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Unpopular Gaming Opinions!

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Taking a note from Alice Twilight with her kickass topic, this is pretty much the Unpopular Sonic Opinions thread, applied to all gaming.

Basically, tell us your unpopular Series game/character/song opinion that will probably get you killed for saying it.

Let's hear them! Looking forward to what people have to say. =D

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The Zelda series can suck it. Never once played a game in the series I liked, except for Four Swords which is an amazing game.

Oh my god, someone else who hates Zelda! The only game that I like is Oracle of Seasons.

Some of it may be due to the fact Zelda was ruined forever by an incident I don't want to talk about <_<

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Edited because I'm lethargic and brain didn't want to read the full OP...

>I really hate Sephiroth. I don't think he's all that badass.

>I actually enjoyed the first Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball game.

>Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity was my favorite game in the Riders series.

Edited by Hiro Kageyama

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I've owned/rented Kingdom Hearts at least 3 times in my life. I didn't get very far, but I did not like it. I don't understand why people love it so much. I've checked out cutscenes from some of the games, and none of the Square characters seem enjoyable or interesting. There was one cutscene that seemed touching, and I thought "OK, I respect this game for at least having a nice moment with no cringe-worthy dialogue." Then the main character says "No! Who will I have ice cream with?" I.....I just......what do people like about this series so much??

Other than that:

-Despite being an extremely polished and highly enjoyable 2D platformer, I personally find Rayman Origins a bit inferior to Rayman 2 and 3. The 3D titles just seem much more charming and immersive to me. Better atmosphere, more interesting gameplay, and MUCH better soundtracks. Most of Origins' soundtrack is much too goofy for my taste. I prefer the more Tim Burton-esque atmosphere of Rayman 3.

-I quite enjoy Star Fox Assault.

-Amnesia: The Dark Descent is NOT that scary. It has its moments, but it kinda ruins the mood when you have nice music and a comforting British voice throughout the adventure. Games like Silent Hill are much scarier.

Also, there was one moment in which a corpse lifts up its head to look at you with its hideous eyes. This would have been scary...if it didn't start talking in a super-friendly voice and become your ally. Seriously, what the eff.

-Navi isn't that annoying. Fi on the other hand...

-I liked Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. I didn't love it, but I didn't find it extremely offensive, either.

-The original NES Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and, to a lesser extent, Super Mario Bros, have all aged pretty poorly and should not be at the top of so many "Best Games Ever" lists. Revolutionary? Yes. By today's standards, though, they aren't that great.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D Land are both horrible games. Both contain abysmal level-design, are painfully easy, introduce absoultely nothing new to the series, and use Nostalgia as a crutch to make up for the appalling lack of effort Nintendo put into them.

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I have some more...

-Sega was years ahead of the time. They had online gaming for console years before M$ and sony attacked it.

-All Naruto games are crap

-Every DBZ after Budokai 3 (ps2) was shit. Green runny shit!

-Sonic > Mario (I'm dead serious. And it's not just because I'm on a Sonic forum)

-Mega Man X > other versions of Mega man

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>Super Mario Galaxy 2 is kinda boring to me (though it has its fun moments)

>New Super Mario Bros Wii sucks

>Super Mario World > Super Mario Bros 3

>Majoras Mask > Ocarina of Time

>Twilight Princess is the worst 3D Zelda

>Colors is a fun game (DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT)

>Heroes is a decent game

>Rayman 3 is better than 2

>Generation III is my favorite Pokemon Gen

>Final Fantasty X is my personal favorite

>I also really like FFXII

I think you meant, SM64 is the most overrated piece of shit next too any COD game.

Thats a pretty hilarious statement, I must say.

Edited by The Groosenator

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Oh yay.

Metroid: Other M doesn't suck. I really liked the more action-oriented take on the Metroid formula and I thought the storyline, while it definitely had its flaws (mostly the poor-quality writing), kept me interested throughout its entire duration. Go ahead, shoot. I'll just get right back up.

I don't care much about Pokemon. The games are fun, I guess, but I find myself getting very tired of them quickly.

Super Mario Sunshine is better than Super Mario 64 in basically every respect. It's bigger, there's more variety in mission structure, the gimmick is cool, the controls are tighter, there's more to do...what's the problem here?

Star Fox Adventures is a great game. Sure, it was an absolutely idiotic decision to make it a Star Fox game, but hey, sometimes you've just gotta let things go, you know?

And, of course...

Final Fantasy XIII is a freaking amazing game that is at least my second favorite game in the franchise and one of my favorite RPG's in general. The plot, the characters, the battle system...I love it. Yeah, it's linear, but that was done for storyline reasons, and I think it works. So yeah. Come at me bro.

Oh, and...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a gigantic mass of garbage that does no semblance of justice to the original and, in fact, insults it. The entire storyline revolves around a retcon that actually erases XIII's perfectly good ending out of canon, and the rest of the story is an incomprehensible mess of terrible writing with some awful characters on the side. The battle system is also worse thanks to the idiotic monster system, and once you take those two elements out, there's basically nothing left. The amount of effort taken to actually fix people's problems with XIII was so laughably minimal that they might as well not even have done anything, and - *sigh* - they brought back random effing encounters. It legitimately baffles me that this game got decent reviews.


Edited by Gaston

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-I don't really like Super Mario World or Mario 3 all that much.


Probably a combination of having first played them only a few years ago, me having grown up on Sonic, and me finding them too hard. I swear I couldn't beat a single level my first time without dying at least once. But even then, the levels were pretty repetitive.

That said, I vastly prefer the 3D Mario games over the 2D ones, and had MUCH more fun with those.

-Generation 1 is my least favorite Pokemon generation in terms of the games themselves. NO, I'm not saying I like the original 151 the least, I like Red, Blue, and Yellow versions the least. It's not a bad thing either, the first games are my least favorite because the ones succeeding it are that much better.

-I never got into Banjo Tooie. I had a chance to play that game a while back (on an emulator, sue me) and frankly, I just couldn't hold that much interest in it. I just had this sinking feeling that I wasn't accomplishing anything worthwhile in the long run due to how much stuff there was to collect and what few things you are able to get your first time through each level. Not to mention how collecting this felt like such a drag; paths to items took way too much effort for such little value. It's that feeling you get when you spend hours climbing the side of a mountain, but once you reach the top, all you see is miles of mountain range ahead of you.

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Stopped caring for MegaMan after MMX3 back in the 90's... can't even honestly say if I know what number they went up to.

Couldn't get into Shenmue 2 .. even after spending a butt load on a used copy for Dreamcast after totally enjoying the first

Mario Kart Wii is the only racing game worse than Double Dash, but top props to the original, the DS and 3DS versions.

The Sonic CD remake blew chunks, years of knowing places to time travel gone *poof* just like that. Glad I have the original

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-I don't really enjoy Mario that much. I complete Super Mario Galaxy, but that's it. The rest was just...I dunno... repetitive I guess. I guess that's why I find it odd that he's still as popular as he is.

-I don't see a difference between ANY shooter. I mean, most share similar controls and have almost the exact weapons the others use. Okay, maybe the sto-er- "Campaign" is different from others, but still, in the end, one faction disagrees with another, so we have to send our men in to fight our battles with awkward camera control (in my opinion anyway). I swear to god, if I ever see CoD in the World's Best game series in my lifetime, I will lose all hope for humanity.

-There aren't enough Action RPG's like KH or "Tales of" out there. I'm more of a sword guy when it comes to games, and I can't understand why people can't make games with an anime touch that isn't about hell or demons or crap like that. Something that makes me enjoy playing it instead of wondering "How many more gallons of blood will be spilled before I get to the end?"

-I think that people are too harsh with games that aren't shooters and too generous with games that are. I know, totally biased, but I still can't understand how almost every shooter receives nearly a 9 or 10 while games like Sonic or Rayman settle for less. Are people really that easily satiated with blowing people's heads off? Forgive me, I just don't see the fun in making my fellow human bleed to death, virtually or irl.

I got more, but that'll be for another time. As you can guess, I don't like shooters :P

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