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Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

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2 hours ago, Lord Basil (Ogilvie) said:

Okay I can't be the only one who thinks that is bullshit, right?

Resting for less than half an hour restores an enormous amount of energy?

I know it works for Buu, but he's got the weirdo mystical anatomy thing going on.

Saiyans getting stronger every time they're severely wounded and recover and blah blah handwaves and shit.

You know that's gonna be the reason. lol

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1 hour ago, Ryannumber1Scarer said:

Haven't got up to that filler part yet :U

That's just swell.

It's after the U6 VS U7 Tournament.

But skip it.

The only thing worth watching is the last 15 second of the last episode where Future Trunks shows up.

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So, remember the nice DBS writer who teased SSG returning?

Well, he was asked about episode 114 and the "new fighter".

He said that he is very cool and strong.

Everyone will be excited about "the birth".



...He lost me with that last part.

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It definitely suggests some sort of transformation and/or creation of an existing character... which makes sense, because where else would they come from?

3 hours ago, Marcello said:

Maybe it's a fusion of those two bug guys from U4. Quitela seemed unphased by the whole Goku vs Jiren fight and Beerus was recently worried about the two hidden fighters from the universe.

Since you mentioned it, Terez27 of Reddit has this theory:


In case it was not intuitively obvious to you, the word "birth" is almost always used in episode titles to refer to fusion.

The only exceptions are 1) the actual nascence of Cell, and 2) Perfect Cell, which is arguably not an exception at all.


On to the "mortal stronger than a God of Destruction". In Episode 93, Whis makes a reference to rumors he had heard about this:

Episode 93
4:16 | Goku: Do you think our Universe 7 is sure to easily win?
4:18 | Whis: Who knows? I don't know that much about the other universes. However, there is a universe where lives a mortal that even a God of Destruction can't defeat. That God of Destruction happens to be stronger than Beerus-sama.
4:39 | Beerus: Don't go saying that. I only lost once at an arm wrestling match!

I asked Herms about this and he did not seem to think there was a whole lot of room for interpretation.

There's some wiggle room, but not much. It says "that" God of Destruction is stronger than Beerus... And in context "that" GoD would be the one from the previously mentioned universe with the mortal stronger than the GoD.

In chapter 28 of the manga, it was revealed that Quitela was the one who defeated Beerus at arm-wrestling.

So, it was surprising when Whis actually quoted himself in Episode 110, in reference to Jiren, not because it's surprising that Jiren is that strong, but because he seemed to contradict himself on the origin of these rumors.

Episode 110
5:01 | Shin: This power feels different from anyone we've ever faced before. He's strong. Plain and simple.
5:10 | Whis: I daresay... like a God of Destruction. He is the one who has reached that state. Perhaps even surpassed it. "There is a universe where lives a mortal even a God of Destruction can't defeat." It appears the rumor is true.
5:30 | Belmod: That's it, Jiren. Show all the universes your power. Destroy Son Goku!

So, allow me to take this opportunity to remind you that 1) Whis had only heard rumors, and 2) those rumors were originally in the context of a Hakaishin that beat Beerus at arm-wrestling. Many have been quick to write this off as a continuity difference between the anime and the manga, but even now, that seems incredibly unlikely. Whis has been wrong before. Remember his theory about Zamasu's wish? That was intentionally dropped to mislead us at a time when it was starting to become very obvious that Black had stolen Goku's body, and I suspect this situation is similar.

So, Jiren is probably stronger than Belmod. Goku has risen into that tier with his new transformation/technique. Unlike the other gods, Quitela doesn't seem too worried about that.

My personal theory, based on pretty much nothing but coincidence and the fact that U7 races like Yardratians and Tuffles are in U2, is that Damon and Gamisaras are Metamorans, and that they've been hiding underground, waiting for there to be less than 30 minutes left in the tournament so they can fuse. Goku said the Metamorans were "wimps" as individuals, but that when they fused they were "unbeatable". But whether or not they're Metamorans, it does seem likely that they will fuse and become this "new warrior".


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Plus the fact they're bugs and Metamoran looks like "metamorphosis..."

It'd actually be interesting if that's Quitela's trump card as opposed to just making them blow up.

I assume the blowing up is a backup tactic if push comes to shove, if only to cut U7's numbers to try and ensure Beerus gets Erased as well.

The fact Quitela's so relaxed about Ultra Instinct is probably the most convincing something is up, though (oddly enough, just like his gleeful smile after U9's destruction confirmed he's probably the only God who is legitimately evil). Alongside Ribrianne, Damom is the only intro fighter outside the big 3 universes that hasn't been eliminated; he might very well have more power than we think.

Of course, it's always possible Quitela's super warrior still isn't as powerful as Jiren. That's the thing about all these universes: they each felt their strongest was the strongest overall, only to be sorely mistaken.

Someone raised another shocking twist: what if Hit, realizing Jiren can't be defeated normally, opts to simply try and strike his vitals? Yes, he'll get disqualified and likely Erased for it, but it would improve U6's odds enormously because it removes Jiren from play. More realistically, though, I think Hit will expose Jiren's weakness, but not be able to capitalize on it before he goes down.

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1 hour ago, Limit Breaker Diamond said:


  Hide contents




So finally a heavy hitter (no pun intended) is eliminated. Hit's fine and all, but he doesn't really interest me much as a character, so this doesn't bother me at all. Really, it would be pretty unrealistic for him and Goku to escape Jiren. So I guess U6 better hope that Kale has more hidden power because no-one else on their team comes close to even U7's top dogs, let alone U11's.

1 hour ago, Lord Basil (Ogilvie) said:

Hoping the idea he'll at least be able to weaken Jiren comes true at least.

It's not unprecedented. Gohan would have been toast against Cell if not for Vegeta's timely last burst of energy hurting and distracting him just enough to let Gohan overwhelm him.

Hit's attack may force Belmod to have Jiren rest to be on the safe side, at least. Otherwise the tournament might as well be over lol.

In other news; apparently Toriyama designed an arcade cabinet 25 years ago and it looks somewhat familiar, doesn't it?


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Well that would certainly come in handy if they're going to get ganged up on, now that Hit can't save them.

I won't be surprised if Frieza skewers the healing Namek with Death Beams, though, all while gloating how similar it is to what he did to Dende, since he's in love with making comparisons to the Namek arc.

Piccolo of course won't be happy, while if Vegeta's disgusted, Frieza can always make a dark joke on how Vegeta had no problem mass murdering Nameks before, while Frieza was at least nice enough to not kill the guy this time around!

Overall, this arc is ripe with opportunities for Frieza to be a dick and KO people from Universe 6 just to spite the guys on Team U7 trying to bond with them. It'll be even more powerful given Frieza eliminated the bad guy of the U6 team first. 

My guess would be Cabba to spite Vegeta, or the Nameks to spite Piccolo (and possibly everyone else, given eliminating the healing Namek would be like when he murdered Dende).

Of course, it raises the specter for a way the U7 fighters could get back at him: purposely keeping the fighter in the ring so they die of their wounds, thus causing Frieza's disqualification. Or just the U6 fighter doing what they can to stay in, solely so their loss isn't in vain.

Cue Grand Priest ruling that the fighter chose to die within the ring so it was no longer Frieza's fault, though.

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Doesn't remove the chance of a U6 fighter making a point to try and die in the ring, nonetheless. :P 

It's possible it only counts if the initial blow kills, though. The way Grand Priest specified no healing items, no matter how grievously injured, might indicate it's okay if people die from their wounds afterward. Of course, it could also be a veiled warning to any murderous fighters that they better hurry up and KO a person they've put on the verge of death.

Only one way to find out!

And of course, there's always the extreme likelihood anything will be excused so long as the attack used was "cool."

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There are a few possibilities for a fusion in 114, which of course includes:


Some mock-ups form Reddit:



These combos look a bit off where that grey bot is concerned lol, but it'll be something like that.


EDIT: A new Dragon Ball Heroes trailer appears to tease the rematch between Goku and Jiren:


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They talk about fans being excited for the "birth" which is what makes me headtilt.

I'd assume that would mean any fusion would involve already-established characters. U3 and U4 having fighters who could combine would be a twist, but I doubt it'd create excitement. Likewise, it would make the Namekians doubtful, because we don't know anything about them.

Only the Saiyans combining would generate excitement, all things considered, and that's pretty much just Goku and Vegeta because there's a lot of dislike for Kale and Caulifla.

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Kale and Caulifla are more liked than disliked and them fusing would definitely generate hype. That said, it's bound to be U3's Megazord or U4's bugs because only Goku knows the fusion dance and his power is too much for it anyway. U3 or U4 would create excitement if the former became a giant robot (because who doesn't love those?) or if the latter did indeed turn out to be the progenitors of the fusion dance (and of course, if their combination meant a powerful opponent).

EDIT: Look who did a remix of Limit-Break x Survivor:


EDIT Round 2: Ohoho, look who are finally getting in on the action tomorrow!



The U6 Nameks are more teal than green. I love that look.

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On 10/9/2017 at 8:59 PM, -Robin- said:

They're only going to get one more shot before Jiren decides to end things instantly, so it's better to lay low for now and run the timer down a bit before going for Round 2. Maybe during this recuperation period Freeza can go after Dyspo and Gohan go after Toppo so that there's no distractions when taking Jiren.

Well, so much for that lol. Jiren is so bored now that he's meditating and letting Dyspo and Toppo do the rest. 

Kale, Freeza, and Vegeta will give him a wake-up call when his two now-essentially lackeys are knocked out, but that's the folly of a Pride Trooper I suppose.


The recap of the episode confirmed that Goku lost to Jiren because he couldn't endure Ultra Instinct, not because Jiren was just wholly stronger. Ultra Instinct is the key to winning this.

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Wow, Hit didn't even have the benefit of significantly weakening him before going down.

I am amused at how they're keeping all the fodder characters in, though. I expected U3 to lose the suited up guy.

Next episode preview makes it look like Frieza will eliminate Cabba, though.

Now that the U6 Nameks have been revealed, I wonder how long they'll last. My assumption is they'll last through next episode, though there are no guarantees for the ones after that. Based on Ribrianne's longevity it's safe to assume they'll survive several episodes before being KO'd.

The shift to a green aura for the Void is interesting... I wonder if it means anything or is purely aesthetic.

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Getting a little tired of Universe 2, Ribrianne should have been eliminated by now really. Should be cool seeing Piccolo fighting nameks , never seen a Namek vs Namek fight. Also, props to Champa, guy took Hit's loss quite well. Remember how he threw a temper tantrum every time he lost a fighter in the last tournament? The guy just lost his best fighter and said "Good job, the team will not let you lose in vain".

Why do I imagine when we get to 3/4's through the tournament, the sky will turn from green to red?

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