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Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed -- Portable Versions (3DS,PSVITA,iOS)


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Nobody has a PS Vita? I have one, and from the replies, it looks like others do, too.

There's a (brand new?) preview released by PocketGamer of the handheld versions.




That's an old preview from October 11th. I posted it back then somewhere around here. I think I made a news post about it, too.

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Also, I don't get what the problem about Vita having all the content is.

More like a problem with the 3DS not getting content.

It's not because of the system, it was a creative decision.

Didn't think I would need to spell that out because people would take my Vita jab as an actual complaint.

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More like a problem with the 3DS not getting content.

It's not because of the system, it was a creative decision.

You are aware that th Vita is a vastly superior system to the 3DS in terms of how much technology is in it and how much data can be stored on the game cards?

It's just that I'm having flashbacks to when people complained about the Wii version of ASR not looking as good or not having the Death Egg DLC. The 3DS has it's limits compared to that of the Vita. They're going to optimise each version to the full abilities of the system. Now with the 3DS and the Vita, the difference is huge.

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The 3DS version will sell well but will be the worst version on all platforms, although to be fair it'll still be a well produced game. The DS version of the first game played remarkably like the console versions, although visually inferior.

I already own the PS3 version, but will definitely be purchasing the Vita version too. If recent Vita games are anything to go by, those made in house are really showing what the Vita is capable of, while those outsourced to other companies (like Black Ops declassified was) only further decrease the systems popularity. ASRT will be one of the best games to own on the system come December providing it is on par with its console counterpart.

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Well this is all very promising...

Though thinking about it, the December release date is what, less than two weeks away and all we've seen of it is three seconds from a 3DS montage? Wouldn't surprise me if SEGA had delayed it again.

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...and how much data can be stored on the game cards?

Aren't they currently limited to 4GB right now? Which is the same as the 3DS game card limit (3DS can go up to 8GB actually but no games use it yet). I remember them being pretty equal on how much data can be stored. DLC wouldn't be a problem either and actually might have an advantage on the 3DS due to storage being cheaper.

But yeah, no need to whine about the PSVita. At least you'll have friends/online system to play with on the 3DS version.

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GameStop UK: 28th Feb 2013


DVD/Base/101CD/BlahDVD: 31st Jan 2013





ShopTo: TBC

I like this bit:

Pre-release dispatch

Pre-order Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition before 12pm on Thursday 30th of December 2049 to receive it by the release date of Saturday 1st of January 2050( UK & Mainland Only )


Sainsbury's: TBC


Blockbuster: No date listed and no pre-order option.


365games: 8th Feb 2013


The God Damn Argos has followed Amazon and says that the game is due out on February 1st.


I like how it still says "Order now for delivery on December 7th 2012".

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Just looked at the 3DS version's ESRB rating and noticed that under 'Other' it says 'None', whereas the console version says 'Online Interactions'. Does that mean no online multiplayer?

You have to search for the game to see that part.


Here's the rating for the 3DS version:

http://www.esrb.org/...ing transformed


Never mind. PEGI rating says it can be played online.


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GameStop US has now also delayed the 3DS version to February 12th 2013. Vita version has also been delayed a week to December 18th 2012.

http://www.gamestop....ing Transformed


Target, Best Buy and Amazon list the same dates, too.

http://www.target.co...|all categories

http://www.bestbuy.c...ing transformed

Amazon PS Vita

http://www.amazon.co...med ps vita 3ds

Amazon 3DS

http://www.amazon.co...ing transformed

Noooo, why God Why? Was really looking forward to it, wish it was all a mistake, oh well hope they won't be delaying it any more(like JSR) that would be horrible :/.

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So it looks like it's been delayed even further than December now? Bit of a shame, but as others have said, if it's a choice between getting it sooner with problems or later without, I'd much rather take the latter.

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