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Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby

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Alright, time to play this shit.
Tomorrow I'm going to play through Sonic 06.
Saturday I'm going to watch through every episode of FLCL.
This way I can do a comparison, make a scale from greatest to least, and figure out which is the best to use as a baseline for insanity.
And now I must play. For science. You monster.

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Tried it for about 10 minutes, and than I left.

Why exactly is this game a spawn of Satan again?

You quit before you met any sort of real challenge.

I finally got past the Demon's apprentice, Tigger, and went head to head with Chris Satan himself. I don't know how that guy did it in the video, but god damn I can't beat him.

Be fore warned that a terrible fight awaits you even if you max out. the battle to end all battles is an understatement...

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I DID IT.  I beat Owl!








Ha! Tigger was child's play compared to Chris. you have no idea what hell you will unleash once you face him.



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Ya know, hearing the reactions I seriously came here expecting mind-shattering Pooh psudeo-creepypasta akin to Dirty the Pooh Part III.


SSMB, I am disappoint.


The game was boring enough to silence any inner sadomasochist I had though. =V Dunkey's video was funny though.

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