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Snack Cakes Episode VI: Return of the Twinkies

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As many of you know, there was a union strike involving Hostess workers. Basically, a court said that Hostess could lower wages due to them being on the edge of going out of business. If the workers didn't return to work, they would have to shut down.

They didn't. They all lost their jobs.

Twinkies by the numbers:


So is Butternut's parent company, Hostess Brands. The company closed its doors Friday, blaming striking bakers.
Nearly 18,500 workers nationwide are out of a job -- including close to 150 at the century-old Cincinnati bakery. That means the end of the line -- for now -- for such iconic bread lines as Wonder and Butternut (a Cincinnati-bred bread for more than 100 years) and those vintage snacks Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Honey Buns, cream-filled cupcakes and that old standby, Twinkies.

Twinkies by the numbers:
500 million -- the number of Twinkies baked each year
150 -- the number of calories in one Twinkie
26 -- the shelf life (in days, not years) of a Twinkie
10 -- the minutes it takes to bake a Twinkie.

Forever in my heart.


Edit: As someone said, I'm sure the brands will be sold eventually. And if they don't...



Edit 2:

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This calls for a trip to Cyber Candy.

Yeah, I know they're a basic kind of cake but I always thought of trying them. I just couldn't be arsed to buy one on top of my other pricey purchases because they aren't cheap for what they are. Now's as good a time as any.

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"Hey, you make me go up this big hill, and you said, you said you'd give me a Twinkie. Now I'm gonna be late for dinner and my mom's gonna yell at me. And she's not gonna let me eat my dinner and she's gonna punish me! Come on you guys! Argh!. Anybody got a candybar? Baby Ruth?"

Now he's never going to get that Twinkie....

I've never had one... at least I don't think I have, for some reason I think I've tried one and didn't like it, but don't actually know for sure if it was a twinkie or something similar.

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*is gluten intolerant*

I am okay with this.

I actually heard that Hostess is a major source of snacks that don't have allergens in them. So a lot of people are getting upset because they can no longer eat x without dying.

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Are Twinkies seriously the only thing people know about Hostess?

As seen in this thread with various other examples (Wonderbread, etc), no?

Don't get me wrong, Hostess is most famous for twinkies. So yeah, wouldn't you expect people to remember them by their biggest product?

It's like someone connecting Sonic with SEGA. No one is saying that is what they only know about SEGA, but it is their biggest mascot.

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I've never really been that big a fan of Twinkies, But... where will I get my beloved muffin now? ;_;


Seriously, these muffins are so underrated they're amazing and were always my preferred dessert/snack.

I am sad. Derpy is sad. And I'm pretty sure this guy is sad that he won't be doing this again

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