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[Artwork] Ogilvie's Random Drawings

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Universe 9 looks to be toast soon, so a quick doodle of the unnamed doggy guy from Universe 4. I can only assume he's a pro at wrecking people, given he's in the opening credits and is always seen with his eyes closed (leaving me to believe things go south when he opens them).

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"If one man's trash is another man's treasure, then turn this 'garbage dump' universe into a palatial one!"

Those were Omni-King Liquiir's words to Bergamo after appointing him as the God of Destruction of Universe 9.

Many millions of years in the future, Zen-Oh has long since stepped down as Omni-King, his title and powers being transferred to the winner of a Tournament between the Gods, a Tournament won by Liquiir, formerly the God of Destruction of Universe 8. Having been horrified at the needless destruction of the Tournament of Power, Liquiir narrowly managed to best Gene for the position, knowing the latter would surely take joy in destroying universes over and over again.

After taking power, Liquiir oversaw the most massive reorganization of the celestial bureaucracy since its inception. To start, he immediately executed most of the Angels, recognizing them as a threat to the multiverse. With the Angel race nearly destroyed, he allowed other races to be made into Angels, resulting in blue skin and a halo. After all, if mortals could become Gods of Destruction, why not Angels (or Kais, for that matter)?

18 universes soon became 52. Almost all of them were prosperous. As the most powerful fighter of Universe 9, Bergamo was made its God of Destruction, with his predecessor Sidra being made into his Angel attendant. His brothers, meanwhile, became the Gods of Destruction of Universes 40 and 41. Given the fact Liquiir had adopted the Trio de Dangers in the meantime, some feared favoritism... though the new Omni-King was as strict with them as any other Gods.

Bergamo has since overseen a Renaissance in Universe 9, with the most vile and wicked gradually purged, and the Universe that once sat at the bottom of the totem pole now is ranked in the middle. With every Mortal Level evaluation, Universe 9 continues to rise in the ranks, something of enormous pride to Bergamo, his brothers, and his adoptive father.

But word has reached Bergamo of a new Tournament of Power. One that will serve to alleviate Liquiir's boredom from ruling over a prosperous multiverse. One that will gather not only the 52 Gods of Destruction, but 28 more fighters, many of them gathered from across not just space, but time itself. After all these millions of years, will he finally have a third battle against Goku and an opportunity to prove he is the strongest once and for all...?


Just a little fan timeline I've imagined up.

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Basil, but God of Destruction.

Basil has been made the God of Destruction of the young Universe 41, a neighbor to his brother Lavender's Universe 40. This also puts him close to Universe 44, which was originally Universe 4, Universe 9's twin universe.

Dressed from head to toe almost completely in red and black, Basil looks rather sinister for a God of Destruction. However, he is in fact a just - if still fearsome - God, intentionally striking terror into the hearts of evildoers. Just like when he was mortal, he often has a calm, friendly personality, but his hot blooded nature takes over once he gets going in combat. Unsurprisingly, evildoers tend to be purged in regular, short bursts as part of a destructive frenzy, rather than on an individual, spread out basis.

Many Gods of Destruction first found Basil's flamboyant uniform distasteful, putting to shame even Belmod's clown outfit, but Zen-Oh Liquiir was quick to silence such disapproval. Sure, Basil's outfit is... different, but so is he. Some Gods quietly mumble that Liquiir fudges the numbers for Basil's universe every time its Mortal Level is reviewed, thinking he has fatherly bias towards his adopted son.

Basil has gained a more muscular appearance during his tenure as a God, and it is widely assumed that he has become far stronger than Bergamo. Given that Gods of Destruction are normally forbidden to fight each other, however, this has not yet been tested.

Liquiir's Tournament between the Gods of Destruction, however, might just serve as the perfect testing ground.

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And with that, we have all three!

Hot off the heels of his two brothers, we have the last and final Trio de Danger, Lavender. He is the God of Destruction of Universe 40.

In line with Zen-Oh Liquiir's more lax regulations of God of Destruction attire, Lavender has foregone both shoes as well as the standard belt, instead having more dignified suspenders that hold his pants up with rings.

Lavender has been cured of the back condition that left him in a near-permanent hunch in the past, but he remains the shortest and smallest brother.

His poison manipulation abilities have seen a drastic improvement. He is able to freely change what kind of poison his body produces (corrosive, neurotoxin, hallucinogenic, etc.), as well as whether it's in the form of a liquid or a gas. He can even create a whole cloud of it, whether as a fog for people to breathe in or one that disperses into poisonous raindrops that are near impossible to all avoid. As a God of Destruction himself, his poison is capable of affecting them as well. On the flipside, Lavender's body can also secrete antivenom for almost every kind of toxin, a benevolent twist on what was once only a power that can hurt people.

Lavender's personality remains fairly unchanged. He comes off as psychotic and imbalanced, particularly when in combat. However, he has gained more of a sense of justice, valuing people who show each other the sort of love he shared with his brothers. His enormous power, meanwhile, has helped him (now that he no longer needs to worry about his own survival) become more compassionate towards those born with disabilities, remembering his own history as the physically weak runt that Bergamo adopted as a second brother.

He's quite eager to test out his new powers in Liquiir's Tournament, particularly if Goku and Vegeta are present. His "Wolffang Penetrator" energy blade is designed specifically to break the surface tension of energy barriers and inject his venom of choice directly into the person's body through the blade itself. The blade also immediately heals the wound, trapping the venom inside the person's body.

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I lack my scanner but I figured I'd take a picture and upload this.

At long last, it's the future Omni-King himself, known in the present as Universe 8's God of Destruction, Liquiir.

Besides his transformation of Zen-Oh's robes into a long coat, there are various appearance changes. Most noticeably, he has ten tails, one more than the most powerful members of his species are supposed to have. His left ear has joined his right in being pierced, while his build has become noticeably more muscular. Symbolism is strongest with the God of Destruction-esque jewelry around his neck, however. Beyond the core piece, which consists of a single large diamond and two smaller diamonds (representing Liquiir himself and his two Grand Priests, respectively), on a black background, there are no less than 52 narrow bands going around his neck, one for each universe.

In terms of personality, Liquiir has matured considerably in the millions of years from his appearance in Dragon Ball Super. Once a lazy, yet efficient God who simply wiped people out for lowering his universe's level, the Tournament of Power made him immensely more empathetic to people, leading him to believe in second chances and prefer measuring growth over proficiency in his universe. After his ascension to Omni-King as Zen-Oh's successor, he has applied this sort of examination to every universe; universes that are not efficiently run have the offending deities replaced as part of routine checkups. The effectiveness of such a policy is best seen with Universe 9, where God of Destruction Bergamo has made it one of the more prosperous universes since he replaced Sidra.

The inspiration for this image is an imagined scenario where Present Beerus questioned the ability of Liquiir to possibly succeed Zen-Oh, both due to Liquiir's immaturity in the present as well as Zen-Oh's unpredictability. Liquiir responds by simply extending a hand, a white glow coming from his palm that soon surrounds Beerus. Liquiir invites Beerus to question his promotion if he wishes, though they both know what happens if he clenches his fist.

Of course, even if Beerus did still question him, Liquiir would not do it. He has developed an enormous disdain for erasure despite his ability to do so, and has grown into a very compassionate deity despite loving to show off and tease. Older deities feel Liquiir is the next stage in the evolution of the multiverse, combining the destructive power of a God of Destruction with the unconditional compassion for all living things of a Supreme Kai. He still commands the reverence of all who behold him, but everyone's rather grateful they don't soil themselves in terror upon seeing him like they would the original Omni-King. Of course, the blood red robes go a long way to make people still feel they need to be on their behavior when he's around.

To maintain his attachment to every universe and minimize the risk of destroying universes, Liquiir actually has a romantic relationship with at least one person in each universe. His mastery of omnipresence has made this absurd number of relationships possible, as he can create independent versions of himself that act as he would and who can transfer their memories to the other incarnations as needed. Unsurprisingly, this has led to Liquiir having an untold number of relatives through the ages, which helps explain the great power of many warriors in the future. That's not counting his adoptions, the most notable ones being the Trio de Dangers (who have all since been promoted to godhood), who by now all too readily call him "Father" when not in public. Liquiir's familial and romantic relationships should not be looked into too much, however, as he has long since developed a fairly unwavering love for all life, viewing practically all beings as grandchildren that he is tasked with looking after.

Liquiir's future seems practically perfect thanks to his examination system, but he has admittedly grown bored, being a hotblooded individual at heart. It is this boredom that inspires him to hold a Second Tournament of Power, one that has every God of Destruction as well as the most powerful mortals throughout time and space collide. While there is no threat of erasure for losing, seeing that sharp toothed smile of his is enough to make everyone he asks participate do so, and be thankful for the opportunity.

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The Omni-King Liquiir had an ulterior motive in holding the Second Tournament of Power. While he loves many of his adopted and blood children dearly, one of them gets a little more attention by merit of his rank: Virgil, the first Prince of All. A product of a union between Liquiir and a raccoon God of Destruction, he wields power far beyond that of most mortals, even if he's not yet up to par with most Gods of Destruction.

The Tournament, not coincidentally, lines up with Virgil's 100th birthday, with his second tail coming in on the day of (as well as a power boost). The Tournament's true motive is to provide the Prince with a means to test his strength, hence Liquiir going to great lengths to bring great fighters not just from across the future's multiverse, but from the past as well. The fact Virgil can be clever to make up for a lack of brute strength is also why Liquiir allowed the limited usage of items in the Tournament.

In spite of Liquiir's treatment, Virgil dresses rather rebelliously in an outfit more befitting a biker than royalty. Given the low odds of ever succeeding to the throne, he hasn't seen much use for living up to his title. That won't stop him from saying he'll ask Liquiir to Erase someone who goes easy on him simply because he's the Prince (or because he's a little on the short side), though.

Virgil is so confident in his ability to win despite being weaker than some Tournament participants that he stands alone on his "team," like the 52 Gods of Destruction, and in contrast to the 9 3-person teams that are made up of mortals (or in Beerus' case, Gods who are no longer active in the future). The product of a fox and a raccoon, he's confident that his brain will more than compensate for a lack of brawn.

Name etymology: From virgin, as in the non-alcoholic version of a beverage, in reference to how all Gods of Destruction and Angels are named after alcohol.


In the far future, Beerus has long since ceased to exist, his very existence a casualty of the Ascension War that took place shortly into Omni-King Liquiir's reign.

Appointed in Beerus' place was a powerful mortal who showed great courage during the War, Barqus. As Liquiir changed the ranks of the Gods of Destruction, he valued not only power, but personality. It was personality flaws on the part of past Gods that caused the original Zen-Oh to deem entire universes unfit for existence, so Liquiir tried to pick candidates who would govern well, even if they weren't the most powerful per se, taking a page from Universe 11. Barqus was the best fit at the time in Universe 7, at least of candidates who were interested.

Liquiir's plan paid off. While Barqus doesn't have anywhere near the raw power of Beerus (even though he can clean the clock of almost every mortal within Universe 7), he has far more compassion for mortals, as well as better discipline and judgment when applying his mandate of destruction. He's not one to destroy planets or people just because they annoy him, staying focused on wiping out stagnant worlds and wannabe Frieza types. It's no surprise that his time's Whis has a far more respectful relationship with him, as he's proven himself fairly competent.

Despite his differences from Beerus, Barqus nonetheless idolizes him, as Beerus' power is legendary and Barqus desires to one day be as powerful as him. The fact Omni-King Liquiir chose to bring the past Beerus into the future to participate in the Second Tournament of Power was something he was very approving of, to say the least.

Given his status as Beerus' successor, the kind yet intelligent Barqus has to routinely deal with people running in terror from him the moment he's not entirely pleased with a meal, mortals assuming he will be just as arbitrary with his exercise of power.

Name Etymology: From Barq's Root Beer. Meant to highlight that he's a lightweight compared to Beerus.
Notes: Made to be a hyena because they are related to felines despite a canid-like appearance.


There were many ethical concerns raised by Bergamo's genetics program. But in a universe that had spent countless generations valuing only strength, he was more than prepared to dismiss those. Especially when it came to putting together the elite forces of Universe 9, the latest generation of which is known as the Blood Trio.

The eldest member of the Blood Trio, Mint, was born naturally. It wasn't hard to tell he had some amount of Bergamo's genes in him, however, given his size-shifting abilities. He wasn't an immediate child, though.

The middle brother, Nip, was conceived entirely within a lab. Mustelid DNA stabilized his polymer-based physiology, while extensive training made him have considerable strength to match his near-invulnerability.

And then, the youngest brother, Mato. Bergamo wanted the best of both worlds. It took many experiments before it was possible to find an embryo able to remain stable with Bergamo's divine DNA. That embryo would become Mato.

But Bergamo had something else thrown in the mix. He didn't want just the child of a God of Destruction in play. He wanted a being who would have great potential to rival even the Gods...

Multiversal travel had become more common in the Liquiirean era. Under the guise of cultural exchange, Bergamo was able to arrange for some resettlement of the species of the various universes within each other. Saiyans from Universe 6 rebuilt the Saiyan race in Universe 7, and the ever-grateful God of Destruction of Universe 7, Barqus, was more than willing to let Bergamo see the fruits of the wolf's efforts.

Barqus didn't expect Bergamo had ulterior motives when he suggested exchanging some Saiyans and canids between their universes. They were just rank and file Saiyans, after all, nothing special. Some were even orphans in need of powerful family members who could restrain any childhood tantrum.

But any Saiyan's DNA had the potential to give rise to a warrior of unbelievable power. Combined with a God of Destruction's DNA...

And that is why Mato has such an abnormal presence when it comes to his energy signature, being torn between Universe 9's undetectable ki, Universe 7 ki, and god ki. That is why he hides his face, both to obscure his real identity as well as hints to his heritage. It is why he has humanoid influences in his anatomy.

It's why he's the most powerful being in Universe 9, perhaps even more powerful than Lord Bergamo himself. Even if Bergamo can't defeat Goku himself in the Second Tournament, Mato is surely more than up to the task.

Name etymology: From tomato, a fruit that is commonly treated as a vegetable. Most Saiyans are named after vegetables. Mato's name is a reference to the fact he's technically one of them, but he isn't at the same time.

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