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Best and Worst Pokemanz!

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So I've been in the Pokemon mood lately (playing Leaf Green, Soul Silver AND White) and noticed just how many Pokemon there are now, 649 in total! We're already at Generation V and soon enough there's going to be a sixth Generation too. Some Pokemon are great, others...not so much. This topic is for everyone to discuss their favourite and least favourite Pokemon from every Generation, whether it's the looks or abilities. Here's mine~

Best Pokemon; Dragonair and Lucario.

I just love the way they are designed! Dragonair is so elegant and sweet looking, whilst Lucario just looks badass! Not to mention they're pretty tough, what with Dragonair being a dragon type and Lucario having the special Aura. Lucario is also my favourite because of Pokemon Movie 8, arguably the best Pokemon movie ever. I really liked his character there and the ending almost made me cry. Also, honourable mention to Mew because she's (seems like a she to me!) super cute! I wish I had one... ;-;

Now the worst Pokemon; Stunfisk, Garbador and Probopass.

Garbador is the most hideous THING I've seen in the Pokemon games. Just look at him for Christ sake! At least Trubbish looked cute. This guy looks nasty. And from what I've heard, he's not a very strong Pokemon either. Probopass is another ugly mofo, like a weird Easter Island version of Mario. And Stunfisk...well, look at him!


Looks useless, has no evolutions, is an electric/ground type (WTF?), is useless. Honourable mentions goes to Bidoof and its evolution Bibarel, which are just as stupid looking and weak.

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is a normal/ground type (WTF?)

It's electric/ground.

Anyway, I've had a lot of faves over the years. Reptilian Pokemon are a given, but outside of that I've always been fond of Raichu, Dunsparce, Misdreavus, Surskit and Joltik to name a few. It really depends on both the reptilian factor and the cuteness factor, so a combination is nice (Dratini! :D)

Ones I don't particularly like are harder to think up. Probopass would be one of the choices straight off, but also ones like Umbreon, Zangoose, Poochyena, Magnetric, Miltank and Magmortar are up there. Those don't really have any rhyme or reason as to my dislike, I just don't gel with them for some reason.

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Best Pokemon ever...is the most powerful one to.

Whenever its name it uttered, a thousand souls scream in horror...

The look in its eyes is dead...

It only delivers pain and agony to the poor souls that encounter it...

Its name is...


So, basically Wobba is badass. He has Shadow Tag, which doesn't allow you to switch out, so it traps you UNTILL YOU DIE. Wobbuffet only has 8 moves, Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Charm, Encore, Splash, and Safeguard.

Wobba can Encore you into an attacking move, so you are forced to attack it for three whole turns. Then, it uses Counter or Mirror Coat to bounce your attack right back at you, but with twice the power, almost ensuring a KO. And it has Destiny Bond, so just in case you manage to kill it, it will take you down with it. He can also support himself and the rest of his team with Safeguard...


Also Honchcrow. But only shiny ones. Why? Honchcrow is already a pimp, but when hes shiny...



Worst Pokemon ever is...

Purrloin and Liepard. Its fast, but frailer than glass and can barely leave a dent on anything. Its design is also unoriginal and lazy. I like Gardevoir, but face it, Gardevoir was just BEGGING for Rule 34 of it to be made...

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Stunfisk is cool man. He's a derpy fish and look at his damn cockiness




Actual, non-joke post now

Best Pokemon is a tie between Charizard and Suicune, mostly because of my childhood. And hey, they aren't bad Pokemon in the competitive scene, either.


Come on, you seriously can't tell me he isn't badass

Suicune on the other hand, is the elegant of the three dogs and I just found his design to be awesome. He didn't have some dumb looking mask, it was this really cool headgear that just looked, well, cool.


"I'm Suicune, and I will kick your ass"

Worst Pokemon? That's a tough one, but most likey Voltorb and Electrode



They're so uninspiring. They're just freaking Poke Balls with eyes and a mouth. At least Foongus and Amoongus was more unique.

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Best Pokemon ever is Chandelure.


What's not to love?

No seriously, Chandelure freaking rocks. It design is kickass, combining a creepy chandelier you'd expect to see in an old, decrepit haunted house with skeletal aspects. It's type combination is thoroughly original and it's the king of the trappers with it's Dream World ability Shadow Tag.

Thoroughly awesome Pokemon.

Worst Pokemon ever?


Need I say more? Being able to evolve into Gyarados still doesn't make it awesome. Gyarados is great, this thing isn't.

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Aerodactyl and Milotic, two fairy tale foes who kick ass not only in the aesthetics department, but can seriously do some damage. The former of the two has been a staple of my team since I first popped in Pokemon Blue version over 14 years ago, and Milotic becoming one of my favorites the moment it was revealed for gen 3. I couldn't count how many hours I spent fishing up a feebas before finally being rewarded with this beauty.



Un-freaking-nown. Seriously, what the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?

I came here to play pokemon, not collect magnetic letters which I can just as easily find on my refrigerator.

But I guess it's name makes sense, the first time I ever caught an unown and found out it could only learn hidden power, I un-owned it immediately.

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I would go with Mewtwo for best pokemon. Can apparently control any other pokemon with his mind. Gets two movies based off him. And to make it even better. In his second movie he is voiced by Dan Green.

Though for worst pokemon I would have to go for Garbador. Not really because it just looks like a pile of rubbish. It is because it looks like a costume that a child did for a play. When I think Garbage monster I think threating. And Garbador just does not do that.

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Oh man this is gonna be tough but I'll do a best and worse by generation.

Gen 1: Mewtwo. Awesome Desgin. Awesome backstory. Awesome voice (anime). And an awesome signature move (sucks that it took them years to give him one though). Mewtwo is just an embodiment of awesome.

Gen 2: I guess Houndoom.

Gen 3: Swampert. Ok, Pokemon emerald was my very first pokemon game ever, so it's only natural that I put my first starter pokemon as the most awesome one of Gen 3.

Gen 4: Staraptor. I usually hate the region bird pokemon, but this thing just kicks so much ass it's not even funny. He was my best pokemon in both my Pearl and Platinum versions after my starter.

Gen 5: Zekrom. Words simply can't describe how epic he is.


Gen 1: Zubat. You do not know how pissed off I get seeing these things in caves all the time. And they always spam supersonic. Ugh. Thank God Black and White kicked them to the curb.

Gen 2: Dunsparce. Horrible design. Horrible stats. Horrible movepool. This thing just fucking SUCKS. And what's even sadder is that it has the potential to evolve into something awesome.

Gen 3: Plusle and Minun. Just a pair of pathetic Pikachu clones. But they aren't nearly as bad as....

Gen 4: Pachiruisu. This thing by far is the most pitiful excuse for an electric type I have ever seen. I only caught this guy just for the pokedex and nothing else. After that I condemned him to the box for the rest of eternity.

Gen 5: Archeops. It has a cool Desgin but why game freak? Why on gods earth would you give him such a horrible ability?!!?!!?!??!?! Are you honestly trying to make him useless?!

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I like a lot of pokemon that probably don't get a lot of attention.

Ivysaur: The Bulbasaur line is probably the least popular of the Gen 1 starters, and Ivysaur being the middle form makes him the most forgettable. But he's this frogosaurus kinda dude with a flower growing out of his back, and that's pretty neat.

Primeape: Pissed off pigmonkey fuzzball. Just like...really fucking pissed. All the time.

Natu/Xatu: Little pea-bird that turns into a totem pole bird. Got a creepy-intense sort of stare.

Spoink: It's a piggy on a spring! Also if it stops moving it dies.

Cacnea: Little ball cactus with a spooky sort of face. I wanna see him roll around.

Tympole: It's a tadpole with headphones. Or...tumors? Warts? I dunno its evolutions look kind of unhealthy...

And likewise, while I wouldn't go so far as to call them the worst, I generally come to dislike the obvious "cool" pokemon. Anything dragonlike is basically just...eh.



Gen 1: Zubat.

Oh no way Zubat's cool. Sure they're annoying to fight, but it's great to catch one and spam Confuse Ray. Crobat makes for a pretty cool final form too. Edited by Diogenes

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You see this badass here? This is Oshawott, the best Pokemon. I mean, just look at him, he's flipping adorable. The reason I like him though is because of Ash's Oshawott, who is by far the coolest Pokemon he's gotten since like Charizard or something. Lil' shit kicked Pikachu off Ash's shoulder once, and that's just awesome.

But then there's this guy:


For fuck's sake Zubat, GO AWAY. I love Crobat, especially when it's shiny (dat pink), but dear god I absolutely loathe the shit out of Zubat. They're annoying as hell and they were inside like every fucking cave ever before B&W. This asshole is the only reason I buy repels.

Also, this guy:


That feel when you're in the Safari Zone, and you accidentally throw the Safari Ball, and you miraculously catch it. Now I have an entire box full of this guy because of such. I would just release them, but Sonic Adventure 2 turned me into an emotional wreck when it comes to things like that (releasing your Chao is like the most soul crushing thing ever) so I can't bring myself to do it. Fuck you too Oddish.

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Best Pokemon is a tie between Charizard and Suicune, mostly because of my childhood. And hey, they aren't bad Pokemon in the competitive scene, either.


Come on, you seriously can't tell me he isn't badass

Have my babies?

Seriously though, I can't love you more than I already do. Charizard is soo sexy, so badass. Just look at that look. It screams, I'm the most badass starter pokemon ever. I'm so good, I couldn't be considered a dragon pokemon from start. NES had to make me a flying/fire pokemon just to balance me out. PURE FUCKING SEX IN THE ASS!

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Arcanine is the best of all the Pokemon


Dude's species is a Legendary Pokemon. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Nuff said.

The worst pokemon? That's easy.


Not even Ditto wants to be a Ditto. All he does is try to ape some other poke's swag.

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Best Pokemon? Blaziken, hands down. why?


It's a motherfucking kickboxing rooster, I'll repeat that A kick boxing rooster. Do you know how badass that is? No you fucking don't so let me break it down for ya.

Blaziken can leap over 30 story buildings, meaning this fucker is practically it's own fucking airline; while you're faggot ass is riding in cars and airplanes Blaziken is leaping like the fucking Hulk.

Now let's get some competitive shit up in here: Blaziken used to be low tier because he was "slow" and not useful, especially to that poser Infernape, so you know what Blaziken did? He got fucking faster. Blaziken has Speed Boost now, which basically means it can get fast enough to kick you in the nuts, and shit down your throat in two seconds. Blaziken is so fucking manly that he had to banned to the same tier as Groudon and Mewtwo, that's right, Blaziken is on par with the gods and deities of the Pokeverse HOLY. SHIT.

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My personal favourites:

Gen 1:

Charizard - C'mon now, who doesn't fucking love Charizard? It's fierce dragon like design gives it an edge over most dragon types in my opinion. Honestly it looks more like a dragon than most dragon types. Gen 1 gave us Dragonite (too cute for how badass it is) and Gen 2 gave us Kingdra (c'mon now, it's a fucking sea horse). It wasn't until Gen 3 where we got Salamence where we actually got a Dragon type that looked like a proper dragon. Not to mention, Charmander was my very first Pokemon ever.

Gengar - Mischievous, dark and evil. It eats your dreams, disables your attacks and then laughs at your face. It also hits really hard. I've always found a certain charm to Gengar. It's real unpredictable if used right and has been the staple Ghost type since the very beginning.

Electrode - One would say the design is very uninspired. I honestly couldn't disagree. I mean, it's a Pokeball turned upside down with a face! But that's exactly why I love it. It's beautiful simplicity coupled with its forever cocky expression, knowing it can outspeed you most of the time and just explode in your face just kinda makes me smile.

Mewtwo - Part of me feels this doesn't even need an explanation. The original Uber. He defined an entire tier. His RBY incarnation is arguably the most powerful Pokemon ever created (more so than Arceus in some aspects) and he's just a general all round badass. His film still remains to be my joint favourite Pokemon film (joint with 2000 though I don't think much of the other ones to be perfectly honest) and they characterised him really well. They say he's evil, but so much good has come out of his creation.

Gen 2:

Crobat - Possibly my favourte poison type of all time, I remember catching my little Zubat and then working to evolve it into this menacing speedster. Those piercing yellow eyes and that mouth really catch me and it's been useful on my team in many an instance and helped me catch many a roaming legendary.

Scizor - The badass ninja bug. One thing I always find interesting about Scizor is that it's always conveyed as fast when ingame it really isn't. Nonetheless it's still an absolute beast. I mean just look at those pincers. They look almost alive and fierce enough to break your skull with little to no effort.

Skarmory - Joint favourite Steel type. When I first saw it in GSC I wanted one straight away but it wasn't until Sapphire til I caught my first one. Such a defensive beast and such a cool design. It's wings in particular, it looks almost like a machine. I love it.

Lugia - As I said before, movie 2000 was my other favourite Pokemon film and this was the main reason why. Another Pokemon that's easily one of the best in the game, its defences are god like and its design is so fresh. What is it meant to be? Whilst Ho-Oh can definitely be related to a phoenix, Lugia crafts itself as its own thing. It's like a god of the sky and sea. And it flies with its hands for crying out loud. Not conventional wings, GIANT HANDS XD

Gen 3

Breloom - I always manage to use this whenever I play through 3rd gen. Even when I did an Emerald Randomizer run I still ended up finding and using one. Grass/Fighting is a unique typing and honestly, the whole idea of a walking mushroom that knows martial arts is just cool. Oh, and its one of the few Pokemon that can use Spore which instantly makes it very useful.

Sableye - Another little prankster. It's those jewel eyes and its demonic smile. It just looks like it does everything it does just for lulz. Also it was the first Pokemon ever to have no weaknesses so that's pretty damn cool.

Metagross - My other favourite Steel type. I really wish you could normally use it before you fight the Elite 4, but alas Stephen doesn't leave his little Beldum until you beat him (or Wallace in Emerald). But goddamn is this thing monstrous. Its signature move Meteor Mash coupled with its high attack are a mighty combination. It's just such a beast overall. Oh and its shiny looks so damn cool. Pimpagross indeed.

Gen 4

Infernape - My second favourite starter of all time. I love my Fire starters and Infernape is no exception. It's fast, it hits hard, learns some great moves and is wonderfully diverse. Also, Ash's Infernape in the Sinnoh Saga is pretty much the best thing of that series of the anime and the final battle it had against Paul's Electivire was an incredible conclusion to its development arc in the series. Also, it kinda reminds me of a monkey god or something.

Honchcrow - If 50 Cent was a Pokemon, he'd be a Honchcrow. You really don't get much closer to the definition of a pimp. Look at that manly chest hair, and need I mention the awesome hat he has genetically spliced into his head? When Honchcrow swoops in, you know shit's about to go down.

Toxicroak - 2nd favourite Poison type. Poison/Fighting is another really unique typing and Toxicroak is a really well rounded Pokemon with a unique niche. And c'mon, look at its face. He looks so high. He probably smokes weed with Honchcrow everyday.

Manaphy - My favourite of the "little legendaries (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin etc)". It's both adorable and very powerful and works wonders with Kyogre. It's Heart Swap is also a pretty neat little gimmick (albeit a really useless one) but overall I found Manaphy to be easily the most adorable of the little legendaries whilst still being super powerful. Her movie kinda sucked though. Nice animation and music but that was about it.

Gen 5

Conkeldurr - I'm sorry, but I can't take this guy seriously. It's a muscle-bound builder kinda dude wielding two giant cinder blocks that could smash the head of anyone in with no effort whatsoever. Those roaring veins, dark eyes and grey beard just seem so menacing. And then you look at its bright red Rudolph nose and just chuckle. Really cool Fighting type.

Joltik/Galvantula - These two are joint because they're evolutions. Joltik is to me the cutest Pokemon in existence. It's so adorable and tiny I want to take one and keep it at home as a pet. I don't even like having pets. It's also the smallest Pokemon in existence, only 4 inches high. C'mon, how can you not think it's cute? As for its evolution Galvantula, it's contender for my favourite all time Bug type. Scizor and Volcarona are close but Galvantula is just damn cool. And pretty useful too. 91% accurate Thunder thanks to Compoundeyes? Yes please!

Volcarona - The flaming moth based off the Atlas Moth and born from the ashes, there's something almost godlike about it. Could it be what I just mentioned? Or the fact that it can sweep through entire teams like it ain't no thang? Seriously, its a special attacking nightmare. Quiver Dance+Fiery Dance is a scary combination. It's both elegant and destructive. Also, funny how its the only Bug type that can learn Fly, despite there being numerous Bug/Flying types and bugs with wings.

Honourable Mentions

Nidoking, Alakazam, Haunter, Rhydon, Pinsir, Kabuto

Typhlosion, Politoed, Aipom, Wooper, Steelix, Heracross, Phanpy, Tyranitar

Blaziken, Ludicolo, Aggron, Flygon, Absol, Glalie, Rayquaza

Roserade, Floatzel, Riolu, Lucario, Yanmega, Gliscor, Heatran, Darkrai

Scraggy, Sigilyph, Cofagrigus, Arceops, Reuniclus, Escavalier, Chandelure, Kyurem

My least favourite Pokemon

Gen 1

Pikachu - Insanely overrated and honestly I just find it really annoying in general. Its not even all that interesting. It's fairly cute alright, but Eevee is definitely the much cuter and more interesting Pokemon of this Gen. On a side note, this dislike also applies to Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu and Emolga since they're essentially the Pikachu clones.

Exeggcute - Unlike the beautiful simplicity of Electrode, this here just looks stupid. The faces of the eggs just simply aren't as memorable or charming as Electrode's giant grin and cheeky eyebrows. They're just kinda generic. Then of course you get onto the fact that they're just pink eggs. Exeggutor is pretty cool though.

Jynx - It freaked me out as a kid, and it still freaks me out to this day. It's pretty strong, but its just freakin weird. Its pre evo Smoochum is cute though. And let's not get into that whole banned episode fiasco.

Gen 2

Sunflora - I commend its constant cheeriness and optimism. It is a sunflower after all but goddamn its face still looks really stupid. I almost want to punch it. And its pre evo has the lowest base stat total in the entire game.

Unown - Alphabet soup, the Pokemon. I don't know why that movie conveyed them to be so powerful because in reality they're fucking useless. Seriously....one move. Hidden Power which is something almost EVERY Pokemon can learn so it's not even a cool or unique gimmick. So what if there's 28 different kinds of them, they're all equally as useless.

Gen 3

Luvdisc - Another worthless Pokemon. Yay. What does it have over other water types? ...Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It doesn't even have a cool or interesting design. It's a love heart with a mouth and eyes. It's not even cute.

Gen 4

There are none. There really aren't any Pokemon in Gen 4 that I really dislike.

Gen 5

Emboar - Worst Fire starter ever. Seriously this was the first game I didn't choose the fire starter because they all follow a trend of being fast and strong since it suits the typing but this is slow and attempts to be bulky but has poor defences despite its high HP. It really shouldn't be a Fire/Fighting type, Infernape and Blaziken pull it off so much better. It's got an okay design, but it's no where near as cool as the other Fire starters.

Stunfisk - It looks so deceiving. It looks like it should be a ground water type. After all, they have a tendency to look fishy and derpy (see Quagsire and Whiscash). But then you find its and Ground/Electric type and you're like wut. It's weird and derpy but not really at all likeable like Quagsire or Whiscash.

Reshiram - My least favourite Pokemon of all time. I loathe it. It's design angers me. Why is this a Fire/Dragon type? The first ever Fire/Dragon type we get isn't something that looks like Charizard no. This looks like Palkia had rough sex with a chicken, then Rayquaza ate the baby, shat it out, someone proceeded to pour bleach and then shoved a lava lamp up its ass and decided all of it and call it a legendary Pokemon. I refuse to buy White 2 when it comes out because of this thing.

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Reshiram - My least favourite Pokemon of all time. I loathe it. It's design angers me. Why is this a Fire/Dragon type? The first ever Fire/Dragon type we get isn't something that looks like Charizard no. This looks like Palkia had rough sex with a chicken, then Rayquaza ate the baby, shat it out, someone proceeded to pour bleach and then shoved a lava lamp up its ass and decided all of it and call it a legendary Pokemon. I refuse to buy White 2 when it comes out because of this thing.

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I always thought Girafarig was pretty cool.


I mean, it has a frigging second head as a tail. Plus there super cute. If I ever get around to completing my SoulSilver game, I'm totally having one of these in my party.

Edit: Also, its name is a palindrome. Sweet.

A personal dislike? This fucker right here.



And even if I do finally catch you, the only move you know is Teleport? SO USELESS.

At least its evolution is pretty good. You just have to deal with this utter fail of a Pokemon first. If you can catch it, that is.

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Zoroark, Cubone/Marowak, Porygon, Flygon, and Mightyena are probably my top favorites off the top of my head.

With Porygon though, I really love his base evolution the most though. Porygon2 and Z are ok I guess, but I love the sharp little guy X3.

Zoroark is best pokemon though, everyone else is wrong.

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