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Spin Attaxx

Disturbing things you found in Sonic?

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Spin Attaxx making my first topic, I hope this goes well and doesn't get locked.

So, we find funny things in Sonic, we find strange things in Sonic, now let's find disturbing things in Sonic. They don't have to be frightening, but can be about things that creeped you out somehow.

To start off, in Sonic Triple Trouble, the first fight you have with Eggman is in a Pogo Mobile. The yellow triangles on his cape make it look like he's fighting you in the nude...

Any other things you found creepy one way or another, please post it!

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This thing right here. I don't know what the hell it's supposed to be other than a demonic looking Sonic telling you that "Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprises. Signed....Majin." Depending on how you translate it, Majin can mean "Demon" which could represent the Devil. Is Sonic trying to tell us that Video Game Characters like him are the root of all evil?

Doesn't help that this is what plays in the background with the US soundtrack...

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And the

he makes... fuck, people, Spinball should have been a light game, not a nightmare fest.

Though the image won't show up (and I'm too lazy to click the link), I assume you're talking about Scorpius?

Also, how bout the US game over music?

In G Major, it's downright Giygas level creepy.

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Frenzy Sonic and Void Sonic.

Creepiest Sonic forms ever.

It's pretty difficult to believe that these...things are actually Sonic if you don't initially know that they are;


The way he behaves in these forms is downright freaky. The way Frenzy Sonic mindlessly rampages about eating anything in his way and growling in an rabid animalistic way makes you honestly wonder how much of his mind is intact whilst the way Void Sonic actually consumes Frigate Skullian at approximately 1:30 into this video...

Is incredibly strange.

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So imagine this: you're enjoying a wonderful afternoon at Twinkle Park. After having a go in the bumper karts, riding on the merry-go-round, and spending some time lounging by the pool, you decide to go off and see what other fun attractions the day has in store. With the sound of laughter and joy ringing all around, you pass by a bowling carnival game and roller coaster, and eventually find yourself wandering into a mysterious castle. Suddenly, you look around and see nothing but your own reflection. "Oh, how fun!" you think to yourself. "A hall or mirrors!"

You venture further into the hall, and as you journey deeper you begin to have trouble navigating. You take a step, only to find what you thought was a path was simply a mirror. You turn and take another step- but again a mirror. Step once more- mirror. Step-mirror. Step-mirror. Step.

You hear a noise. Your heart stops. The joyful sound you heard outside the castle walls ceases. In it's place, a simple melody. You run deeper into the halls, desperate to find your way out. Step-mirror. Step-mirror. Step-mirror. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, a mirror. You call out for help. No one answers. The music continues. You run faster. Step-mirror. Step-mirror. Step-mirror. You reach a corner. The mirrors surround you, but you do not run anymore. You know running is useless. You fall to the ground. You succumb to the mirrors, you succumb to the music. You no longer hear anything but the sound of a baby's laughter...


edit: Ninja'd DX

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