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[Artwork] Ogilvie's Random Drawings

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Hello all! This is my art thread. Some of these are old, some are new, some are somewhat sucky and some are really sucky. Hopefully you will find some sort of enjoyment in them all.

For starters, I have a fancomic called Sonic Shift. It's my own personal project with the goal of blending the many continuities and also pushing it in its own direction in other ways. Backstories, personalities, and the like are all inverted and twisted to enhance the surprises in store. There's a link in my signature(it's in banner form, too) if one is interested. I'll post new strips as I make them here, but the older ones are there. It's about ~30 pages, I think?

Now, as for actual drawings. Ever since my tablet declared itself Lord of Techromancy, it decided to die and as such, I've been forced to digitally draw for several months now. I've played with many alternating thicker brushes/bigger canvases to try and improve line quality, but drawing with a mouse is always a lollercoaster, so bear with.

Oh, right, I was going to show drawings wasn't I? Allow me to shut up and start using them image tags.


I was playing around with ideas of what Shadow might look like in SS. Yes, he, like every other major character, will appear at some point, but this will be far, far in the future.

He, like Sonic, has more spines, while his streaks also extend to his sides. Darker muzzle, and while not visible, he will have "hair" of sorts - a few dark red quills forming a mane along the back of his neck. This is to make him more tenrec-esque.


The lines are very pixelated here, but this was a quick redesign of sorts of Crash. I imagine him as being more intelligent than he is in the games; whether he just acts as an idiot for some reason or because he's an actor is up to you.


Yet more rough edges. This is for some unwritten fanfic about Fleetway Super Sonic. This is his evil side, who has donned the name "Iblis." On the left is his more calculating, sophisticated side, though on the right is his true nature - pure, undiluted destruction and malice.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to draw him in black leather. Because that makes you 100x more awesome.

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I've begun production of SS3's pages. To allow more pages per unit of time, I've stopped shading. I've also used my idea of enlarging, drawing and shrinking back down entirely this time. I think it paid off.


To clarify: that is not Robotnik in the chair.

I rolled with calling the sub-divisions of Zones "Acts," county-like territories run by "Actors."


Oh boy, we all know how this will turn out. Zone not put on high alert despite an extremely dangerous fighter on the loose? Perspective in the last panel is odd but I like how it came out nonetheless.

Further notes:

-DEFINITELY enjoying the lack of trees thus far this chapter. I'm sure everyone else is as well. Up next: cities. ...aww hell.

-Alex Fuhr is the Foreman's name. As is the usual trend, there's puns and references in it. Can you find them?

-It's odd I chose a French title for this story. Does anyone know why?

-Everyone keeps saying the Governor is like Dr. Claw. Curses.

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It's been 3 days. I think I can do a little update.


Is time to go back to trees next panel. Sigh.

The plot thickens. 3 issues in and we're already playing "The Game."

Yet another obscure STC reference here.


And it's time for Treevenge. No not that movie, though that's hilarious(and I suggest you look it up; it's a short film).

Introducing Reo, better known by his war name "Amp." He's a kind, but easily irritated bunny-lynx hybrid, who isn't too happy with trying to locate needlemice in a haystack.

Sonic, meanwhile, is STILL having issues avoiding trees. It's like they have a magnetic pull towards hedgehogs.

The tax collector is a bat. See if you can find the joke there.


Just a drawing I did to get an idea of what Silver will look like if/when he appears in SS. He'll be ordinary to start, hence his plain clothes. As for why he's heterochromic, well, heterochromia is awesome and I like twisting the characters to make them more mine in some way, shape or form.

Edited by TaniciusFox

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The usual periodic update.


Amp, when someone's war name is "Sage," they're either arrogant, or probably are legit.


3.6. Looking forward to those urban scenes. Yeeep.

Introducing Bazooka Bandicoot, the muscle and, oddly enough, researcher of the SIFF. His skills are primarily in herbs and metal work, allowing him to manufacture basic weaponry. He's been busy developing a new secret weapon lately. Wonder what it could be?

Edited by TaniciusFox

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*dusts this thread off*

So. I've found myself a scanner, and at the cost of color, I can get better line quality with traditional work.

"The sad thing about toys..."


"Is they always end up breaking! Hahaha!"

Just Supes about to curbstomp Sonic. This should be good.



"Only the true Heir of Acorn can wield the Sword of Aco- oh, would you look at that?"

SS-related artwork. Just wanted to work with Eli and Geo.

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I can draw much better traditionally than digitally I think; it's been tough to try and decide between the better lineart of traditional vs. the color of digital. Since my tablet is utter crap, it will be a while before I can seamlessly have both. I've pondered doing coloring in pencil; having taken several art classes in college I have some high-end ones. Perhaps I'll try that here soon.

Thanks again for the comments; I appreciate it. =]

It is pretty hard to make SS, even moreso since I often am not satisfied with the final product no matter how many hours go in. (Another reason I like traditional - I can draw much, much faster, whereas I have to constantly adjust and try to perfect digital lines) But the satisfaction I get from seeing my ideas being realised greatly makes it worth it. =]

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Wooo, been a while. Got some stuff done, but not much. Lazy artist is lazy.




Intermissions are little ways to inject trivia, oh and make lazy updates.






I look forward to drawing South Island again in the future.


On fire.





Some of my buds cameo'd in this one.





His sense of smell might be damaged in a while. That big ole nose is a pretty good target for lasers. Poor chili dogs. We hardly knew ye.




I love his face.




And thus the legendary gloves are introduced.




And the look is finally finished. I think his face looks a bit creepy.


3.13 is sketched out on paper; I have discovered how to use layers after all these years (wow I'm behind the times) and so can sketch out comics traditionally and then make clean art with the computer. :)

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3.13. Just to clarify this "Gabriel" IS this world's Silver. Some folks assumed he was a recolor original, but no, he's this world's Silver. I changed his eyes to be heterochromic to stylise him.




I've no plans to really do much with Silver in the future but why not.




Introducing Sage, leader of the South Island FF. And Green Hill FF pretty much since pretty much all GHFF forces are dead or captured.

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Made this one on looseleaf to make for easier alignment of panels, before I used layers to color over it.


When a lizardman offers you a large amount of free chili dogs, assume there is a catch. Trust me, I'm one of the most miserly people on this Earth and know when something financial is up.


But it smells so delicious... surely they'd smell funky if this was a trap!

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And this chapter's a wrap. I'm going to experiment with different coloring methods for the next chapter. I'll get some of use out of this iPad and its various art programs. I'd be able to make pages a LOT quicker due to having a stylus; as it stands I've been using my mouse to outline sketches and color them. Less time spent inking means more time for actual linework too.


Have a happy Easter everybody.

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Since I'm going to Sonic Boom and I think I've built an infamous reputation here, I decided I'd make a conbadge for myself. These were some rough sketches I penciled up while on vacation in California the last few days.

Any ideas on which of the poses would be best? Obviously the lettering is with all three images (it's what the blank L-shaped box next to the other two is for).

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I've been loaded with commissions and have been doing them nonstop for weeks.

I decided to treat myself to this instead and combined various styles for Sly the Tasmanian Tiger.

I like how it came out overall! ...I do think his left side is a bit stretched out though.

I always thought of Sly as a strong character given his upbringing, so I set out to make him toned but not overly large in terms of muscles. ...I think I did okay?

As for the slight gut, I blame the fact his Ty 1 artwork gives him a bit of a belly.

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I was in a Google+ call and we were talking extensively about Sonic the Comic so I decided to draw an old Sonic the Comic fancharacter of mine.

"He looks like Super Sonic." That would be because he's meant to be Super Sonic's good side, albeit having taken steps to try to alter his name and appearance to be his own individual.

...he can't change who and what he really is completely, though!

He also likes fire magic as an alternative to avoid using Chaos energy. Because tapping your Chaos energy too much can make you, well, go off your rocker.

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"Like I said, Foxy, kids are cruel, and I'm VERY in touch with my inner child!"


And not just because he has a dead one's remains inside him, either.


Freddowner, the ringleader of the Instruments of Destruction (other members Bonsoon and Chicstral). I was listening to Red Sun, so another doodle from my crack crossover of FNAF and Metal Gear Rising was born.

Edited by Sly the Tasmanian Ogilvie

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Sometimes I like to doodle stuff in my school book. It's on lined paper so I didn't wanna give tooooo much effort...


Basically, it's from a MGR/TY crossover. Cass hires/builds cyborg dudes, one of them manages to put Ty in a coma, and Sly sees the loss of an eye and three of his limbs in a fight with one. He has most of his body replaced or upgraded with cybernetics so he can fight on an even footing; the extensive clothes are to hide how much of him is cybernetic now.


His Doomerang has been revamped so that it can be turned into a sword in switchblade-like fashion with the skull as a pivot that can lock. While holding it as a boomerang, he can also extend razor sharp edges outward, though the edges are designed to go back into place if his hand is on top of them. This allows easy conversion between boomerang/long range and sword/melee form.

Edited by Ty the Tasmanian Ogilvie

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Doing a little project where I'm drawing scenes from The Walking Dead and replacing the characters with other characters. Negan is the central character being replaced in each scene. I replace the other with whoever fits.


This is the scene where Negan demonstrates his authority over the Saviors to Carl. Negan has been replaced with Nick Wilde, and Tails is Carl. Tails was a natural fit given his youth, small size, and status as a fellow fox.


Up next, we have a fairly infamous scene from the comics where Spencer Monroe (Duke Weaselton) tries to convince Negan (Crash Bandicoot) to kill Rick and put him in charge instead (it doesn't end well for Spencer).

A gag among all my friends is that this leads into a Crash x Duke moment. ...I'm not opposed to this, actually, haha.

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