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ART: JezMM [Riders Amy/Pirahna Plant Gijinka/2B/Rouxls Kaard]

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I really love how your style is progressing. The initial shift away from your usual style was kind of odd for me. I liked the coloring, but the change in actual line art and proportions was a little to drastic of a shift I thought. Not sure if I liked it tbh.

But I really, REALLY like how this new piece is done. It shares the same proportions (or similar ones) to your old style and has similar line art, but uses the coloring style of your new style. The colors really pop.

If I were to give any input I'd say continue with this in-between! Everything feels so nice and it's a pleasure to look at! Except Professor Pickle like why.

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Dude I think I saw you queuing for Tyson Hesse at Summer of Sonic (you had a shirt with your art on right?) but I didn't get to say hello. Darn that day went too quick. Your art has really improved in recent times man, lovely use of colour on a lot of these, and yeah I spotted that octical illusion pretty much instantly haha

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Time for a big ole' helping of original stuffs.


Autumn Well


Bit of a freehand perspective practice, not that great but at least I finished it.


Rainbow Socks


A new redraw of this character I drew when I was 11 or so, whom I redrew for the first time at age 23:




Drawn on August 3rd, which was apparently national watermelon day.

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Whoops haven't updated here in ages.  Let's catch-up on recent fanart I've done:


Amy Rose - End of the Summer

Humanised Amy, inspired by the song of the same name from Sonic Runners


VA-11 HALL-A: You've Got Me

Not so much a re-creation but inspired by a favourite scene from the indie game VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, which I recommend if you're a fan of story/character focused narrative games and want some dang lovely cyberpunk aesthetic and music to enjoy.


Left 4 Dead: A stylised Zoey

Been in a L4D mood again lately.


Undertale: One Year Anniversary

Just a quick little doodle, I wanted to draw something proper but just wasn’t inspired.  I actually started one annoying dog, copied and pasted it until I had the background here and then stared at it for about 5 minutes before finally deciding to draw something else in front.

I’ve never been much of a dog person, but Undertale came out very shortly after my wife and I got our first dog together, so I got a kind of bonus bit of resonation with the game’s heavy dog-related content as I very rapidly grew to love our little pup.

Drew while listening to Underveil, which I highly recommend.

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Original Art Catch-Up today!  Featuring lots and lots of Chamomile coz I guess I was (still am) currently obsessed with drawing her.


High Rise


Just an hour’s something.  Was in that sad Venus mood again.

It’s a very specific mood.


Turn Style


Trash Can Sally - She has self-esteem issues so wears a literal dustbin on her head but she’ll probably kill you?

Result of one of those foldey-paper games where you take it in turns to design a character but can’t see what the other person has drawn so far.  I did the head and legs and my RL friend bigsarahpeanuts did the entire torso and arms.  She actually came together surprisingly badass.

You can see the original collaborative sketch and my friend's take on her here.


Annnd here's a bunch more additional Chamomile stuffs:




Sort of reference/trivia sheet about her.

I don’t have any particular plans for anything story-related with her right now, but I have been mentally fleshing her out somewhat (though I think I would need a story to explore potential character flaws with her, she’s a bit too perfect at the moment lol).  For the moment though she’s just to remain a pin-up girl so… I decided it would at least be fun to make that a proper part of her character, so all the pics I draw of her have a little bonus sense of realness or canonicity to them - they could all be photos that she or a photographer took.


(Shh, it’s time to sleep, goodnight.)


Just some quickie warm-up sketches to get the juices flowin’ again since I hadn’t drawn in quite a few days while on holiday.

I like to keep it real I’m not one of these “oh just a warm-up teehee” posting-a-complete-fcksing-colour-piece artists

I’ll never be *sobs*


And that's all for today!

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Got a fair bit of catching up to do here, but for now, here's all the halloween stuffs I've drawn this year:


Sadly this became a very busy month for me so this year I am haunted only by the ghosts of my halloween plans.  But I did manage to just fit in finishing this Chamomile before work today.


My character Laura. The costume was designed by my friend @bigsarahpeanuts.

I was considering doing solid block colour shadows and decided to see if I could do it the cheap way by reducing all colour down to black and white. It ended up looking fairly neat so rolled with it for an alternate version.


And finally, just a simple ole pic of Sonic Boom Amy in a Halloween outfit designed in similar vein to her christmas one from Sonic Dash 2 (which I drew last year actually).


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