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Unrealistic Sonic game ideas!


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You heard me right!

I'm sure most people at one point had an unrealistic idea for a Sonic game. An outlandish idea that would never happen, like a crossover or strange gimmick. Post your idea for a Sonic game that would never happen here! Try to avoid just listing a name, and include some detail if you can.

And before anyone else makes the joke,


My personal unrealistic Sonic game is a Sonic rhythm game. Whether it be a Sonic edition of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or an entirely new rhythm game built for Sonic, I would love and enjoy every second of it.

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Though, as far as a not-so-joky Sonic game. I had a similar idea of a Sonic game. One that didn't really go guitar heroes, but still focused on music.

My idea would have Eggman make about four or five different bots. Each colored different and represented a different form of music and had a certain genre-stereotype attitude:

Blue: Blues (dur...): Soft, but deep spoken. Says things like "Daddy-o"

Black: Metal (or hard rock): A bit more chaotic, considerably eviler than the rest.

Green (or red): Rap: Comic relief in a lot of areas, but still very dangerous, speaks some gangsta-esqueness, but not overdone.

Pink: Pop, cheerful and dangerous. Cheerleaderish attitude.

Gull-grey: Country: Has a tough cowboy-esque (also older, attitude wise), argues with a few of the other bots.

Eggman, himself, would cover techno, in the final battle.

In this game, I'd like the boss battles, especially, to be reliant on music. For instance, the beats that play in the background is synced to when a boss will attack you.and you have to jump, dodge, and attack with it.

I'd like each zone to fit the genre type you're chasing. Pop could easily hit the beach areas, rap more urban, and metal more hell-like, or industrialist. Perhaps blues could be more of jazzy nightclub, and country to be open rural fields?

As far as what could be a nice music gimmick, maybe if you hit and run well to the background music in each zone, you could build up something? Like, for a "Sync Bar" and unleash specail attacks? Just a random idea.

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A new game that actually builds on the classics rather than do a slanderous misrepresentation of them that claims to be better because of ceiling running. 2D or 3D for that matter.



My eyes! blink.png

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A game where Nack the Weasel/ Fang the Sniper is a mid boss and Dr. Eggman gets turned into a Walrus at the end for some reason... tongue.png

Well, he is the Eggman.

/The Beatles

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Sonic Storybook: Sonic the Hedgehog & The Laws of Robotics

Impossible? Yes. Awesome/So Bad It's Good? We can only hope. biggrin.png

Oh, Storybook games are a gold mine, with such possibilities as "Dark Gaia Shrugged" and "Sonic on the Western Front" and "Sonic and the Brave New World".

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A game where Vector appears and doesn't sound like Barney Gumble. Oh how i miss his Heroes voice-actor.

On a more serious note, i'd love to see a really story-heavy Sonic game, like, im talking Metal Gear Solid levels of emphasis on a complex story with complex characters.

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