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We've had everything except this so far. So, Sonic X.


It's probably the closest animation we've had to the games next to the Sonic OVA.

The show was mainly about the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog after being thrust out of his home dimension and into a new one. Along the way Sonic would meet old and new friends along his way, along with many old and new enemies.

This show spanned three seasons. (The third technically being called a second series in Japan.)

The first season consisted of two arcs, The New World Arc, and The Chaos Emerald Arc.

The New World Arc is basically about Sonic and his friends getting to know their new dimension after they were transported there by a rogue experiment of Eggman's gone awry.

The Chaos Emerald Arc was just about the characters finding the Chaos Emeralds and using them to... um... keep them out of Eggman's hands!

The next season followed the games more closely by choosing to adapt not one, not two, but three game arcs along with a final arc. These four arcs crunched into a 26 episode season were the Sonic Adventure Arc, Sonic Adventure 2 Arc, Sonic Battle Arc, and Final Earth Arc.

The Adventure Arc was pretty much Sonic Adventure straight. With very little new added in except for many scenes being different in execution.

Sonic Battle was... a Dragonball esque tournament arc... yep.

Sonic Adventure 2 was, you guessed it, Adventure 2 just made cheaper lamer cheesier a little differently!

The Final Earth Arc is dedicated to Sonic and his friends finally heading home after being trapped in this dimension for way too long. And it's the arc with one of the best moments of the series, when that godly Eggman tells down that little prick Chris!

At that point the show was at an end in Japan, but the series had proven to be a big success in the States, and 4kids wanted more episodes to milk. So, when 4kids still had a lot of money they chose to fund a season 3 of Sonic X, which became series 2 in Japan.

I didn't watch much of this season because it's pretty much a the scavenger hunt of season 1, except lengthened to 26 episodes and set in... wait for it...


So that's the basic gist of Sonic X, I guess now you want my opinion of the show?


There are two ways I review this show, as an animator and as a mook.

As a mook, I found the show to be pretty annoying. The music wasn't very good in the English version, and in the Japanese version it varied from good to meh. The characters are all quite annoying to a great degree. (I won't talk about them all.)

Let's get to Sonic:


He spends most of his time laying around doing nothing. He is pretty much the megazord in this series, being called on when the going gets tough. He serves very little purpose otherwise, considering that most of the series doesn't revolve around him surprisingly.

The moments which do revolve around him not sleeping and being a freeloader are pretty ok. It's fun to watch him interact with the other characters, like Knuckles, Amy (to an extent), Tails, and Eggman. It just makes me wish there were more moments like that though.



She's a fangirl in every sense of the world and is pretty annoying for me to watch at times. The way she oogles about Sonic really irks me because of how often that is, at least in the second season when better arcs were introduced, she really started to on me grow well.



What else is there to say except that he's a dumbass in this series. Heck, I think this is the show which popularized the Knuckles gets tricked by Eggman plot, since he gets tricked so often in it! It's a bloody running gag.

Aside from getting tricked by Eggman, Knuckles doesn't do much but stand around and act tough


Annoying, annoying, annoying. What else is there to say about Chris in this show? He takes up way too much attention from the other Sonic characters so that the show can develop his own story arc. He's annoying.


I put Tails so far in this list because I really don't notice him do much in this series. Aside from the Sonic Adventure Arc, there wasn't much to Tails that I really cared about. And he has a bit of a beer gut in this show. :3


I looove this man! He's a ham in every sense of the word, making a new and inane scheme for Sonic to tackle every day. He's a fun character to watch, as he is the only character who really gets the most exploration other than Chris. The way he grows from Sonic's enemy to a friendly rival really intrigues me, and made him more likeable at many points in the series.

His schemes are fun as well, though many don't make sense... baseball, really?

I don't have too many memories of the show from the FoxBoX days and would watch seasons on and off YouTube and TV but I grew to enjoy the series to an extent when Season 2 rolled around.

As an animator how do I view this?

This show, disgusts me!!!!

Never have I seen animation so poor, so badly done, and so ridiculous as I have with this show. The characters are walking sticks, squash and stretch is non-existent, and fluidity is a concept that seems like something out of a fairy tale. Characters are drawn off model in just about every frame of screen time they take up. I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!

And what's worse, I know TMS can do better, they did Animaniacs and the Chaos Emerald Arc from AOSTH. It makes me cry.

I believe I said what I needed to say.

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I like this show by itself, but all of those friggin humans, especially CHRIS, draw ALL THE FUCKING ATTENTION.

I absolutely hate it. Especially because Chris is such an asshole! He stopped Sonic from going back home because HE wanted the attention.

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I thought we already have a Sonic X general. I guess I must had mistaken that for all the Sonic X topics but anyways.

Sonic X was a bad terrible attempt to make a Sonic anime. Its almost like they wanted to make Sonic relevant in Japan since he isn't popular there by adding Sora some kid into the show.

Even its adaptations of the Adventure games and Battle were weak, it was a clusterfuck. Battle's arc wasn't even fleshed out at all compared to the good writing it had.

At the end of the day, Sonic X sucks and it tried so hard to the point we moan about it like the games. I will give it some credit for using "Live and Learn" in the Japanese soundtrack though.

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Back when it first aired in Summer 2003, Sonic X was pretty much my favorite cartoon ever. In fact, I distinctly remember waking up at 7.00 a.m. every Saturday just so that I don't miss a single episode. Hell, when Episode 26 initially aired, I've even tried to house the family physician's TV when I had to go for a checkup to make sure I didn't miss it.

Now, looking back as a young adult... eh, I don't care for it anymore. My main issues with it has already been stated many times before, but compared to the other Sonic animations, it really does seem less like a Sonic the Hedgehog show and more of a "The Chris Thorndyke Show, featuring Sonic & Friends." Every time I try to watch it with my brothers, I just find myself extremely disinterested in whatever's going on.

still applies to this very day. It's... meh.

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still applies to this very day. It's... meh.

Past!Ragna agrees


Yeah Sonic X......mediocre show, with a mediocre budget.

I can't really say I like much about this show, it started out out decent, then it went to hell.

Chris is pointless and eventually usurps Tails role as Sonic right hand man.

Sonic himself is rarely seen doing anything unless he needs to save the day, other than that he's just lazing around doing shit while we get force fed Chris` problems.

Everybody's characters we're warped beyond comprehension and this is pretty much where the Flanderization of everybody took place and would be carried over to the games for years to come.

This show(Primarily its 3rd season) is my main gripe with Shadow fans as they will use this show to justify calling Shadow a god.

The animation as seen in another topic is so damn inconsistent, and at times can be very good, or very very shitty.

All in All, its a mediocre show that really doesn't need to see the light of day ever again.

Ya know, since there is another X topic, can't we just go there or merge this one?

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I love the show, warts and all. I agree the animation is pretty poor in all the non-climatic episodes (they clearly had a thin budget) but that doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the story and characters personally. The only real bits I don't like are the huge amount of filler in first 26 episodes, but, each filler episode does USUALLY establish a new side character who will have a role later on in the more developed arcs at least.

I don't even dislike Chris. I mean clearly they did SOMETHING wrong for so many people to hate him but I just don't get it. He's a 12 year old kid who was spoiled from a young age without ever really having a nuturing family around him. Makes perfect sense for him to be clingy and whiny, and he's called out on it later. He takes a lot of things for granted and he suffers for it. I found that to be an interesting character... thing. I guess the mistake they made is they didn't do a very good job of getting the viewer to be sympathetic with him for his troubles. They kind of saved all that backstory until the very final arc, at which point everyone was pretty set in the ways on hating Chris and little could be done to change their minds.

Also incidentally, episode 52 is probably my favourite ending episode of anything ever. It was so perfectly formed, total character fanservice without ever feeling like it with a really warm feeling throughout. It's a shame they had to make series 2 and "unfinale" that episode.

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I know no-one actually likes the idea of it, but for what it's worth - I sort of LIKED that Sonic didn't get 99% of the screentime. Sonic's always running around exploring and having fun and being a daredevil and the show sort of explored how that is from his friends' perspective. That's not a storyline you could really do in a game because... well you play as the guy, lol.

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Sonic X is the thing that got me interested in Sonic in the first place. Whenever I watch the series now, it makes me cringe uncontrollably, and I still have no clue how this show got me to like Sonic...buuuut, I did kind-of like the whole Project Shadow thing. Also, Chris Thorndyke is one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen.

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Sonic X has only one redeemable quality. The incredibly awesome opening:

Kageyama FTW!biggrin.png Imagine my disappointment when i actually watched the show and what i got was an animated shitty soap opera that just happened to have Sonic characters in secondary roles instead of what the opening and the title promised.

Sonic X is fanfiction in animated form, pure and simple, whatever the language or season.

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