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Sonic Concept Art


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So, I was looking for a Next-gen model rip of Eggman (still unfortunate with my results unless if anyone can help) and came across somebody's portfolio who worked on the vector cutscene models of Elise and Eggman. Anybody else have seen this beautiful thing?








I would love a figurine of this.











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An undated concept of Blaze which was very similar to her final design except her eyes were rounder and her ponytail was turned front instead of back, she was supposed to wear clothing similar to the Arabs, since she was wearing a shalwar and a mid-riff top.


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Sonic Lost World Concept Art:


"We wanted to make it look like an army, so we were thinking to make an another color version for the leader. But unfortunately, we didn’t have chance to use the leader type."


"This is one of the few enemies which are an original design for Lost World. The motif is ant-lion."


"When we design this Buzz Bomber, we decided the concept of the eyes of all enemies for this title. So we tried various type of eyes on this enemy."


"Instead of adding details, we wanted make it simple but huge, and wanted to make the players feel the largeness with this gap when we design this."


"It was the very first enemy we designed in this title, so we had many various idea to this enemy. We wanted to make the design simple so the entire silhouette will fit in single sphere."


"Wisps all have 3 legs, but if you look closely, each has different shape in legs too."


"The main motif was an ogre, and each one was designed by following the keyword which we had for each of them. We think that you can see their characteristic just by looking at them."


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Sonic CD had some really cool scrapped levels Taxman was going to add into the remake.




It's a shame Taxman wasn't able to add Final Fever to the remake, it would have been so much better than the piss-easy final boss we already got.



I'm also curious to how Desert Dazzle would have been.

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Oh, if they were, I'm gonna be so peeved. I always thought he looked positively adorable and it was a shame they decided not to bring him back in some way after Generations. I had hoped they'd retcon him into Sonic 4 but that's an idea that's dead in the water...

I mean, a lot of people still love his design, don't they? I think the amount of merch with him on it speaks for itself. I guess that's SEGA'S compromise to the older fans...

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I do think Classic Sonic fits in better with Lost World's art style than Modern Sonic, what with it feeling like "Adventure if it looked more like the Mega Drive games".

A true point indeed. Since the whole game looks like they were throwing stuff from across the spectrum into a blender in a "It's Generations but not Generations" kind of approach, I'm really amazed they didn't do it. They threw him in for the extra lives, if nothing else.

I guess they reasoned he wouldn't have fit the parkour system... though maybe they were planning on incorporating Generations' plot elements into this somehow, to explain why he'd be playable?

Wait no. They didn't explain the Wisps. It'd literally be possible to play as Classic Sonic with absolutely zero plot explanation for why.

Eggman, what have you done to the timeline?!

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Actually in concept art, at least in SEGA's case, they don't really stick to the books with strictly just drawing Modern Sonic, in location concept work, artist's tend to either add a really basic looking Sonic for scale purposes or to show off a gimmick within the stage, they did this with Generations too since in landscape concept work, Sonic isn't exactly the main centrepiece of attention but he's normally just added for fun, so this probably isn't hinting at Classic being in SLW, more so just a doodle of Sonic that happens to look like Classic Sonic because the artist wanted to draw him.


If that makes sense..?

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