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ART: JezMM [Riders Amy/Pirahna Plant Gijinka/2B/Rouxls Kaard]

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This has been the case for a while now but this topic is slow to update due to the 3-day double post limit sometimes and I like to give my big pieces of art their own posts lol:


Follow me here!

And just to catch up, here are some inbetweeny/quickie/experimental works from the past couple weeks:




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Keira from Jak and Daxter, a game I… haven’t actually played much more than a couple of hours of.  I liked it but not enough to be motivated to play any more. Of course, I didn’t know it had cute AF elf girls in it until a few days before I drew this so maybe I’ll try again some day.

Literally this stemmed from a 20 second segment in the background of Extra Play’s animation Q&A episode where she appeared and enamoured me with her design and animation and I decided I definitely needed to draw her.  I tried to replicate her massive eyes from this game but dunno if I was successful without them being soul-piercing lol.

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One last Zelda TP thing!  (Well... some of my art followers will be aware there was one more TP thing after this but not something I can post here lol).





To be honest the meagre reward never bothered me much, you kinda do these optional challenges for the sake of doing them, but idk I needed to draw this.


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New OC of mine, Brianna.  It all started with me recreating this odd little scene from a dream I had where I witnessed this girl for only seconds before waking up, and then I briefly became obsessed with her and drew a whole bunch of stuff lol.


The scene from the dream was in a college or something before some kind of event like an open day or fete, and a bunch of people were setting up… something, at the bottom of a stairwell.  Played around with a loose painting style here to keep the vague dream memory feel going and just steadily sketched it all out freehand.  The other people weren’t literally shadowy figures in my dream, but naturally I didn’t want to draw them in full.

The only downside to reproducing images from dreams as art is how quickly the original memory gets overwritten by your own artistic impression of it.


Some feeling-out doodles that I did both before and after starting the main picture. Second from the left is the very first one I drew.


It was with this picture that I named her Brianna, officially upgrading her from one-off girl to OC.


From a day or two after the last pic.


And from a few days ago, the last one I did before I'd finally had my fill of her.


I'm still mulling over a storyline for her, but a friend of mine gave me a starting point to stick with that her story will somehow be seaside related, but beyond that I'm still figuring out.

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I’ve been attempting to draw Krystal since the day Star Fox Zero came out (you know, how better celebrate a new release than drawing a character who doesn’t appear in it right) but she is so friggin’ hard to draw I swear.  Persistence paid off though, 2 weeks and many Ctrl+Z’d scribbles later, here she is.

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Summer of Sonic 2016 Hype!

Some artwork intended to be a part of the t-shirt I wear at Summer of Sonic this year.  Subject to change of course and the final t-shirt will likely have some more t-shirt design-ish flair to it I can manage it, but, unless stated otherwise, I'll be wearing something along these lines.  Since it's a British convention, I decided to base the majority of her outfit off of one of her iconic looks from Sonic the Comic - though with her modern looks because I prefer those, and her Sonic Boom thighhighs coz... thighhighs.

In 2012 and 2013, I wore t-shirts featuring my OCs dressed as Sonic characters.  2012 was just Alice, and 2013 added Laura.  The idea was to add another character each year but that kind of fell flat when SoS 14 and 15 didn't happen lol.  Also extra fell flat because Streetshirts were a garbage t-shirt printing service and my t-shirt for 2013 didn't actually arrive in time for the day despite being ordered an entire month beforehand, so I just had to wear 2012's again lol.  Since that intended tradition got cut short, I decided to just skip the OC stuff and do something with a bit more universal appeal by simply drawing Amy since she's my fave.

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I just like how you spent the time to purposefully spell Alice's name wrong. That's realism there.

Also it's great and your usual vivid colors are awesome as always.

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