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Ryan Drummond Almost Returned

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I nearly flipped a table Ramses-style upon hearing this.

I've heard Roger Craig Smith is paid pennies for the role when it's all added up. I wouldn't exactly call him a valued employee... while Sega puts more effort into titles these years, they're still a business.

Anyway I was a bit saddened he didn't return; I always liked Ryan. He was very energetic and enthusiastic about the role.

But regardless, it is kind of messed up they asked him to quit his union. He'd have zero protection and would be paid just as much as Roger is. Which as mentioned, apparently isn't much. Roger has the protection of several other roles... Mr. Drummond does not.

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To SEGA, voicing Sonic the Hedgehog is unworthy of most human beings; they put it on this huge pedestal so that if you want to do it, you should feel like YOU should be paying THEM to do it.

It's the same reason why kids apply to places like Gamestop and are willing to get paid minimum wage, or why internships exist. You get a "dream" job at any price, and some are willing to "pay" for it.

On the other hand, think of how nice it must be to be able to add to your resume that you voice the most famous videogame character of all time that can speak on a regular basis.

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