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Ominitrixes CG Renders (・‿・)

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Wow, I only just now realised Woun wasn't Omnitrix. Uhh. Edited my post!

That actually makes me wonder how this thread works. It was started by Woun, but Omnitrix has also posted. Is there shared responsibility or...?

I'm just confused now that I've looked back on the thread. :(

Oh, I've only just noticed this topic was started by Woun. Well Omnitrix is welcome to take over this topic as his own since he's already posted in it but if again if you'd like to post fan art that isn't your own we have a topic for that in the main discussion forum :)

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Wow, that's badass. The aura and slight glow in his eyes are really well done.

I think it would be pretty cool to see Dark Sonic in the games, but he's only canon in 'Sonic X' IIRC.

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