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Emerald's Artwork

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Wow, there sure is alot of really talented artists on here. Im overwhelmed by really high standard. Lets see if i can match it.


I mostly favour digital art work in the likes of Photoshop. Just so much eaiser to correct a mistake and references are just a tab away. My prefred style is comic books, lots of black shadows and stylized characters just get me going.


Lets start with a self portrait.






Merry Christmas from the mushroom kingdom.




Very old pic. Wish I did something with the background. Will likely go back to this a some point.




Cause I can.




One thing I love about the sonic games is the new character art styles they come out with from time to time. This is one i tried to make on my own, I called it "QUEST"




At one point I was working on a fangame and this is a concept for a level theme. A crystalized volcanno motif was what i was going for. Sadly I am not working on it anymore due to other projects.


Hope you like, lots more to come.

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Oooooo, I really love that self portrait. I love it when people use a drastically different color scheme if they are drawing other people, it helps invoke a different mood than what than what the picture would be without said color scheme.

I also like Your concept for "Frozen Furnace" Gives me a Lava Reef/ Flame Core kind of vibe....sucks that you're not working on said fan game, I would have loved to see how it turned out.


Oh....and your Shadow really, really reminds me of Giygas with it's shading..........the background and eyes don't help either. .-.

Can't wait to see the rest of your work if you ever update this. 

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Thanks bud. Yeah it does suck im not working on the game anymore but I need to focus my attention elsewhere. I wanna make a comic book and all my energy is going into that. I did have an alpha build saved somwhere if your intrested in see how it runs. Unfortunatley that build is out of date compared to the one I was working on which fixed sonics sluggish speed, which I am unable to find. I do still have all the sprite work and other concept pics to show.

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