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Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

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1 hour ago, Ice Vec said:

Now thinking a bit...it'd somewhat make sense of Roshi partially knowing UI. But then...why didn't he use that before?

It doesn't, really. Goku has trained with gods... while Roshi has just lived for longer than other humans. Meanwhile Hit is over 1000 years old and has no inkling of UI.

As for the rest of the chapter; Gohan vs Kefla didn't make much sense either. While it's mentioned that Kale's power was the result of her over-spending on her energy, her fusion with Caulifla should still be far stronger than him. This could have worked had he outsmarted her, but it's presented as a clash between equal powers. He didn't even go in the bloody Time Chamber. Why??

Their fight is also pretty underwhelming for something that should be epic, as is Vegeta vs Toppo. The way UI just pops up and out before anyone can process what's happening is bad too. Toyotaro seems to be relying on the anime to fill the gaps. Imagine reading this without it.

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I'd be fine with it. Mystic Hogan was meant to powerful. He basically could have killed but and I'm sure kid buu but he was overly cocky. And like frieda at first had never even tried to train in the form

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  • Toyotaro tying Gohan's ultimate state to his rejection of his Saiyan heritage.
  • The lead up to Champa's elimination.


  • Gohan being as strong as he is. It stretches credulity, given the extremely lackluster explanation. Saying X character trained off screen for X period time is lazy, and this needs to stop.
  • Roshi defeating Kahseral with martial arts alone. This flies in the face of the foundational aspects of combat for this series, unless I'm supposed to believe Roshi is that strong, which in and of itself creates problems.
  • Roshi outmaneuvering Jiren doesn't make sense no matter how you slice it. This is something we wouldn't have seen in the original series because it doesn't make sense, and you know it. I'm so sick of people trying to justify this by saying power isn't everything WHEN THE SERIES ITSELF SPELLS THAT OUT FOR YOU. Jesus...
  • Roshi imparting lessons to Goku this late in the game doesn't make sense given Roshi had passed the torch to the younger generation decades ago.
  • Goku forgetting the fundamentals of his training.
  • Roshi claiming Goku only trains to get stronger as opposed to improving himself. That's so wrong that I can't even believe this got the green light. 
  • Champa's actual elimination. It was significantly more impactful in the anime. 
  • Gohan's fight with Kafla was undersold. It's only a handful of pages.

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