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Big the Cat is officially retired

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Good Alt character implementing: S3&K, Sonic Advance series, Rush Series, Sonic CD HD, Black Knight, 8-bit games

So-So alt characters: Sonic Adventure 1, Heroes, Shadow, Rivals Duology

Bad alt characters: Adventure 2, 06, Unleased (by far the worst) S4E2

No Alt characters: 1, S4E1, Colors, Generations

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So... this was posted on the SEGA Forums...

Told you guys we'd save him! Thank Ken Balough for this though, all credit goes to him.


So we can thank Ken Balough for bringing the Big cameos back into the game. It may not add anything from a gameplay perspective, but Big's appearances were fun to look at. While we don't know if Big will ever return in a main-series game, I think it's safe to say that Big has been saved from being scrapped.

Fish on, Big dude!

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Something tells me that Big isn't officially 'retired' but is saying he is just to get a reaction out of people.

In the Iizuka Q&A panel at Summer of Sonic 2012, one of the questions asked was in regards to Big being retired - I can't recall the quote to memory, but Iizuka more or less confirmed this by asking the fans if they really wanted Big to come back. That implies some sort of decision to place him on the back-burner at the very least.

(for the record, Iizuka's question was met with cheers and applause for Big)

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