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The greatest endings ever !

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But still the best, in my opinion, is definitely Sonic Adventure 2, if not only for nostalgia. When Sonic walks back on to the ARK after Final Hazard with that somber music playing, love it. "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." is still one of my favorite Sonic lines to this day. And then after the credits "A new day brings new adventure, but for now... Rest easy heroes." Followed by this:



If only Heroes didn't tarnish it with the whole, "It'll be a date to die for!" return.

I'll have to agree here. Sonic Adventure 2's ending is by far the best in the series. Secret ring could have done it but....the "mountain of tissues" killed the whole moment. As for movies...I'd say The Dark Knight. Yes the 2nd movie and not the 3rd. Why? It showed how strong Batman as a human is. Instead of telling the commissioner to tell the truth, he told him to say batman killed Harvey Dent. Because the people need Dent. He's the hero they need, not want. Where in reality Batman is the hero they needed the most. It takes real strength to hand someone else, especially your enemy the glory of something you did. Aside from that, Toy Story 3 for well....reasons already mentioned here.

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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow: Soma-sama defeats his former self's power supply, proving that we all have a choice even if its whether to be someone horrid's new self of not.

The second bad ending of Dawn of Sorrow is hilarious, because it's the one where he DOES give in to his Dracula side, and as soon as thisCelia (the big bad) is all like "Oh haha I manipulated you Soma Dracula is back in this world haha I win" in a smug Bond villain fashion. The first thing "Somacula" does is kill Celia because he finds her annoying.

Overall though, endings that satisfyingly wrap everything up for everyone generally tend to be the best. Or stuff like in Moon, where it's implied recovery is happening, but it's a long hard road. Same with Wall-E and the credits scene.

Metroid Fusion with all the details and the slight sadness of it would make the perfect chronological ending to the Metroid series were it not for that damn sequel hook where it's implied the Federation are super pissed off that Samus destroyed not only another planet, but the BSL as well.

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Ghostbusters NES Ending (joking)


But anyway..

Majoras Mask! "Dawn of A New Day" And It's nice seeing nearly every NPC find happiness during the credits. Plus, catchy song.

And the Mario64 ending will always have a place in my heart.


In terms of movies though, NBC pops to Mind


That's all I can think of for now. I'll come back when i'm not half asleep xD

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Two of my favorite endings...

Sonic 06:

This ending is just beautiful. A lot of people hate the game (not me though) but this ending is very well done. The CGI is great and that final shot is drop-dead gorgeous. Combined with the music, it almost made me shed some tears... well, at least the first time.

Skip to 4:02 to see the cutscene... beautiful.

The Tenth Doctor's regeneration at the end of The End Of Time:

Skip to 7:56

One of the saddest things I've ever seen on television. While you really have to be a Doctor Who fan for the ending to fully hit you but when it hits you, it hits you. Everytime I watch it, I tear up. Seeing my favorite Doctor regenerate after 4 years of brilliance was definitely sad. And what a way to send him off. However, I also love Matt Smith's entrance. It's wacky and zany; the perfect way to transition into the new Doctor. This regeneration scene breaks you down with the sadness of seeing Tennant leave but builds you back up with the crazy entrance of Smith. In the words of the Doctor, BRILLIANT!

Of course, it's not only that regeneration scene that gets me. A couple of scenes before it, Wilf says goodbye. That scene almost eclipsed this one for me but I think the regeneration is slightly better.

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