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ARTWORK: Felix Draws Bits & Bobs [LATEST: Kirby!]

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Another update batch. In short, girls, girls, and girls.




I drew another girl in a bikini for practice. Why? I’m deathly bored. Been wanting to draw a girl in a bikini-denim shorts combo for a while now (pssst, both are a big deal for me). I’m deciding whether this character will be just a one-off or one of my regulars like Suzanne is, though I’m leaning towards the former. I decided to do a different hairstyle than I usually do, and I took more risks with the posing, and I actually drew bare feet I’m somewhat satisfied with. I think I’m slowly getting my style down pat, I guess I just gotta draw more frequently.


Oh yeah I forgot one thing, I cannot draw backgrounds to save my life.




Drew JezMM’s character, Alice. I was in the mood to draw another girl before I went to bed last night and Alice is a cutie, so why not?




Drew this just a couple moments ago. More Suzanne is always good. Wanted to do something for her to be dressed in other than her usual taste in casual clothing, so I drew her in pajamas! And another note, I think I might draw her without glasses next time I doodle her. She doesn’t wear her glasses when she heads to bed, after all.

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(I am so sorry the top part of the paper is crumpled arghhh)


I promised Sean that'd I draw his character Meleon for him today, so here it be. She chose too large of a sweater size, which is why she’s flipping her shit. Wanted to do a more jokey drawing as I haven’t done so in a while, looks like this has fulfilled that.

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Fret not, fellow people. I have not died.


Today was my friend Sean’s birthday, so I wanted to give him something. Ever since he sent me that sweet Valentine’s Day card a few months ago (thanks again man, you dunno how much I appreciated that), I’ve been wanting to do something in return. I recognized his birthday was coming up, so I was like, “hey, why not draw him something”. And guess what, I diiiid. I’ll also post some dumb and insignificant doodles I did before this, I’ve never really had the time to really draw anything noteworthy due to me being busy with finals and all. I do feel a bit guilty because this is like the third piece of artwork I’ve given him and it makes me seem a bit biased, but I just really wanted to do this to share my gratitude for him being such a good friend. Again, happy birthday, Sean!!!

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Bump with a huge amount of stuff.







Two silly sketches I did minutes apart of each other, they're from about a week and a half ago. The first is a dude’s head on a goat’s body. Don't ask why I drew that. The second is obviously Sonic, I drew it to make it look like a child drew it, in a way.


You may wanna gouge your eyes out at this one, don't even bother clicking the spoilerrrr:




I drew Inferno's character from his comic Cheesecake Odyssey, Brie. Been wanting to do something in return for that amazing Suzanne pic he did for me, and this piece is not even /close/ to doing justice for his great work. Been experimenting with a watercolor esque drawing style, and I thought it’d be nice to try it out here. Took more creative liberties, and drew her in a strawberry themed sweater, along with two pointless leaves in her hair, because froot.




Hadn't drawn anything original in a while, so here you go. So I thought I’d do something that’s been niggling at the back at my mind for a while. I’m trying to get my drawing quota up to par as it was before, and I’ve always wanted to make my own persona, so here he is. It’s me… obviously. Would’ve done a full body instead of just a bust if my tablet screen weren’t so dang small (it’s Nexus 7, BTW.)


I need to get a drawing tablet for my computer, for real. The appearance of this is based on my Mii, which you can see if you’ve ever seen me on Nintendo Network. I never wear beanies in real life, but it looked cool on my Mii, and it looks cool here.




Spent a a few hours on and off on this little doodle of myself in a sweater/jacket/whatever you think it is. I plan to make more use of my persona in the future. Wanted to experiment with shading and the colored pencil/watercolor visual look I’ve grown an affinity for to a greater degree, so here it is. Really liked how this came out, personally. I know beanies aren’t that long, but it looks cool yo >:V

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I drew Jessica, a character by my bud Spin-Attaxx. I think Jessica’s a cutie and have been promising Spin I’d draw her for a while now, so here it finally is! I did two versions with her having a hand poke out of her jacket and the other one of her with a mitt. Couldn’t pick which one I wanted to post so I was like “eh, why not both.”


I tried my damnedest to make the hand look decent, but urghh.





Two quick doodles of Suzanne I did this morning. One with blush and one without because I’m very picky. Might use this as a background for my art blog on tumblr if I get around to putting the finishing touches on it. Also wanted to do something other than my usual drawing style, so there you go.

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Decided to give another go at drawing a full body, this time with Suzanne. Really pleased with this one, unexpectedly. I also did some fully colored versions, a first for me so far. There's three different kinds with minor differences because I couldn't choose on one (I still vastly prefer the uncolored pic above over all of these):













And two other colored versions with ridiculously minor differences, I am seriously picky. And there's some pieces from when it was a WIP.









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A lil’ birthday gift for JezMM, featuring two of his characters Venus and Kay! (both of whom are totally not my waifus).  His birthday was coming up, and I knew I had to make something for him. Took a few creative liberties obviously and sorta adapted them to my style, and I made myself sorta shade one of my drawings for once. There’ll be a colored version soon!

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Some gift art for my bud LimeTH, this is his character Amber. I’ve been wanting to draw her for a very long time now, and Lime has drawn me some really cute gift art before, so if you know me, I of course had to return the favor! This was originally just gonna be black and white, but I decided to get over my fear of fully coloring/shading my art, so I went ahead and did it. Somewhat happy with how this came out, just that the way the head looks irks me, ah well.

You should also check out Lime’s art topic and his deviantART here, I really like his art, it’s really expressive and lively, and at times really cute! So go do yourself a favor and take a peek, because his stuff is seriously legit.

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Felix, I gotta say, you're art is looking really good. You've come a long way from those sketch-hogs on the first page, great job!

Thanks, man! Trying to affirm myself to a certain style, and it seems to be taking shape.

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So yeah, since the wipe removed a good amount of my stuff, I'm gonna upload stuff that was previously here, along with some new art. Most pics will be in spoilers due to size.




Old pic of Shantae I did in her pajamas done around August '14. Version without colors here.




Snap from the animated series ChalkZone, a childhood favorite a mine. Also from August.




First and so far only pic of one of my original characters, Monica. Original version done before inking and coloring here.




My end of a redraw meme I did with JezMM back in October of last year, pictured here is Venus, one of the characters from his comic Phantasm Dyad. 




First piece of art I've done since October of last year, been a long time indeed. Obviously, this is a birthday pic I did for Super Spindash, with Classic Amy in her Sketchhog form. There's no art of Amy in a Sketchhog kind of style so I thought I'd go along with that, and I experimented with a use of colors here. If you wanna read more about it, go to my deviantArt.

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Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! That’s a name you should know! Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! He’s the star of the show!

So yeah, I’ve been in a drawing slump the past few months, but I got the motivation today to draw again. So I figured why not draw the protagonist of my favorite Nintendo series?

Wanted to go with something simple since I want to build myself up to more complicated pics again, so yeah. Hope you all like it!

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