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A History of Console Unveilings


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I am hoping that, if we have a look back at past console unveilings, by Nintendo and the other guys, we'll get a little insight into how much depth Nintendo will go into at this year's E3. Maybe. Possibly. And if not, we can still look back at reveals old and new and have a good laugh and/or discussion.

Some were good, some were bad, some were pure bullshit!

The Xbox 360 reveal is still pretty amazing to me, as, at the time, they seemed to be ticking all the right boxes, and in 2005 all that online stuff was revolutionary for a console. Live integration, achievements, game invites etc, it was a huge leap from what the original Xbox was capable of. Will we see a similarly big leap from MS again? Or Nintendo; will they do the right thing and bring industry standard online features to the Wii-U? Hmmm!

And, er, how about those prototype N64 cartridges, eh? Jesus. You could kill someone with those things.

If anyone would like to post some of the other console unveilings which Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and Sony have untaken, feel free to go ahead. Hell, that's what this topic is here for; getting insight into what we might see from Nintendo this year, and Sony & MS next year or beyond.

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The N64 reveal with Super Mario 64 had to have been breathtaking for people back then. Seeing one of your favorite video game characters take a leap into a whole new dimension was revolutionary, and is still one of the reasons why I love Super Mario 64 so much.


Holy fucking shit it's the Gamecube! Fireworks, Smoke, Explosions! ACTION


One console unveiling I really like is the Gamecube. Nintendo did not bullshit back then. They spend about 10 minutes talking about the system, how it works, what it does, how it innovates and such. Then out of nowhere they show off all these amazing launch titles, Melee, Luigi's Mansion, shows off other 1st and 3rd party games, then tells them that demos of these games will be playable the very next day!

It may not be much, but that's how I think console unveilings should go. You show off the console, talk about it's features for a few minutes, then bombard the audience with all these cool ass looking games, and tell them that they can try out half of these games on the showcase floor. No bullshitting around, no delaying, just pure simple awesomeness.

So much different from how they are doing it nowadays *cough* Wii-U *cough*

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