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Pokemon X & Y (October 2013 on 3DS) - [Now out! Go out and play it already]

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I forgot to mention, I did beat the game a couple days ago. Here's the team I had at the time I entered the Hall of Fame:


1. Lv. 68 Delphox (Docile) - Flamethrower/Psyshock/Psychic/Shadow Ball [ability: Blaze; item: Amulet Coin]

2. Lv. 70 Gengar (Modest) - Shadow Ball/Destiny Bond/Sludge Bomb/Thunderbolt [ability: Levitate; item: Gengarite]

3. Lv. 68 Roserade (Naughty) - Giga Drain/Petal Dance/Venoshock/Sludge Bomb [ability: Natural Cure; item: Black Sludge]

4. Lv. 69 Sylveon (Mild) - Draining Kiss/Moonblast/Shadow Ball/Swift [ability: Cute Charm; item: Big Root]

5. Lv. 68 Aegislash (Rash) - Iron Head/King's Shield/Shadow Claw/Sacred Sword [ability: Stance Change; item: Full Incense]

6. Lv. 68 Pangoro (Hardy) - Hammer Arm/Crunch/Earthquake/Rock Slide [ability: Iron Fist; item: Expert Belt]


I've since replaced Gengar's Destiny Bond with Dazzling Gleam since it protects him against pesky Dark types. I also decided to replace Sylveon with an EV trained Mawile, whose current status is below:


Lv. 48 Mawile (Adamant) - Iron Head/Play Rough/Sucker Punch/Ice Fang [ability: Intimidate; item: Mawilite]


Since EV training has been made a lot easier in this game (especially via hoard battles), I'm strongly considering swapping out the rest of my team with EV-trained counterparts with beneficial natures (Aegislash is one I'm likely to re-do from scratch), or entirely new Pokemon altogether. I will be keeping Gengar since I did train him and he does have a pretty good nature, but having two Pokemon on my team with mega evolutions is kinda eh. I might at least put Mega Gengar to rest because Mawile needs her mega stone in order to be useful in any way; Gengar's still my fastest and most powerful special attacker even without the power-up.




This is easily my favorite Pokemon game ever, there's so much about it that's great, from the 3D models, easier EV training, huge variety of regional Pokemon, and the overall "wow" factor that I haven't felt in a really long time, not even with Gen5. My main complaint seems to be the general lack of post-game content, though.


Also since I love Mawile so much and I got a couple of Japanese ones off Wonder Trade, I'm considering spending some time with the Masuda method in the hopes of being able to get a shiny version.

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Here was my Pokemon League team:

Tyrantrum Lv.71
Dragon Claw
Head Smash
Amulet Coin

Charizard Lv.72
Wing Attack
Dragon Rage
Charizardite X

Greninja Lv.72
Night Slash
Water shuriken

Pidgeot Lv. 70
Quick Attack

Kadabra Lv.71
Dazzling Gleam
Miracle Eye

Lucario Lv.66
Power-Up Punch
Me First
Aura Sphere
Bone Sphere

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Some guy is hacking Pokémon into the game, so far he made Mew and Hoopa appear. I'm not even sure if they are legit, but Hoopa looks like shit if it is actually real.


Edit: We Volcanion now.

Edited by Tmsp

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So I was walking through Victory road today and I found out that Hydreigon can actually be found in the wild via swooping down at you. Not to mention I found out that Poliwrath can be caught over there via super rod. And yes, I managed to catch both of them.

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So, I'm doing some Halloween-themed Wonder Trades. If any of you guys get a nicknamed...

- Trevenant
- Pumpkaboo
- Lampent
- Golurk
- Gothorita
- Zoroark
- Noctowl
- Haunter
- Pawniard

- Other misc ghosts and darks

It may be from me. At least, if the OT is Ventus. :B I will do more of this once my 3DS recharges.

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So uh wow these guys are underwhelming.


Volcanion's pretty much the only interesting looking one. There's nothing really "final Pokémon-y" about them unlike Deoxys, Arceus and Genesect, they just feel... there.


Final Pokémon-y? There is nothing legendary about them for starters. 

Diancie looks like a Carbink evolution, Volcanion is as much of a legendary as fucking Avalugg and Hoopa is just plain shit.

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Why does Volcanion look like a chew ring?


The others are underwhelming too. I thought they would be a trio at least! I am disappoint. Diancie looks cute, I guess!


What are they based on anyway? I doubt it's Nordic mythology. The viking horns on Hoopa maybe... =S

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A lot of the "spin-off" legendaries (ones that aren't the main focus) don't look legendary anymore. Remember heatran?



But this ones are event legendaries, the same stuff as Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus and Genesect. Of course past event ones also included stuff like Shaymin and in BW we had Meloetta and Keldeo, but this 3 new ones are no better than fucking Avalugg in terms of design.

Yveltal, Xerneas and the snake where some good looking legendaries, I would have been happier if they where the only ones this gen.

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Finally gonna go through the game again. Caught Xerneas, Hasty nature with perfect IVs in HP, Attack, and Special Attack. Sweeper material, though Steel moves are gonna wreck it.

Current team -

Klefki, Level 53

Jynx, Level 50

Cryogonal, Level 47

Pikachu, level 59

Xerneas, level 50

Pawniard, level 45

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Need another in your friend safari? Add me: 2836 0196 6520

Not a clue which pkmn I have though.. Just let me know so I can add back :D

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