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Sonic Concept Art


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Here is the aforementioned Excalibur Sonic, In SatBK I have this concept art, the Dark Queen, and the last boss, but I've never seen the other pics in the gallery and I've never seen the other two arts I mentioned posted online.


While not a concept art, I've been searching for this King Arthur art in HD forever so if someone has a better quality one I would be very appreciative.


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So I find myself evaluating the Excalibur Sonic armor as though it were an actual piece of armor.

In that picture the hips seem wide open for some reason. Not like that in game but that would be an obvious weak point.

Like a lot of anime influenced knight armor, there are a bunch of visual flourishes that would catch blows in unfavorable ways, in this case there's the shoulder pads, the bit right above the hips that would usually be skirts, and the ears. Really Sonic's ears present a challenge. Interestingly it also seems as though the ears would preclude the face mask from rising. The face mask also has a really large central bit that would make it hard to focus on nearby opponents.

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How was that not your choice to make when you clearly took it upon yourself to evaluate it?

And with that, the joke was stomped hard into the ground.

Apart from the skull on his arm, I always liked the Werehog concept on the left here:


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That bun and ring thing is so strange...

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is as obvious to me as to some of you all, but Shahra looks so similar to Merlina it's startling:

Satbk_merlina.png1000px-Shahra.jpgExcept for the clothing, the darker skin, and the purple hair, they both look like identical little elf people..... I'm gonna bet $30 that the next storybook game is gonna have some kinda elf eared girl.

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Anyway, I'm not sure if this is as obvious to me as to some of you all, but Shahra looks so similar to Merlina it's startling:

It is obvious. I thought so when I first saw Merlina, I was all 'Hey, look, the put Sharah in a new constume'. I don't really mind though. Makes a kind of connection, doesn't it? Just like the style of the cutscenes, maybe it was even intended they look alike? A part of the series?

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I assume they're meant to be different incarnations of your magical storybook guide; just as all of the Sonic characters are incarnated into different fictional characters, so too are Shahra and Merlina just different representations of a single individual.

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Some Sonic X-treme enemy Concept art:




The last one was supposed to be a new and improved version of Metal Sonic called "Metal Sonic Mach 3"

That robot looks like it would be right at home in a Megaman game.

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I was thinking, these are great, I'd like to keep them somewhere, I mean shame if they were to lose their place on the internet right?

But they'd clusterbomb my computer and probably not be seen ever again anyway.

Then, it hit me, I'll make a booru dedicated to official and concept art, don't suppose you could give me a hand with it?

It needs a serios splash of colour I know, I'm getting on it


Sonic X-treme cover concept


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