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Sonic Riders 3


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"Waste" may not be the perfect word for it, but it's kind of a ripoff to know there's two more secret characters and, not only is the first one something you don't care about, but the second is a copy of the first.

If they're going to put X characters in the game, then they should put in X characters, not X-1 and then copy one to fill the last spot.

True. I think that they should be much more different in design and properties at least, even if they are trivial robo-enemies.

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I'm a bit saddened many people didn't enjoy the story like I did. I found the second one pretty good, despite the gameplay a bit too on the simple side. Sonic Rider's setting is very appealing to me for some reason. XP

That said, I think you don't doubt that I'm really in favour for a next instalment.

I'm with you, buddy. ;) I enjoyed the story mods, especially for what they were, a fun bonus in what is essentially a racing game. They aren't the "core" aspect of the game, that's racing friends but it's greta that they added some interesting aspects. And besides, the Rogues aren't asliens, they're born and bred on Earth. I mean, it's not that confusing. Their ancestors crash landed on Earth and set up a society there that became the basis for genie legends.

- Scarecrow

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Still don't understand at all how you found the in-game cut-scenes to be robotic but oh well. They weren't as detailed with scenery or effects as the three FMV scenes but that's because, well, they were in-game. FMV scenes are made seperately with high-powered computers then saved as movie files that the game simply plays rather than animates itself in real-time. They take a lot more time, and therefore a lot more money to make. They can't do that for the whole game really.

Well, I can dream about it. It would be nice, you have to admit that.

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E3 2009... Coming soon... If not Sonic riders 3, then what?.. Sonic chronicles 2.. That's not a sonicteam's product..Sonic rush 3?..Nope, it's Dimps..Maybe, Sonic rivals 3?..Nope! It's bones..

I enjoyed both riders games A LOT. And i would like to see the third game for xbox 360/ps3)) It would be awesome!

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...I actually like the novelty of unlocking the generic robots from the one-player game. I'd never play with them but it's still a nice bonus. I think the real solution is to not hide the locked characters that you've already seen... So for example, Dr. Eggman and his robots would be visible on the player select screen, but not avaliable until story mode is beaten. All the super secret characters would be sillouhettes or ?s though.

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I see some people here dislike the series, but I see the majority here love it :lol: The Sonic Riders series can stand toe to toe with the Mario Kart series. The Mario Kart series isn't anything special to begin with, it's a fun game, but it aint all that.

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I see some people here dislike the series, but I see the majority here love it :lol: The Sonic Riders series can stand toe to toe with the Mario Kart series. The Mario Kart series isn't anything special to begin with, it's a fun game, but it aint all that.

I love Mario Kart, but Sonic Riders gets bonus points for not having Blue Shells.

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What they need to do for a next Sonic Riders is make it on the 360/PS3. Make the game a lot more faster. More levels and make them longer and add more interaction in them. And of course Online play. A new gimmick would also be neat. They've come up with air and gravity. Wonder what the next thing they'll come up with...

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I liked both Riders games. And IF there was a sequal, I reckon the story should involve both Team Sonic & The Babylon Rogues (& Eggman, I guess!) somehow travel to the Babylonian homeworld.

And yeah, get rid of those DAMN robots and other Sega characters!

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Funny you bring up the title for another Riders game, because I had a great idea for it that came from a dream after playing the second one.

With the third installment, it can be up to you to upgrade and customize your own Extreme Gear.

With utilizing the motion control of the Wii, you can use various power tools and mimic their motions in play to add or subtract parts from your custom gear.

There are many ways to gain gear parts, decals, and custom colours fro your own use:

1. Buy gear parts from the Black Market.

2. Hire an assassin to sabotage/attack other rivals gears and collect the falling parts to add to your own. (this may include Chaos Emeralds, but for a much heftier price.)

3. Break into other characters workshops and steal parts/ items/ customs

4. Earn Gear parts/ items/ customs from missions and races.

5. Do all the dirty work yourself and attack other rivals and collect their parts with an attack gauge/mode.

Hiring an assassin comes at a costly price of rings depending on the character and yours. The more rings, the higher and more skilled the sabotage and the level and rarity of parts that you obtain from the plunder. The lowest level are rogue Badniks which can fetch a thrifty price of 100 rings per race. Next up on the rung is Johnny who demands a price of 200 rings. Higher meat like Nack the Weasel demands an amount of 800 rings, while the cream of the crop- Eggman Nega- commands a whopping 2500 rings due to the amount of technology available on hand (and his inflated ego.)

Badniks are however limited to land levels while Fang and Johnny can range from land to water. Captain Whisker is a specialty plunderer, since he can only show up during water levels and assaults a barrage of his pirate horde around every corner. He has a price of a niiiiiiice 500 rings if you are lucky to run into him. Eggman Nega is the only free roaming available plunderer due to his adaptable vehicles; you can have him on water, land, sky, underground, or even space.

Workshops are in three rungs: Tails, Wave and Eggman. Players who attack one of these three characters might have a one in ninety percent chance the victim will drop a shiny key to their workshop. Grab it, and expect a hefty amount of "keep away" during the whole race. The victim will have an increased attack level/gauge and/ or increased speed in order to obtain the lost item as quickly as possible. Also to keep note, this doesn't mean that the other characters out of the main three are not responsible of the workshop key- far from it- as the last character to use the workshop is carrying the key in the next race, non player or not. People who refuse to use their key long enough will find out the workshop changes their locks savvy to theft, so use it or lose it. You can also invest in a key safe with the cost of 100 rings per race.

You can also break into workshops as well. After the race, your character can choose to snoop around a workshop and find a way to break in. Be forewarned, that if you break in and leave something out of place, you can be guaranteed that there will be stronger security next time, so be careful. Tails' workshop is the easiest to break in into while Robotnik's is the hardest due to the amount of technology available and well...he knows about being intruded upon after 18 years of villainy.

Once in your workshop you have the choice of working on one of many types of Extreme Gear including yacht, wheel, and the new speedboat. Some parts are compatible while others are not, and are kept in your inventory under the arranged category. This time a craft is dependent up to you; this includes giving Robotnik that lovely little hover board he always wanted to ride since the first Riders.

You also have a choice of buying new clothing and accessories to make your character look more stylish and decrease drag or increase armour.

Also one last thing to mention are tune-ups. All machines need to be taken care of and if not, they are liable to fall apart or die out during the race and will make all of your hard work easy pickings for rival vultures who want to use your parts to upgrade their gear.

You can wash, buff, and fine tune your gear at your assigned workshop. Just make sure you screw on those screws nice and tight or you will regret it later during the last lap of the final race.

You can also forgo the whole process and buy pre-made EX-Gear at the Black market. You might even be lucky if your hired plunderer brings back one of these pre-made babies....

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Hmm... Those are some cool ideas, Kintobor. Highly doubtful that would all happen, but it would be sweet to at the very least have the "Workshop" feature in, and finding Gear parts. With Sonic and the Black Knight's extensive item listings and weapons system, it would be cool to be able to create new Extreme Gear. Though, I think a new addition could be added to Workshops--G.U.N. could have one, too.

One feature I thought would be cool is having a few town-like stages where you can roam freely and perform tricks off ramps, but also have the ability to talk to people and find hidden Black Market shops which sell different items (probably one per "Trick Stage"). And yeah, a more advanced trick system would be a good addition here. I like the jumping system in Zero Gravity, but I also like being able to make your own tricks in Sonic Riders.

Perhaps a little leverage? You can trick as much as you want after jumping; its the jump that counts if you land right, but tricks net you more points. Tricks while roaming and making small jumps (not off of ramps) would also be nice to see, too.

In other areas, include some varying abilities; perhaps things like Boost and Gravity Dive, but make them exclusive to certain characters and/or items, maybe Extreme Gear. For Shadow, he could use Chaos Control that acts just like Gravity Dive, while Sonic can use boost. These powerful abilities drain your gauge, though, of course, which can be replenished by tricking and doing character-exclusive abilities (the same abilities from past Riders games; Grinding, Punching, and Flying.)

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What would I like to see?

-An Xbox 360 version

-No useless identical robot characters. Those spaces are perfect for Sonic's more famous bots like Metal and Omega.

-If they're going to force in 3 more non-Sonic characters make at least one of them from JSR. At least it makes sense.

-Instead of putting in any non-Sonic characters put in the Chaotix instead.

...and online play pl0x.

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^ Gravity ITSELF won't return, but I think some of the features of gravity might return. Gravity Dive is very similar to Chaos Control in Shadow the Hedgehog, so it could return like that. Silver also does a similar thing using his telekinesis in his story's intro in Sonic '06. It would also still be cool to have a feature to ride on walls, but they'd have to alter it slightly; maybe make a system of launching a character in that direction (which is what Gravity Control does) and the boards stick to the walls after the fact, anyway (because that's what they do; they hover just above a surface).

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I still find it kinda bizarre that people want to absoloutely replace the robots and SEGA characters. Why not have more Sonic characters - AND robot and SEGA characters? Then everyone's happy. It's not like Sonic Team actually deliberately made the choice to have robot characters instead of Blaze and Metal Sonic in the first one (as an example). They only have the budget to program so many character animations, and the robots were already made for the story mode. If anything, they designed all the other characters and finished, THEN decided "Oh, let's make the robots unlockable as well. No reason not to really."

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True. One of the things I found lovely about the first Riders was the slipstream mechanic. I thought it a very cool thing to have in a racing game. Taking advantage of characters ahead of you and all.

That was awesome. When playing with friends (even ones who didn't know the game) I had to make sure to get miles ahead out of the fear of them using my turbulance to catch up.

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That was awesome. When playing with friends (even ones who didn't know the game) I had to make sure to get miles ahead out of the fear of them using my turbulance to catch up.

True. And like someone else said. Can we please have real friggin online play?

In Zero Gravity there is WiFi. But its only to race other people's ghosts.

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Hm. With Jet in SatBK it's maybe not soo impossible that a Sonic Riders 3 will be made. But then it should be done like the first Riders. Okay, the gravity stuff in ZG was really nice but I missed the boost. The Gravity Control actually made you slower and the Gravity Dive only last for a few seconds. Sonic Riders 1 Gameplay + Sonic Riders 2 Stages = great Sonic Riders 3.

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Seriously I was hoping to find an online race 1 vs 1 like in SRA or they could have made it like in SSBB but with a simple round track with some wall tracks and jumps to practice (replacing the waiting room or brawl)

Also I dont mind having more character but people complaining about robots are kinda exagerating...:

Sonic Riders 1

If Eggman set up the world grand prix.... isn't it obvious he's gonna make robots to try and steal the emeralds....

Sonic Riders:ZG

Jesus christ what the hell do you see at the beggining of the story uh!? uh!?

And who made those robots...? Duh.....

So if the next riders has Eggman rolled in it.... don't be surprised to have robots, it's like asking for sonic to forget about his friends or ask Eggman to stop.... inventing.....

Oh well what i'd like to see in the next riders:

- Real players racing on WiFi

- Return of the slipstream like in Riders 1

- Being able to accelerate/attack like in Riders

- Use another way to use a fully charged boost by using ??? energy

- More paths other then the 3 types

- The characters themselves can use their unique skills (speed, flying, power) without relying on the boards only like in Riders

- Have some gears giving more control boost instead of type specialties like in ZG with the curve control, endurance, starting speed and such

- More gears in sale

- Return of the drift boost of Riders 1

- Reduce the chance to get bad items like the chains&ball

In general, there are many stuff of the first Riders wich should come back....

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Hm. With Jet in SatBK it's maybe not soo impossible that a Sonic Riders 3 will be made. But then it should be done like the first Riders. Okay, the gravity stuff in ZG was really nice but I missed the boost. The Gravity Control actually made you slower and the Gravity Dive only last for a few seconds. Sonic Riders 1 Gameplay + Sonic Riders 2 Stages = great Sonic Riders 3.

Mmm... I personally think they should keep -all- the moves, but vary it from character to character. One thing I want to see different is that you can push forward to accelerate. Then, there's a meter for your characters that can have them access different abilities depending on character and depending on gear. For example, Chaos Control would act like Gravity Dive, while there could be a Boost ability like in Sonic Rush/Sonic Rivals (Sonic's special is boost)/Sonic Unleashed.

If there is a sonic riders 3 it mshould be like a tony hawlk game where you can race and also free roam round towns and collect stuff :D

Actually, I was kinda thinking about something on those lines, but not SPECIFICALLY like "Tony Hawk." It would be cool to have actual town-like stages, though, where you can perform tricks and the like in an extra mode, and these same stages would act like the Battle Arenas in multiplayer, too. On the other hand, there would still be the regular 16 main stages of the game (this time with four stages per Grand Prix mode and four Grand Prix modes).

Easily the biggest thing that they should add, though, is difficulty levels. The game would have that much more variety if there was a difficulty level feature akin to Mario Kart. The controls aren't too difficult to get into, but Free Mode in Zero Gravity is a pain-in-the-ass, while Grand Prix is much easier. They should have difficulty levels, instead, and perhaps even a "Mirror Mode" like Mario Kart. This is the game's biggest flaw, in my opinion. The other is that there should be four stages in Grand Prix with 16 total, or five in Grand Prix with 20 total, so we can have four Grand Prix modes.

I do think that Sonic Riders 3 should be on 360/PS3, but they should still do a Wii version, as well, with lesser graphics. Use the Hedgehog Engine for 360/PS3, while Wii just use the original style but with enhanced graphics. No PS2 version this time.

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I've been thinking of something to replace the gravity dive for each character:

Sonic: Sonic Boom ala Unleashed

Sonic running on foot with a wind shield around him.

Tails: Wind propeller

Tails spinning his... tails just like in the classic's.

Knuckles: Knuckles Charge

Knuckles Charging covered in fire.

Amy: Hammer Drive

Amy running on foot with the hammer in her hands just like the level 3 amy boost of riders but the hammer is the upgrade one from SA1.

Shadow: Chaos Control

Do I need to explain....

Blaze: Pyro Blast.

Instead of running she's spinning just like in SatBK.

Silver: N/A

Rouge: Dark Chase

Almost the same flying style as Shadow's chaos control but instead of being covered in blue she's tottaly covered in black OR we can simply see a black shadow lurking on the ground.

Omega & all the other robots: Overdrive Mode

Transformers!!! erhm... He changes on driving mode like Gamma (SA1).

Cream: Chao Buster

Flying straight forward with chao spinning around her like in Sonic Advance 2.

Espio: Shinobi Dash

Insteadof running he's flying on a giant shuriken.

Vector: Sound Wave (lame I know)

Don't know how to picture that yet.

If someone has better idea's feel free to share your idea's.

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