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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de


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So apparently, this anime is a parody series based on Sega's and Nintendo's popular IPs. The story is apparently a Japanese Fantasy about two waring kingdoms (Segua and Ninteldo cleverly enough). That's about all the info we got on the subject so far.


what has science wrought?

As I said, the characters are based on several Sega/Nintendo characters (Sonic, Mario, Kirby, Link, etc), and in true parody fashion, the parodied characters look almost nothing like that they're based on! (and yes, that's Kirby with tits)


The basic preconceptions I get from the series are terrible art and possible lawsuits up the ass. Only time will tell if this anime actually comes to fruition (current release date is Autumn 2012).

Just try to figure out what characters they are based on, just try.

Here's the full article: http://www.tssznews....sonic-greenlit/

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... So wait... This is seriously legit? At first glance I could have sworn this was just fan art.

Well then... This is odd. I like crossovers that have a unique reason as to why they're crossing over, and I've actually made a comic similar to this once and anything poking fun at console wars, past or present is always something I enjoy. But um... this is not what I expected. I may give it a look out of curiosity. May be an interesting watch, and a pretty unique Idea.

EDIT: Yeah my post sounded like I was against this... I'm not actually, I'm just very surprised. Who knows, this could actually be a lot of fun!

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I like Masa's (Who I THINK is based off of Lucas from Mother 3) and Pirika's (Pikachu) designs. Pirika reminds me of something I would have seen off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, as an Electric bender. She's also looks rather adorable and just screams "Don't mess with me." I like Masa's because...well.... I think he's based off of Lucas, who's already one of my favorite Video Game Protagonists, but also still manages to build that adorably shy figure that just oozes backstory. That and He's holding a Mr. Saturn. A MISTER SATURN. How's that not awesome!?

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*Looks at Neru*

Is that Nei from Phantasy Star 2?

And is Ramses in any way based on Columns?

That alone might be enough to pick my interest o.o

EDIT: My eyes might be tricking me but Opul makes me think of Alex Kidd.

EDIT2: Nvm, saw she's an archer, so she might be Opa Opa.

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Yeah... I'll wait for a site that didn't propagate the Sonic Dimensions rumor to cover this news.

Here's another source.

Anyway, I find it kind of funny this comes not too long after being told you can't compare Nintendo and Sega anymore because that particular console war is done. Clearly Japan did not get that little memo.

Also, I can only really identify six of those characters' counterparts, and even then I'm shaky on one (Fosta is Link, right?) The rest I've got absolutely no clue about.

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I like how every other name is creative, but Samus's parody character name is just "Samus" and "Metroid" fused together.

Also, I'm just going to believe Fare is a parody of Marth, because we need more feminine comparisons to the guy.

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Hmm? I dunno...the art seems to lack that...professionalism I'm used too...they almost look like they came directly from deviant art. While the image Vizard posted does look better, it still doesn't look right...maybe it's just me...

I'm skeptical, but we'll wait and see...

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I'm not an anime person, but I'm super curious about this. It just seems so odd!

But I couldn't really tell who any of the characters were supposed to be without you guys pointing them out. I still don't know any of the Sega ones (except Sonic).

EDIT: Looking at it again, is Opul supposed to be Opa Opa, and Neru supposed to be NiGHTS? Ooh, and Tejilof Tails? Nevermind, I'm good at this. :P

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Let's see, who do I recognize... Sonic, Opa-Opa, Nei... running a blank on Tejilof... unless it is Tails, but when did he use a staff?

Ramses might very well be based on the "Columns" concept... Mario and Luigi, Link... or Skull Kid...? Kirby, Blanking on Fare... Lucas, Samus, Pikachu... and blanking on Fosta.

All in all... needs more Alex Kidd. :V

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Sonic, Opa Opa, Rei, Tetris, Columns

Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby, Fire Emblem

Lucas, Samus, Pikachu, Fox

Respectively. I think those are the characters in that picture. Why Tetris is there though is beyond my comprehension.



And then we have these new characters without names, in addition to three of those characters from that group shot in the first post.

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While Tetris was never officially a Nintendo property it was still one of the best selling games on the original Gameboy.

Which would be fine and dandy if the Tetris rep was with the Nintendo cast, but it instead has the SEGA insignia.

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