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Another pet thread? I know I posted in the last, but I'll post here too. And since everyone seems to be posting pictures of their cats, I'm going to go and post pictures of my...







This is Nina, the second rabbit I got. Adopted her out of the local animal shelter, so she was pretty skiddish and hostile at first. She's still somewhat of a bitch, but only when she doesn't get a good pet on the head or a scratch behind the ear.




This is Cookie, my first rabbit. I got him the day after Christmas as a present for myself at the Pet Company (one of many in a line of mall pet store chains that have closed). The idiots working there told me that all the rabbits running around in the big cage were a girl, and I would have kept on believing that until the day I brought home Nina (who was spayed a few days later).


He is probably the most affectionate piece of fluff I've ever known, but I take it from the way I handled him when I first brought him home. Probably the best thing about coming home after a crap day of retail hell; he'll get up the minute I whistle or say his name and start running around his cage like a yit until I come over and let him out. Then he's all hugs and kisses...until he tries to hump something. Never got him fixed. XD


And just because, here are some pictures behind a spoiler cut from my LOL Bunnies photo album on FB:











FLUFFY BUNNIES X3! They look so fat compared to the wild ones I see around my new neighborhood, and that red-eyed one looks like a killer...Did you borrow him/her from the Monty Python set?

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I'm going to help out GraveRobber here in the not so common pets department..

Also thought on a Sonic Forum it would have to be enevetable...

my pet Silver :3



I always thought it looks like he has attitude in that picture...and believe me..he does >>

and one of him as his little younger self.


^^^^^^^^^^THIS :3

Here's my badass kitten, Chibi:


Look at this mothaf*****.

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