make more people want the DLC? If it automatically unlocked Green Hill. You can't play the level without the Battle DLC, but once you have downloaded it it's right there for you to play as and when you please. You get an achievement now for collecting all the emblems. And seeing as some of them come from Karate which isn't in the vanilla game, why not advertise Green Hill as a bonus stage in the DLC pack?

"Sonic Adventure 2 Battle DLC: Includes new multiplayer maps, Chao Karate and the Green Hill Zone Action Stage!"

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