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[VIDEO] Sonic in Scared Stupid part 2

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Wow, great work, buddy! For not using SFM, this turned out fantastic, and it's obvious that a lot of work went into it. Humor was great as well, and I loved how at times, you seemed self-aware. Like the whole Twilight book gag. My initial thought was "oye... a Twilight joke", but Sonic's remark afterwards totally redeemed it, as that's what most of us were probably thinking, haha. And the mirror gag... oh man. Great to finally see that scene, just as funny as when you described it to me. And of course, the voice acting is quite swell. I think my only nitpick really is that I felt the editing needed to be a little snappier at times. There were very brief moments that felt a little slow. Some of my videos suffer from this as well, and I feel like it's usually something that's overlooked. But really, great work all around, man.

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Very well done Steve! Highly entertaining and funny too. Especially with the mirror gag part, that really cracked me up. I thought the voice acting was excellent. I loved the interaction between Sonic and Tails and appreciated nods such as the brofist between them.

Are you working on any more projects? I sure hope so as you are very talented!

Oh part 1 was fine, not at all embarrassing to watch. Part 2 just happened to be much more awesome. Keep up the great work! smile.png

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What can I say? Great video(s), great voice acting, great animation, great story, and great jokes. An overall very enjoyable Halloween special. Keep up the good work, this video was worth the 3 year wait.

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Here's your cast for Sonic in Jurassic Park! This image was taken in an actual map/set in Gmod. Looks nothing like Gmod doesn't it? Rush_Freak did an amazing job of bringing the jungle of Isla Nublar to life!


Thanks Steve!

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More screenshots: (Under spoiler tags to reduce length)

"When she looks at you, you can see she's working things out."

Shoot her! Shoot her!


"Day 1 of filming!"



"I had to re-upload this. Made a major goof (thanks Thomas Perkins :V). Sonic in Jurassic Park is now filming!"

Looking good Steve and please take all the time you need.

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Sonic in Jurassic Park 2014 Teaser


A new year brings a new chapter in the long delayed production of Sonic in Jurassic Park. Finally things are underway and in such a way that I would have never thought possible. I'm proud to show that Sonic in Jurassic Park will be made using Source Filmmaker.

Source Filmmaker (or SFM for short) is a powerful video creation tool released by Valve which was used to create the cinematics for some of their games such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead. Thanks to the kind help of Apochedgie I've learned some of the ropes of the program and the results speak for themselves. 

Some of you may ask "Will all of the already shot footage be replaced?", but the thing is nothing was shot at all. Too much delay in maps and such has caused more pre-production work to be done thus resulting in no footage. I currently have NO planned release date. I'd LIKE to have it finished by summer, but there's no guarantee.

SFM takes a lot of time, and not to mention we still don't have many maps finished. I can promise I'll be working as much as I can on it, but delays will happen. Until that time comes, enjoy this short glimpse into what the video will look like. Please note that this video was rushed a bit due to time constraints, but it's better than anything I've done beforehand. 


Q: What part of the video is this?
A: This video will NOT be in the final product. It's meant to tease and has no barring on the plot.

Q: When will the video be released?
A: When it's done. Hoping for summer 2014, but I have no idea.

Q: How long will the video be?
A: As with my other videos, I never know how long it will be until it's finished. I want to say at least an hour if not more.

Q: Will you be using Source Filmmaker?
A: Yes

Q: What characters will be in it?
A: The core cast consists of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Vector, Conker, Breen, Grigori, and a few more.

Q: Will it directly follow the plot of the movie?
A: Yes and no. Most of the video will be following the movie with my own takes on things sprinkled in but there will also be some things from the novel included.

Q: What dinosaurs will be in the video? Will there be any new ones not in the film?
A: All of the dinosaurs from the film will be included excluding the Gallimimus. There will be no new creatures.

Q: Will there be a "Sonic in The Lost World"?
A: That depends on how well the video is received and how many views it has. Only time will tell!

The Balena Productions intro was made by Rush_Freak

I hope the Compsognathus in the teaser will survive and become Sonic's new pet as she seems awfully nice.

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Holy-moly I had no idea this thread was still alive :V


Glad to see your enthusiasm towards the video ha ha. Just to let you know that teaser has nothing to do with the final video. It's an original scene created to tease and showcase the new SFM format. Compies will appear in the final movie, but that particular one was just for this =P

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