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Anyone ready for some insanely awesome hardcore Electronica from the mind of-


Wait, don't leave! It's good I promise!

Okay, now that I have your attention I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite music labels (The name has switched so often over the years it is hard to keep track). "LapFox Trax" comes from the mind of Renard, a musician located deep in the heart of Canada where he has studied many different-

Okay, okay, he's a gamer that is probably stoned 90% of the time. The point is the music he pumps out is phenomenal. I've been a fan of his for a few years now, and I know some others on here are as well (I'm looking at you, Wolf).

He has a number of different albums all produced under different aliases. This way, you know what style the album is going to be depending on the aliases associated with it. For example, one of my favorite aliases, "Renard," is used for either a hardcore techno or "breakcore" style of music. Have a listen.

Here's another alias, "Mayhem" (SharkTits).

Because each album is essentially different from the last, his releases never seem stale. He is an advocate of online music piracy and doesn't mind people downloading his tracks from well... anywhere. His CD's are still gone within minutes of release, regardless of the album.

So give the artist a chance; maybe you have a specific alias you like or it's possible you favor the art which is drawn by his girlfriend, SqueegeMonster? Recommend any tracks you have a fancy towards. There are so many even I haven't listened to them all.

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Sharktits and a null nurse Fox manlady all in the same topic!? WITH awesome music too?!

My name is Wolfy, and I am addicted to Lapfox moosaks.

I got into the music around a year and a half ago or more when I was suddenly reminded of a song under the Renard (the nurse fox) alias that Huepow00 should be years before. At the time I was looking for more electronic music to get into since I hardly ever was, and this was the sweet spot. Not only was it awesome and varied, it was under character aliases that I could love, much how I like video game soundtracks and such since listening to them lets me think of the source in a different perspective than just imagery.

ANYWAYS, I haven't been keeping up with the new stuff as of late, but I still get Renard's Facebook updates from time to time about his upcoming crazy works. Gotta say my favorites of him are Mayhem (and forever will be Sharktits), Renard, Klippa, FiaB, and Adraen music wise, but all the characters are awesome (look at Quick Brown Fox, I mean what the hell, <3). I've only gotten his Anthology album physically, but that's enough for me to brag about, since the damn things usually sell out within the first 3 seconds of going up haha.

As for anything else, I kinda got my mind made up about music piracy from the guy and even went to write a college paper about it. It's under his Q/A if you're that interested, but it's helped me as an artist in the long run I believe and still continues to as well.

Might as well close out with a favorite song from him or two:

^^^ is the song that got me into his work I think, and then this one is probably one that I relisten to the most (He Pukes Based Shark is really awesome to though) VVV.

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