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The SSMB Christmas Tree Returns!


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Can I be 9th?

Also, is the top of the tree reserved? Can we draw leave presents underneath it?

Well, I just finshed mine. Now to wait for the others...

UPDATE: HERE WE ARE! My decoration wasn't working so I left a present under the tree...


You guys know what it is...

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I'll be 12th or 13th or...whatever number is next.

Also guys, if you want to draw your decorations now you can, but wait to put them on the tree until everyone before you has gone. The way it works, you need to grab the tree from whoever went before you and add your decoration on it, so that all the previous decorations will be on and you don't miss any from people who called spots before you, but didn't add their decorations til after you.

tl;dr Wait til the person who called the spot before you has gone, and then add your decoration onto their tree.

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