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Sonic Concept Art

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Very little of the concept art is drawn in house at all. For Unleashed, much of the work was done by Massive Black and AOKI Studios. All that cool art of Dark Gaia tearing the world apart, the art of the levels? Not Sonic Team. Sachiko Kawamura (art director) spoke once about the studio they enlisted to design the human characters.

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Haven't seen any concept art for Sonic and the Black Knight yet, only one I've ever seen online is the Excalibur Sonic one (In the game I only managed to unlock the Dark Queen, and the final boss aside from Excalibur Sonic, so I know there must be more)

Just a few Sonic Chronicles peices I have on me to contribute







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All images in the "Sketch-hog" style were drawn by Hirokazu Yasuhara; lead level designer for S1-S3K, Sonic R, and 3D Blast. Those were all production sketches of the gimmicks he was making up for the stages.

He also worked on one of the many variations of Sonic X-Treme, possibly the "Sonic Saturn" version. This artwork is shown here:















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So much originality ran through these developers minds back in the 90s.

More X-treme Metal Sonic concept art. (Pun Intended?)







And While The gameplay we've seen for the game might have been Mediocre, or in some people's eyes just flat out bad, I was always interested in the concepts and Idea's for this game.


I'm A sucker for Cities like this that looked deprived of any hope and have a resemblance to Robotropolis zone.

That would be a great idea if these designs were just multiple forms of an epic Metal Sonic boss battle.

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Let's see, I believe these Unleashed art pieces have yet to be posted...

I believe some of this was posted pages ago. But whatevs. :U

Here are concept art of Sonic's animation in the Sonic 1 title card.


Here it is animated.


The frames are from the Sonic Material Collection, to add.

Edited by Fix-It Felix

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That comes from here:

Raa even got a clay model happy.png


Always mildly boggled me how some have interpreted her to be mermaid-like when the thing at the end of her "tail" isn't a fin, it's a bow.

That looks like the work of a 3D printer to me.

I have half a mind to club you with a blunt object. She's a mermaid ghost and we will speak no more of the matter.


I've never seen this model before though. Where does Sega have this gem stashed away? any idea?

It's in Marza's headquarters.

I like how they chibifiy Sonic and Co. in the concept arts lol.

Yeah, I love how Hirokazu Yasuhara draws Sonic as well. He drew like that for Uncharted as well:


Comes from this interview.

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